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    It has to show one of these two things otherwise you didn't buy the game, only a ship. To play Star Citizen, the PU, you need the digital download. To play Squadron 42, it has to say Squadron 42 Digital download. If it doesn't have either of these then you still need a game package and Squadron 42 in order to play either one.

    When did you buy it? I see it for sale but it's just a ship, nothing else comes with it.
  3. Build help New Build Advice

    Let me add: I like having a sound card because of having both surround speakers, and a headset that requires an AMP/DAC to power it. I even specifically plan on getting one just for a single headset This is the one I plan on getting. It's stylish and has a lot of features built into the software for a headset: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/77VBD3/creative-labs-sound-blasterx-ae-5-sound-card-sb1740
  4. Build help New Build Advice

    I've gone ahead and edited it a little Changed out the Gigabyte motherboard for an Asrock, and the Corsair PSU for an EVGA. Both reasons have to do with quality control. While both make decent products, when you get something that doesn't work, it really will give you a lot of problems and Gigabytes customer support in particular isn't that great. You're about $120 more invested with the revisions I made. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7czbnn
  5. Time to shop for my SC build?

    If you're dead set on a pre-built, I don't see why not. If you're planning on building your own, no. Also keep in mind the minimum requirements for Star Citizen are now an SSD, 16GB of RAM and 4GB VRAM. I would recommend this, save up for just a little longer. You'll have to buy an SSD but I wouldn't worry about it until later. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077GS751Z/ref=psdc_428651031_t1_B0779DRG14
  6. German Star Citizen Base?

    Yeah, since 2013. Are there plans of supporting each other or to remain separated? Such as, "For the English speaking version go here" "For the German site go here" etc. I imagine it will get quite confusing when more people start coming back or new players are searching SCB, or in my case, I was just searching in google, "Star Citizen News".
  7. What the hell is this? Randomly came across it while googling something http://starcitizenbase.de/
  8. Best period to visit indonesia

    Go the latest you can, it gets extremely hot there. Also stay away from the bar girls
  9. New SC Dev Tracker

    BParry [ Cloud Imperium Games ] posted in Graphics options to maximize frame rate Not my call, but that's how I'd do it.
  10. Happy Birthday!

    1. L@neWolf


      A belated thanks... :-)

  11. Looking to join Imperium - New

    lol Hey @EveWake Nice to see you finally made it around eh
  12. Perfect Pancakes

    I still make my pancakes the old fashioned way. Dip a 1/2 cup measuring cup into the bowl, pour until desired size, flip when bubble start to disappear. He flips when bubbles are forming but I think it's because of the whipped eggs, where as I just use Bisquick and water