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  1. Even if you have to wait until the game is out to do it, you've gotta try and do a bulk troop transport with as many troop modules as possible. 48 heavily armored marines is gonna surprise any enemy you start boarding.
  2. Maybe for safety reasons high volume transport they don't compress the gas as much. I realize that still doesn't account for it.
  3. I realize they've delayed this to work on more important ships, but I really want one. The details don't matter to me, but I really want an information update. This was gonna be modular, before everything became modular. So it'll be interesting if they do anything to distinguish it's modularity from the rest.
  4. Has CIG actually said if all of the cargo capacity is external?-I look at the Hull A for instance, it is modeled with 32 external pods. If all cargo capacity is external and each of those is representative of a fixed number of Cargo Units, then the 32 needs to divide into them evenly but they don't. In the Cargo Interaction videos they say a similarly sized container is 2 standard cargo units. If these are the same size as the ones on the Hull A, then that only accounts for 64 SCU, leaving 11 or 5 and a half crates unacounted for. I'm not saying its the case, but 5.5 crates could reasonably f
  5. Well commercials should be paid for by subscription fees as additional content, right? I wonder how much of the purchasing drop off can be attributed to fewer Europeans buying "new" due to the whole VAT situation?
  6. It'll be interesting to see how healthy these concept sales keep going. Talking to some of the Devs, their burn rate is about $4M/mo and that that's about what hope to make month to month. I think we maybe reaching the point where people aren't willing to spend much more, which might make these last $20M more difficult. We only have a handful of known ship concepts left and I don't know if people necessarily be as excited as these.
  7. Hello! I'm new to this forum, not to Star Citizens and its goings on. I'm a casual player and have no idea what I'll be doing in the PU yet. All I know is I wanna do a little bit of everything. See you guys around the verse, and around the forum! My ships: Avenger, M50, Retaliatior, Redeemer, Hull A, Hull C.
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