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  1. Soundtrack music - 


    I typed this in Twitch chat...  Wew were talking about anime music.


    I recommend Yoko Kanno, Yuki Kajiura, and Sawano Hiroyuki.

    Yoko Kanno is greatly diverse. i don't think she has a "sound". but great stuff. She i proaly the most popular of the three.  Yuki Kajiura is eay to recognize but much ofher stuff is good before it starts sounding repetitive. Sawano Kiroyuki has his own sound too, but I think it's awesome.  He has more of a more rock or contemporary style at times.


    Yoko Kanno, The Vision of Escaflowne - Escaflwone OST 2


    Yuki Kajiura, Optimistic - Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape IV


    Sawano Hiroyuki, X - Ao no Exorcist Original Soundtrack 1


    These three are just a few of my many favorites from these artists.


    Yoko Kanno's more popular soundtracks are probably Cowboy Bebop, Macross Frontier, and Ghost in the Shell - Standalone Complex.


    Yuki Kajiura's are Sword Art Online, Fate/Zero, and Tsubasa Chronicle.


    Sawano Hiroyuki's are Guilty Crown (my introduction to him), Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Aldnoah Zero, and Blue Excorcist.

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