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  1. So, the Q&A said it could both fit in an Idris and is stealthier than a hornet ghost. I am thinking that this could be perfect for hunting vanduul. Especially for its alpha strike capabilities. the only downside is that it is difficult to snipe vanduul pilots without gimbals. I guess that just means more (hundreds) of hours playing Vandal swarm!
  2. Yep, @wfja already cleared that up with me.
  3. No, the next medal will be a Vanduul Kingship for the people who can beat all of the levels in Vanduul swarm twice in a row with nothing but an arc light pistol. Keep up the skill based buying option CIG!
  4. Basically, take a screenshot if you ever see a javelin not in the UEE or Imperium because it will probably be a rare occurrence and Imperium intel would probably like to know everyone who has their hands on one.
  5. 200 javelins representing 10% of entities in the verse?? So lets get down the math. So, start with the backers. There are 1 million backers. Lets be VERY modest and say they each have one ship. That means that of entities owned by players, the javelin accounts for 0.02% of the entities. However, players are only supposed to be 5% of the PU, so now there are 20 million ships (being modest again because there will be more as average player probably own like 1.5 ships) which would make the javelin account for 0.001 ships in the PU. So the stats say that for every 100,000 ships you will see ONE javelin. Again this is a conservative measurement because javelins will not be flown as much as other ships due to their large crew requirements.
  6. No one is a badass till they kill a SH with their sidearm while going EVA.
  7. The javelin would be terrible. Use an M50, haul that cargo one briefcase at a time.......
  8. I understand that there are larger ships out there but they are so few and require so many crew to operate, the likelihood of seeing one outside of org combat is low. (for org combat I do believe that the M is superior) Secondly, Imperium would never send a Cruiser or carrier to take smaller targets. These smaller targets are what the P will love. The Idris P excels at what it is designed to do: asymmetrical warfare against non cap ships.
  9. It seems big for what the armaments are and the fact that it is supposed to be a LIGHT fighter. It looks the size of a lancer!!
  10. Agreed. In SQ 42 and on the fleet level, the Idris is a small target that is not all powerful and is expendable. Therefore it makes sense that they would use the massive railgun to take out enemy capitol ships. However, in the PU, the Idris will probably be the most powerful thing out there. However, both the M and the P will be vulnerable to retaliator attacks. In addition, I would not want to risk an Idris when the majority of its power actually comes from its fighters. (I do not think anyone will be able to hit anything smaller than a connie with the mixed railgun). Due to the fact that the P is more maneuverable and faster, I would prefer it because it will be easier to dodge torpedoes. ( I'm thinking like world of Warships here). I do not believe their would be a major use for the M outside of large Imperium ops. Finally, the extra AA turret on the P would mean it is better for dealing with attacks by fighters.
  11. They don't need to. Anyone in the way of that gun is just vaporized .
  12. or just have docking collars like the p52.....
  13. So, now that we FINALLY have a map, what do you guys think good trade runs will be. ( using price differences, not hired as a hauler) Please write your suggestions with stops and materials traded as well as the types of ships. I'll start. Start: Terra, materials (whatever stanton needs) Jump to stanton, Sell materials, buy ships parts, jump to Magnus, sell ship parts, but drake products, sell on Terra, repeat illegal: Same, but start with going to Pyro, buying drugs and then going to stanton PS: you might just want to pick up a drake order from Magnus to terra because you probably can't sell a ship at a moments notice
  14. Is it ground or carrier based? This could be the next gen medium range fighter while the vanguard is long range and the F8 is short range.
  15. Could be the best for our purposes as I bet that cap vs cap will be rare so a dedicated AA ship might be better than an idris with a railgun