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  1. I am insufficiently qualified to analyse Derek's reasoning for such comments.
  2. It is very simple. If you have an account on the Something Awful forums you can call yourself a goon. Even Ben Lesnick says that by definition he is a goon, but that he hasn't posted there for many years.
  3. Drama. Lots of delicious drama. (And perhaps Star Citizen actually coming out and being a fun game) I think that doxing is utterly reprehensible behaviour and Derek outing the names of his detractors is in my opinion a terrible overstep, even if they shot first. Anyone getting stuck into Derek should ensure their online fingerprint is very clean and can not be doxed, otherwise you risk it happening to you too. It is far too easy to dox most people online if you know how to search. Those people I know with clean IDs have crafted them carefully to minimise the chance of it happening. I would also encourage all orgs to include a specific rule about doxing people to highlight its severity.
  4. I believe this indicates DS can't take a joke. Also shows how easy it is to troll him.
  5. As I understand it, he was provided with the ship name (Vindicator) and price ($175). If he had posted that unencrypted prior to citizencon don't you think that would have upset people? That was the reason, to share it without spoiling the event. Ask yourself, if Beer wanted to damage SC wouldn't he have not bothered with encryption? As it turns out, the name was Sabre and the price was $170. So DS's info was wrong or CIG quickly changed it prior to release. (I'm hoping the former)
  6. I have no idea what you're talking about. Encrypted files? Are you referring to the tweet beer sent which he encrypted as a way of showing the information which DS passed to him without actually posting the information? If so, the idea was so it wouldn't be shared prior to citizen con, but that he could prove that he had the information prior.
  7. Beer isn't working with DS. Interacting, yes. Having some common concerns, yes. Working with, no.
  8. I fear it is not over yet. DS has a new blog entry in the works and if what he has posted in the Something Awful SC thread is any indication, it is a doozy.
  9. Then would you please clarify specifically what you meant by saying "behaving like a goon" because your implication was quite the work of guilt by association. Expressing his attitude wasn't what got him banned though. He, like many Goonrathi, are frustrated by CIG's behaviour of late. It is nothing to do with Derek Smart. As I said earlier, I'm somewhat frustrated myself and I have been for a while. The leak a few months back was hugely encouraging, but soon lost confidence again. I was at PAX Australia for the FPS reveal and it was brilliant. However, at the event it looked polished enough that there shouldn't have been any reason not to release it shortly afterwards. Even if it were netcode as they said, they could have released it for LAN only play. 11 months later and we still have no FPS. Why? Many of us think it is only for marketing reasons, rather than any technical issue. They want to release something which is going to get best press rather than risk critical reviews in the gaming media. I hope so as well, but suspect it will be a long time before we get there. (note: I was a kickstarter backer where it was promised to be finished by November last year, so I think I have a right to be a little peeved about the delays notwithstanding the extra features longer development time will bring)
  10. Goonrathi are not siding with Derek Smart. While some members of Goonrathi think DS has a point about some things, drinking his kool-aid isn't something we're ever going to do officially as an org. He is permabanned. The Vanilla forums software on RSI doesn't have the capacity for a permaban so they have a 10 year ban instead. We believe Beer is banned for what he posted elsewhere and not on the RSI forums. (Despite CIG saying in the past they will not take action against anyone for things outside of their infrastructure) You're putting words in my mouth here as well? I thought you only did that on RSI. That is why you are the one and only person on my RSI ignore list. There are nearly 200,000 goons including