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  1. Aegis Reclaimer

  2. UIV, VKB owner and chief engineer, has dropped a little sneak peek on another forum, and since it's out in the open now, here's a couple of teaser images of the VKB Kosmosima SCG (Space Combat Grip). Of course, it's also very much usable in DCS. Please be aware that this is not an announcement, but a little something to see for those that have been waiting for the Kosmosima design to be revealed: A few key points of info I was given so far: - Comes in both left- and right-handed versions (SCG-L and SCG-R) - Both have a contactless twist adapter built-in by default (can be hard-locked via screw) - Compatible with Gunfighter and Gladiator Pro bases - Both have two LED indicators; one single-color, the second RGB (operation of the LED indicators can be customized via software) - Both have dual-stage triggers - All hat switches on both grips have push functionality, and one can toggle between analog/digital mode via long push - Both come with a detachable palm rest - Planned retail price is less than $99 (per grip) Please be aware that I don't have any further info and details at this time (and no ETA). Once I get more updates down the line, I will try and keep everyone informed. Source: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3539012#post3539012
  3. Fleet View Tool

    Just get a black screen after it loads. It's been around a long time though, this was my fleet when it was working ~2yrs ago
  4. Incredibly beautiful game, it's like Avatar styling which really looks nice
  5. If Bethesda gets away with suing them, what does this say about CIG vs Crytek? Even if CIG can and does prove it's using Lumberyard, Lumberyard is still a derivative of CryEngine which may make it even worse. I don't see this going good either way. Bethesda should have just let it go like Crytek should have. Now it's cutting both into a bad case against CIG if Bethesda wins, and if Bethesda loses, there goes our Elder Scrolls 6...
  6. best monitor The Best Gaming Monitor?

    I'm most likely going to end up with a single 65" 120hz 4K G-Sync Nvidia Monitor and use Virtual Desktop when I want surround gaming https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/big-format-gaming-displays/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/382110/Virtual_Desktop/
  7. Sausage Pizza

  8. @VegaBond Found the image, I just put it on Spectrum
  9. BBQ Bacon Rolls

    Luckily there's always a butcher somewhere. People think good bacon is hard to get. I've had pork belly bacon fresh from the farmers market. Hog Jowl is also a good replacement but more fatty.
  10. memory More RAM for Star Citizen

    Megabits lol 64GB, 50GB used by SC
  11. memory More RAM for Star Citizen

    It doesn't matter how much you have
  12. I don't think any online streaming service, such as Netflix or Amazon, given the success of The Expanse, will have any issue sponsoring the show. I do however have to think we may not be going in the same direction the writers wanted to go, and probably see a change of characters, probably even main characters.
  13. Aegis Eclispe

    Honestly I wish the Eclipse was all MFD and relied on scanners. We need some ships without windows, and the Eclipse would have been perfect.