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  1. We are now utilizing the "quasi IC presence" (for those roleplayers out there) at: www.vulturecorp.space The site is constantly tweaked and not final. We appreciate constructive feedback in order to improve upon it. Since initial release earlier the month we have already improved it and ironed out some problems. More information and content changes are likely. Employees will continue to use the old website, as it has a forum incorporated into it. This is in essence for promotion.
  2. We are anything but dead and still looking; our main focus simply has been the RSI forum. If you have any questions, simply ask us. We also plan minor updates to this thread soon™.
  3. Discovered this as someone looking for a place to stay? Career, perhaps? Unsure about something yet? Why, do what anyone would surely do in that situation: Don't just compare based on information presented up there. Or elsewhere. Interact with us and ask questions. A dialogue can clear things up easily. Right here or via PM.
  4. (Due to current stretching, you should increase quality manually) ⇊Reference link | »RSI Forum link A good day to you! This thread will serve, as explained by the AI, for any communication and interaction. Do we need it because there is close cooperation? Surely not. However, it is good to be "on the radar" early, should the need actually arise. Personally? I'm sure that sooner or later, this will happen with an organization of your size. We look forward to a good relationship in the future while expressing our commendation on this community. A good place.
  5. A great day to you! We are happy to present some information about us. What we want to offer and provide as small but specialized international entity? That means we do it all. Name it and we have a job for you. We don't just work for our own wealth; various public projects or surveys will make sure that everyone can benefit. We did it in the past, too. With success. You want more information about intended services? Look »here. Before we can successfully establish services and offer products, in an initial critical phase we look for new dedicated personnel to bolster our ranks. And we do it around the globe! You can find more information about this topic on the main presence »here. You can also find more links and information about our expectations ("rules") over there, too. Quick Overview Let's keep it simple. Here's a fast overview of the group, goals and expectations! We want to portray a neutral to pro-lawful Corporation in Star Citizen and perhaps other similar titles ("sandbox")We are influenced by sandbox titles and our main success happened in MinecraftInternational recruitment - most members are currently from EuropeWe encourage and support roleplay (light to heavy) or, in other words, "immersion"Yet small with roughly a dozen members ready for release - we intend to grow and you can assist us in doing thatNo hard commitment quotas required - from casual to hardcore regarding the time you can dedicateRules can be found on our website. In short, we expect a somewhat mature, interested and dedicated individual that is at least 17 years oldAverage assets present: Website, forum, small TS server, various recruitment threads, alliesIn addition: Focus on multimedia in some areas, such as videos etc You have any additional questions? Something is unclear or even commendable? Just let us know here! Simply ask here, send us a message or do the same in any other area where we're present, like »here. We are also still open for cooperation with other groups and organizations.
  6. I am certain that "intel" (just the rough category) in any competitive game is tough and requires some skill... and luck, that is. The more complex the game gets, the harder that part can get in addition, depending on what you classify as "intel stuff" and what your goals are. There's also the importance of how long and how serious you want to pull something off. We'll have some ways to lower the risk, but all in all it's a nasty business for any side, the one that gets attacked and the one that attacks, imo.
  7. Guys, I think I just found recordings of previous attempts of this Oberon / Uriel purge! RIP! Better not end up the same E: It would really be cool to eventually see something similar in SC. Perhaps as "dev event" or "game event" or somehow coordinated by players. Yeah, we have Pitchfork and whatnot, but I'd like to see a massive ground part included.
  8. Warden

    MISC Starfarer Gemini

    First, I wasn't really sure whether to pick the Starfarer or Gemini variant. Shortly before the limited sale would be over. After all, the difference is the purpose. The Starfarer (normal one) is clearly designed for these industrial / supply operations. It can hold more cargo. If I would simply do these things in relatively safe space, I could benefit more. By carrying more cargo each run. The Gemini would be stronger and better suited in any "managable" combat scenario, though. But it would have less cargo space. But LTI. In the end, I got the Gemini. While uncertain before, I'm rather happy now. I think it'll be rather useful. Who knows where we'll operate? And hey, if need be, I can still buy a normal Starfarer or two for any "industrial operations" where additional weapon strength and armor would not be needed. But additional cargo. If they say the Gemini will also be rarer to get later on ... + the LTI thing ... then I'm quite happy now. I'm still learning about the things though. It says 7 crew are possible, I think. I doubt you really need all to effectively use it, though? I can imagine a pilot, someone to operate the collecting machine or the refinery, perhaps another or two to operate anything from the outside in EVA / hardsuits ... would the rest be possible passengers or also there to actually operate? Oh well.
  9. I think it should be, no matter the influence by players or via the developers / game corporations, a matter of months or years. But it would surely be a nice way to literally generate new content over time in some areas
  10. Seriously. After the first seconds, it was a bit like this all over again, just not as bad: I guess it's "a thing" now. I find it rather irritating to make constant cuts. Or does the "new generation" need that to keep the attention level up? Anyway! On topic! *time warp* I think I can motivate half a dozen people to join in eventually (but probably only later on), while also serving as "link" to them for any further questions. I think the game can only get bigger in regards to player size. Considering that many people are not knowing much or are uncertain or "careful" yet, things will probably only change for the better. Unless something seriously "breaks" the game and dampens the intended freedoms and whatnot.
  11. If I really can get my hands on an Orion before Beta / release / PU / yougetit, then I will get one. This sounds rather interesting. Industry, hail thee.
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