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  1. $400 PP fees included if you want, i can ccu the black dragonfly to a yellow one
  2. Selling Digital Colonel LTI Package and Digital Freelancer LTI Package. $200 each, PP fees included.
  3. STANDALONE SHIP - DRAKE DRAGONFLY YELLOWJACKET - LTI - $60 $55 / unit (5 available) This is the limited edition yellow dragonfly. STANDALONE SHIP - DRAKE DRAGONFLY TWO-PACK - LTI - $110 $100 / unit (5 available) This is a pack that contains a yellowjacket dragonfly and a black one, both with LTI. the two can be individually CCU'd to something else but they can't be melted individually, only together.
  4. Selling a Genesis Starliner that has been CCU'd from an LTI P72 Archimedes. This is a standalone ship, NOT a game package. what you get: Standalone ship Genesis Starliner - LTI SelfLand Hangar Takuetsu P-72 Archimedes model P-72 Archimedes Poster Price: $335/320€ Melt value: $400
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