Ben Lesnick and other CIG staff. The only prerequisite is to have an account on the Something Awful forums. Behaving like a goon could be absolutely anything because there are a lot of us. A few of us have bought line of defence, given it terrible reviews and then got a refund off steam. That is the extent of our support of Derek Smart. I hear that a lot from many people. It is nothing but urban legend. Also, Goonrathi are not EVE's Goonswarm. Both groups come from the Something Awful forums... kind of like how TEST Alliance in EVE and Test Squadron in SC both come from Reddit but are not the same group. Fun fact though, the Goonrathi infrastructure has been hit by two DDoS attacks over the last year. Fortunately, we have some excellent people managing our infrastructure and both had no meaningful impact on services. Seriously, Beer never expected to be banned and CIG have not told him which posts he was banned for. Also, the ban increments are meant to go warning, 48 hour probation, 7 day probation, 30 day probation, permaban (10 year). Beer had only ever been probated once and never received a warning up until the point he was permabanned. CIG's mods have skipped the 7 day and 30 day and permabanned him, going against their own policies. But why was he banned? Beer says all CIG tell him is 'multiple rule 3, 9, 11 violations' but we believe it is to do with him giving guidance to people on how to successfully get a refund from CIG if they don't want to support the project any longer. I'm not going to share that information here because I don't want to risk getting banned from the RSI forums. The official Goonrathi stance on all this is that we don't care about Derek Smart. We care about playing video games and having fun. We want Star Citizen to be awesome. Personally though, I am frustrated by CIG's lack of progress. But I don't believe what DS is selling either. Today's information has given me a bit more confidence, but not enough to believe we'll see everything we've been promised before 2018. I'm happy to answer any reasonable questions anyone has on the above.
  11. From what I know of the way most of these sites work is that the author doesn't decide on the title, they can suggest it, but it is ultimately the decision of the editor(s). The editor's job isn't just to ensure the article is written correctly, laid out, etc... but also to ensure it has the best impact for the site, that means otherwise balanced articles turn into... Man gets $90m for space game, you won't believe what happens next!
  12. This will achieve the opposite of its intent, just as has CIG forcibly refunding DS's pledge. It is called the Streisand effect.
  13. The Smart Room is the biggest :effort: troll I've ever seen. Even lowtax (who rarely ventures out of GBS) has posted. It is beautiful.
  14. Don't worry citizens, we've got it taken care of. This is how you handle Mr Smart.
  15. I hope you got my response via reddit. As far as the topic at hand goes, we have not seen the last of Derek Smart. When the limelight dims, he will set himself on fire if needed.
  16. Big Fish/Bootcha makes some of the best videos. This one is my favourite still: All of the videos can be found in this playlist.
  17. I was quoting @Swiftsure in that post. Taking it out of context to make me seem like a bully is just poor form. Piracy isn't bullying unless it is intentionally targeting the same person repeatedly. Bullying is harassment. Harassment is against the SC Terms of Service. Why would we undertake behaviour which would likely result in a ban? @magman949 started the thread to ask if Goonswarm was in Star Citizen. Varying opinions were aired about goons in general. I was told about this thread and came to offer some clarification including the fact that Goonswarm as an organisation isn't playing Star Citizen. Goons come from Something Awful, not from EVE Online. If they did come from EVE Online, you'd have some branding issues as their coalition recently changed its name to The Imperium. I'm doing my best to disambiguate the groups whenever the question is raised, sometimes pre-empting it such as what I have been doing in the RSI EVE Online thread. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about goons, but please keep it polite.
