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  1. We are happy to have you!
  2. Welcome! Join us on TS for your daily dose of banter!
  3. Looks awesome! That said already found a textual mistake
  4. Merged the two threads. Thank you @Fizzlefuse
  5. Hello @Deiobolick! You shouldve gotten a welcome PM on StarCitizenBase with instructions on how to proceed with the application process, if you have any questions ask me or another @Human Resources member. Good luck!
  6. Easy, if you made sure you read most of the stuff linked in your welcome PM. Good luck!
  7. I had a meeting tuesday about a new policy we are implementing, they handed these out afterwards. Im now one of THEM!
  8. Welcome! @TheQSG
  9. Moved to New Arrivals. Welcome to SCB @StutteringChimp!
  10. As far as i am concerned combatting fake news is a must, this is not limiting someone's free speech at all. Opinions are and will be subjective, fake news tries to seem like it is an factual news item while it is a blatant lie
  11. Even if the EU repeals it, we still have it as a national law. So we will be safe, even back in the day we were one of the first countries to implement net neutrality. Fair enough, the EU is not perfect but in this case it works out
  12. Praise the EU for net neutrality laws
  13. Happy Birthday :)

  14. Got laptop and Ipad, I love both. Laptop is better for long working sessions, my Ipad is great for watching movies, browsing internet, making notes etc. I think its worth it, can't imagine not having a tablet atm
  15. Hey Voices, Try our teamspeak, great way to get to know everyone! Welcome to SCB and hopefully Imperium in the near future! - Crov