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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Crov

    Stellaris: Apocalypse Trailer

    Damn..... Why did it have to be earth?! Awesome trailer, this makes you want to play xenophobic humankind!
  3. Crov

    Game Day, January 27th

    Oh boy, here we go again....
  4. Crov

    Basheron Applied, Standing By

    Welcome to the boards @Basheron! Check your PM's for further info on joining our organisation! Looking forward to seeing you around!
  5. Crov

    Download Black Flag for free all this week!

    I played it and i LOVED it. One of the best AC's out there. I just started playing again and have to say that im hooked.
  6. Hi @Stimula! Welcome to SCB! You will settle right in, you should have a PM from me with more info! I you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me! If you want to get to know people quickly jump on Teamspeak there always people on for a chat or to play a game.
  7. Crov

    Baby Back Rib Crown Roast

    Betty Crocker strikes again ~!
  8. Crov

    Hello from new member (applying)

    Hello @Corwan! Welcome to Starcitizenbase and hopefully soon to Imperium! You should have a PM with more info from me! If you have any questions feel free to ask me or anyone else from Human Resources!
  9. Crov

    Hello fellow brothers and sisters

    We are happy to have you!
  10. Crov


    Welcome! Join us on TS for your daily dose of banter!
  11. Crov

    New Imperium Website

    Looks awesome! That said already found a textual mistake
  12. Crov

    Nox + Nox Kue

    Merged the two threads. Thank you @Fizzlefuse
  13. Crov


    Hello @Deiobolick! You shouldve gotten a welcome PM on StarCitizenBase with instructions on how to proceed with the application process, if you have any questions ask me or another @Human Resources member. Good luck!
  14. Crov

    Hi im new

    Easy, if you made sure you read most of the stuff linked in your welcome PM. Good luck!
  15. Crov

    Fidget Spinners

    I had a meeting tuesday about a new policy we are implementing, they handed these out afterwards. Im now one of THEM!