  18. I think those areas are going to be far bigger than most people expect... “In general I think our blend of PvE to PvP is going to be about 80 to 20,” - Chris Roberts (Games™ Interview) I think I need to wear two different hats to properly answer your question. For myself, I don't see myself participating much in non-consensual PvP. My interest in this game is about relationships and organisation more than shooting other players. My biggest goal at this point is to have a museum hangar with one of every ship and variant in pristine condition, all of them earnt in game. Now, to put my hat on as a Goonrathi representative. The game will be full of non-consensual PvP. As many of the members of Goonrathi are intent on playing the pirate, that means by definition they will be attacking those trying to avoid PvP, who are little or no threat or competition. Having said that, I think anyone deciding 100% to do X or Y in the persistent universe lacks forsight. The game mechanics are a very long away from being finished. We don't know how it will work, we don't know how easy, hard or fun any of this will be when the game is completed. Goonrathi may end up being dominated by lawful space truckers depending on how the game mechanics work and how it is all balanced. CIG's intent is for this game to have piracy and will control how much through consequences. I have faith that the frequency of piracy in more secure areas will be kept in check by CIG. Piracy is generally motivated by profit, but there are numerous other reasons for attacking another player. One such example is defence of your assets and areas in which you operate. I know that some in Imperium have proposed that your members will attack anyone entering the areas which you claim without authorisation. Do you think it reasonable we may choose to do the same? One area I would like to highlight though is that I don't believe the persistent universe will have killboards, a public record of your kills and deaths. I believe that this alone highly contributes to the unprovoked aggression in EVE Online as your measure as a player is judged by your killboard stats. Without that in SC, it takes away a significant motivator. How is it confusing that the actions of a member of a group do not necessarily represent the attitudes of an entire group? I personally celebrate EVE as I am one of the few members of Goonrathi who play it, my figures indicate that only 4-5% of our members subscribe to EVE. Most of the membership think it is an awful game, and they'd be right. EVE is a terrible game. I think that the only saving factors are the social and history aspects. As I said earlier, I doubt I'll participate much in non-consensual PvP, but when I do it will be for things like taking control of one of the conquerable stations. The biggest factors overall for if people PvP or not are 1. Risk vs Reward and 2. Consequences. Lets say that a group is moving a fleet of MISC Hull class ships into lawless space, escorted by a significant fleet. Will I PvP? Depends on if the reward (cargo in the Hull ships) weighs favourably with the risk of being destroyed by the escorts. If that group was less protected and in more secure space, the consequences would also become a factor. If it would lose me standing with NPC groups I was trying to build up so I could buy a restricted Lazertron-9001 PDS, then I'd factor that in. If I'd be unable to even enter secure space without being shot by UEE ships after the attack, that would also factor into my decision. Really, I think much of the stress about our group is not actually about our group, but that CIG will set the consequences too low and allow pirates to run rampant. I don't believe that is the case. I have faith in CIG, do you? Here is today's cat tax:
  19. Guilt by association is an easy trap to fall into my friend. Many have said similar things about other groups in the world and only later realised they are perpetuating a false stereotype. We'll likely be the bad guys, but we are not bad guys. I'd hate to even think about what a goon smells like...
  20. As some of you would know, the term "carebear" is a common trope referring to people who entirely focus their gameplay on PvE and usually only activities for the benefit of themselves, not their group. In EVE Online, high security space is protected by an NPC group known as CONCORD. They are invulnerable NPCs which will spawn between 6 and 19 seconds after an unauthorised act of agression in space with security of 0.5 or above. As soon as they spawn, the agressor is jammed, neuted and destroyed. This is the penatly for shooting someone else in secure space. Goonswarm members, amongst others, do look for targets of oppertunity in this space. What that means is selecting a target which is likely to drop loot which exceeds the value of the ships which will be destroyed by CONCORD in the attack. The most famous of these activities is Burn Jita and in the past, Hulkageddon. This is not circumventing game mechanics, those mechanics are working completely as intended or CCP (EVE's developer) would have fixed the mechanics or banned people who use them in this way. EVE is an open world sandbox in which almost anything the client lets you do, you can do without worry of being banned over it. People complaining about being killed in high security space deserve little sympathy because it is the nature of the game. The golden rule of EVE is never fly anything you're not prepared to lose. Ever. You are never completely