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  1. Hoping the 2800x is AMD's 12c 24t CPU and can be OC'd just as well as the 2700x. I think that will be the ultimate CPU, and it will definitely be competitively priced again Intel. If you have an AMD CPU and Intel Discreet Graphics that might be the perfect pair for Star Citizen, or any game really. I can't imagine a more perfect combo, even more than Intel CPU + Nvidia GPU. I believe it will cater to everyone, low, med and high. Your assumptions are quite... Unique.
  2. Installer require premission

    Submit to issue council, contact customer support, go to #helpdesk chat on Spectrum. It's not anything we at SCB can do because it doesn't relate to the website or Portal and I've never heard of anyone else having these issues. What I can also recommend is checking firewall settings, check anti virus settings, make sure you're running in administrator mode, turn overlays off such as Discord and Teamspeak, do a completely fresh install, by this I mean save your screenshot folder, and delete everything else then try to reinstall again. Restarting your computer after doing this will also clear the cache and that may help also. I would do all of these trouble shooting things first before going further, because odds are these are the suggestions people will tell you do including CIG.
  3. Performance enhance?

    People have hacked the game code so that you're able to play the PU as "offline", like a map and not a server. That's what I meant and what is currently known as playing offline mode. Even while you're in the hangar and playing single player games, you're still logged into the launcher and information is still gathered. The hacked "offline mode" bypasses the launcher and directly connects you inside the PU so even if you didn't have internet, you can still play. CIG doesn't like this for many reasons and forbids players from doing it. In the early days it was necessary, but now server data from players is more important than just game data and screenshot bugs.
  4. Performance enhance?

    I'd highly recommend buying another 8gb of ram, and if the game isn't installed on an SSD that's also highly recommended. This should help you though. Do not play in "offline mode", you're breaking CIG's TOS and if they catch you who knows what will happen. https://redacted.tv/2017/12/13/custom-user-cfg-guide-3-0/
  5. I think when it comes down to it, it will be beneficial to build an AMD CPU based computer and perhaps stick an Intel GPU since both companies seem to be working closely together now. If you're confused, here's a a couple of articles explaining some things: https://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2017/11/17/how-much-could-nvidia-be-impacted-by-intel-amd-partnership/#6484c136ad64 https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/11/intel-poaches-amds-top-gpu-architect-to-build-its-own-discrete-graphics-chips/
  6. PS4 BSG game - not well reviewed

    Probably because it looks like Stellaris but not as good lol Also, this is the only true BSG game
  7. As far as daily use I'd be highly suspicious of it outperforming any latest gen Intel CPU's outside of an i3, though I'm sure it is a good CPU.
  8. Quench Your Pallet

    We finally get to see food in Star Citizen. Who's ready to get fat?
  9. Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Imagine if Derek Smart has been involved with Crytek, and the courts find out. Take out both of them at once. Suddenly CIG owns both 3000AD and Crytek, or what's left of them at least. I don't think 3000AD actually has any employees and after the debts been paid off for Crytek settlements they may not even have an office left after forfeiture of assets and liquidation. I see it going two ways, either this gets drawn out and eventually ending in CIG's favor, or it's going to become a landslide and Crytek is going to take down anyone else they can. This is one of the few court cases I'd actually pay to watch being filmed because we all know how dirty this is going down.
  10. How to Make Chocolate

    Cacao juice tastes like liquid candy. It's amazing, you really should at least try it before passing judgement
  11. Cyclone Rover by Tumbril

    Can't even use mine lol
  12. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Cutlass Blue has the upgraded armor and engines though. You really can't go wrong with either Blue or Max, it's just a personal preference of what you want it to look like. Since you did get rid of the Carrack and still want to explore I'd look into joining an Exploration Unit, because you can most likely borrow/rent from within the unit but not have to deal with cost of the actual ship. Not saying Star Hawks but maybe Star Hawks
  13. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Honestly it's all what you want to do. We have so many ships we're working on our own rental system within the org to share between each other. If you feel like you can't fulfill your ship, there are lot's of options to choose from. Personally? I got rid of my Carrack for a Reclaimer. For you if you're considering melting it, I would get a good long range single person ship such as a Vanguard and a Freelancer. This allows you to join a unit, make some friends by being part of a crew, and earn what you really want in game. While SC won't hold your hand, you'll feel a lot more attached to the Carrack by earning it than simply buying it, and you can take pride in that.
  14. The Best Gaming Monitor?