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  1. I think they are so tacky because they are trying to tantalize and annoy us into spending cash. Which is annoying in itself... like something Ricky Gervais would do. I like Ricky, he comes from where I used to live. He makes me laugh but I imagine he could get on your nerves, if he wanted to. Only explanation I can think of is Chris must have gone mad with power. Could happen to anyone.
  2. I really loathe these tokens. They should just open up buy backs for credit, let people get on with it. Is it just me?
  3. You know I am not happy about these changes. In fact I am pretty upset about what they mean about CIGs real situation. For why, all the most popular ships have had the stats for their primary advertised and promised role nerfed, just before a ship sale. Strikes me this is either consciously or unconsciously an unethical move which turns backers off their chosen ships to get them to spend on upgrades to fulfill the role they want to play in the game. It would be OK to make better ships and sell those, but to downgrade the ships people already bought is not OK. I really think this is for real because I have a nasty feeling that the Achilles heel of CIG is CR doesnt own it, I think he can be taken by a buyout offer to its real backer and in that way CIG can become a victim of its own success. I get the feeling CR and Sandi are trying to raise money now to prove that no buyout can match the earning power of CIG with fans behind it. The problem is from a backer perspective they have cut a corner they should not have cut to try to get us to buy new ships. Its a tricky business.
  4. Goon squad was the funniest thing to happen in Eve. Star Citizen will see something similar I dont doubt which is why when I upped my pledge I went for a good combat ship with life time insurance rather than the other options. If destruction is commonplace in SC then players will not buy stuff with real money unless it survives destruction, so easy insurance will be needed to make the free to play model work. It sounds like instances will be based on location but tweaked for affiliation and Pv preferences. So what happens when a furball is under way and full up? I guess the new PvP arrivals will go to a new PvP instance and the PvE arrivals will go to their own instance. So how do PvE players ever meet any other players? And will they balance the furballs by evening out numbers on both sides based on affiliations or will it be whoever turns up with a PvP preference gets in. So if say the instance cap is 80 ships and 50 from each side turn up will you get one instance with 50 v 30 and the other instance with 20 just waiting? That would not be right, so will they try to make it so that they have 40v40 and 10v10 or 2x 25v25 ? That will mean shunting people into different instances when new players turn up. Tricky.
  5. when messing about with customisation any white text not in its own box is disappearing against the forum background eg 'My Settings' title in customisation also important stuff when retrieving passwords eg all this text is lost against background Also page number indicator at top of the forum pages is partly invisible eg "Page 1 of 4", only visible if you highlight the text. Also the highlighted page number tends to vanish too as the highlight is white. Ditto the grey "Mark this forum as read" text is vanishing. They need their own little box or a dark highlight.
  6. I dont understand how these instances are going to work. How do they select who goes in which instance? Do they instance the whole sector or just make a bubble? Can you switch instances to join the battle group you want to be in? How do you hunt a perp or mark if they are instance hopping? Cos you just know people are going to exploit this.
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