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  1. Never fear @Dragon-Knight I just have experience with it, I did not like it. I'm from the United States in the New England area.
  2. Is there a process to being added to the team speak permissions to join channels?
  3. Eramus here, I'm an imperator subscriber, I have purchased the Avenger, and Aurora game packages. I'm very excited for the SC persistant universe. Squadron 42 will also be an exciting experience. Wing Commander was one of my formative experiences in the PC gaming world. I love all things sci-fi and also have a place for high fantasy in my heart. I have had experience with a multitude of MMO's out there to include: EQ, EQ2, WOW, AoC, Guildwars, Guildwars 2, Warhammer, etc. This game by far is probably the one that has had me the most hyped by far. This game concept is probably my dream game concept. I'm in it for the long haul. I'm just looking to do my part in an active SC community. Hope to see you guys and gals in the verse!
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