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  1. N_Poseidon

    Want to Buy WTB 890 Jump& Hull D

    offer sent
  2. N_Poseidon

    New Star Citizen hardware to be made by MadCatz

    I would hope X65 base does not mean stick don't move. It has a spring on the picture.
  3. N_Poseidon

    PSA - Scammer ALERT!

    World would be a better place if we are able to name them, all scammer using Paypal got have something wrong in their head. If Paypal decided to press charges, they are going away for good. Don't you have to use your ID and bank account to register? For business it needs business number to confirm. I've no idea how they are doing this. I possibly have a few more list later on.
  4. N_Poseidon

    PSA - Scammer ALERT!

    I've made a few transactions on Paypal, talked to sellers on Skype, Here's one scammer: Skype Name: sky.boost; from: Mississauga, Canada. Have quite a few contact on Skype; Use a business Paypal account: VirtualProductions; Name: Leo Fisher; Email Used: virtualproductions12@gmail.com. Buyer beware!
  5. N_Poseidon

    Want to Buy WTB 890 Jump& Hull D

    Hull D purchased. Carrack could be a scammer again, wow. Just how many scammers do we have here?
  6. N_Poseidon

    Want to Sell Kane's Middleman and Megastore

    Bought a 890 from Kane, good service.
  7. N_Poseidon

    Want to Buy WTB 890 Jump& Hull D

    Just bought a 890, now just need a Hull D, if anyone have a Carrack for sale plz contact me.
  8. N_Poseidon

    Want to Buy WTB 890 Jump& Hull D

    text based? I have no intention to talk to someone on skype, I have no voice input device on my PC that is unless I'm calling on my mac or phone. Everything will be via text.
  9. N_Poseidon

    Want to Buy WTB 890 Jump& Hull D

    paypal payment, plz contact me on skype: Archie_Wei@yahoo.com
  10. listened for a bit, pretty cool!
  11. N_Poseidon

    Need an HOTAS recommendation

    Hmmm, sounds good. thanks guys.
  12. N_Poseidon

    where does 890 stand now with genesis in the way?

    Genesis: TR7* 4; TR2* 16; S7 power, shield; 275,625kg; 85m; cargo 403 890: TR5* 6; TR3* 10; S6 power, shield; 202,500kg; 123m; cargo 360; jump drive. yes, 890 might be able to shoot its way out but it looks like slower, not as fast to maneuver at the moment. Unless CIG going to full upgrade everything on it. Really don't make sense to me at all right-now.
  13. N_Poseidon


    I don't like to put a lot of stuff on my table or floor, I've been looking at Harman Kardon Aura.
  14. N_Poseidon

    Need an HOTAS recommendation

    Thrustmaster Warthog or top of line Logitech? plz do not make an argument of price, its almost equally expensive from where I live. Maybe there is some HOTAS system out there I don't know about which is really optimized for SC. Leave a comment, we might share the same experience and excitement in the near further.