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  1. Hmm. Apologies, but I can't seem to figure out how to close this. Any help would sure be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. Man, thanks. Somehow hadn't even considered that. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for that. Thanks!!!
  3. Hello, all. I'm looking to buy an inexpensive upgrade/CCU to the Drake Herald (missed out on it this last anniversary sale). A couple other places have them here (325a to Herald) for around $20, but I haven't been able to get a reply back to my inquiries (maybe out for the holidays?). Anyway, if anyone has a CCU for the Herald that they'd be willing to let go for around $20, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, everyone! Going through the acceptance process and about to embark on my very first foray into TeamSpeak. Fingers crossed....
  5. I've been a backer since February 2014, but am just now starting to graduate from fooling around in AC to trying to deciding what my role(s) will be once SC goes live. The trouble here, as IRL, is I'm interested in so many things there's a danger of changing direction so often that nothing actually gets done. So far I'm interested in exploration, search and rescue, escort missions, and commercial and humanitarian hauling. Scenarios like the one in the Gladiator brochure (where they delivered water to settlers during a dust storm) are especially attractive to me, as are blockade-running to deliver needed supplies/relief. Basically, will "freelance hero" be a job in the verse? So, my pledge level is Vice Admiral, but that was a gradual creep, ten or twenty bucks at a time mostly, over the course of the last year and a half; there always seems to be a new, cool ship I want to try out. My current favorites to fly in AC are the Aurora when I'm feeling masochistic, the smooth-as-silk 300 series (I've just upgraded my 300i to a 325a), and the Super Hornet, which I'm late appreciating because I steered away from it for so long. Love how tanky it is, though, especially compared to my other two faves. Anyway, that's me saying hello, and looking forward to playing in the PU.
  6. Purchased an Avenger -> Mustang Delta CCU. Everything went perfectly smooth, and my new Delta's awesome! Thanks.
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