safe. Here is a good example of Goons using the mechanics as intended. In the Sivala system a freighter (very large ship for hauling bulk goods) was attacked and destroyed by 7 Brutix-class battlecruisers. As it is 0.6 security space, CONCORD took about 16 seconds to arrive and destroy the agressors. The battlecruisers were able to apply sufficient damage to destroy the freighter in less than 16 seconds. Why was it attacked? Because the loss of ships was going to be about 1.5 billion ISK while the freigher was carrying around 20 billion. It ended up dropping 5 billion ISK of loot for the agressors to collect. Let me be clear: The penalty for agression in high security space is the loss of your ship. Avoiding this loss is exploiting and bannable. Nobody does this because CCP are pretty harsh on that kind of thing. Blaming goons for the nature of EVE is nonsensical. CCP created it and the mechanics existed well before Goons began to play the game. Goons were not the first to use the mechanics in this way, nor are the only ones to do so now. We do? I think you'll find a lot of people in this thread alone will disagree with you on that point. Our community is over 190,000 strong and that means you get a broad mix of people from members like myself to the "evil victim blamers". Goonrathi are not Goonswarm. While we come from the Something Awful forums, we are a brand new group for Star Citizen and any attempts to paint us with the same brush as other goon groups is simply an attempt at guilt by association. Were you wronged in EVE? Unlikely anyone in Goonrathi was party to it. Harassed by a goon in SWTOR? Little chance someone in Goonrathi was involved. Had your clan trial interupted in MWO by a goon? That could have been us as we have quite a large number from The Word of Lowtax group. Considering that the entire game universe of SC is supposed to be "PvP space", I think you will have to rephrase the question. Have a watch of the Town Hall sessions from January, Chris and Tony discuss at length about not preventing you from PvP (even on planets) but what shapes behaviour are the consequences. Those who repeatedly attack others will be put into instances with others of their ilk. I hope that answers your question.
  21. @Viking, those first two I have never seen before. Even so, using a stylised eagle with no easily recognisable reference to German history doesn't prove your point. I had no idea it was the top half of a Nazi logo and I think you'd be hard pressed to find many who would unprompted. I would also like to highlight that if your goal was to call out offensive behavour, you've done far worse by posting those images here than I have ever done. You've jumped the shark again. You could have linked to them, you could have PMed them to me. But you didn't. I hope you don't offend anyone by doing that. Agents of S.P.E.R.G is my creation. It was made in consultion with one of my best friends who has the condition formerly known as Aspergers syndrome. He said that within the culture of those who have it, they refer to the word sperg as an adjective, not a noun. It is not considered a pejorative. It is a description of people who are overly attentive to otherwise unimportant details. He took no offense, nobody who I know who has aspergers has taken offense. Taking offense on behalf of someone else who can perfectly well defend themselves is just you grasping at ways to bismirch us. While talking about my creations, here are all the themes I've designed for Goonrathi so far. Do any of these offend you? The other nazi and antisemetic imagry (which are from 2003) are simply from Somthing Awful, a community of over 190,000 people. When you have a group that large, you do get some who like to offend. Goonrathi isn't Something Awful. It's just where we come from. It is like saying all Americans are loud and obnoxious. That isn't true, but a loud obnoxious minority of Americans are. As far as the lampooning of Valinor, that was all settled long ago. Lorien and I get along swimmingly. Derek is involved with the diplomacy project we've been working on. We're not perfect. Not even close. Some of our members will do things which genuinly offend others. What do I say to that? Since when does 'sticks and stones' no longer apply? What happens when you are offended? You are offended, you don't catch leprocy. I'm offended by all sorts but I don't let it get to me because I have a thick skin and am an adult. As an adult I know that dealing with some people requires tollerance and maturity. I also know that fart jokes can be funny as hell... in the right company. Really, you are left with nothing Viking. You're offended on behalf of those with Aspergers who are unlikely to even be offended. You point to the work of one member (Gondor) as if that is some official statement that we are awash with Nazi-based propaganda. You try to guilt-by-association us from the actions of other members of Something Awful. This is a forum about a computer game, not the United Nations. To use a phrase from earlier, you are being overly attentive to otherwise unimportant details.
  22. In what way was I making fun of it? I was declaring Godwin because you brought up Nazis. I never mentioned them. Nobody else did. You had to take the conversation into that dark area. You accuse us of making Nazi jokes. That's pretty poor form. If you're offended by the fact SCB has the emote, you should take it up with the administrators. Goonrathi have members who's lives were touched by WW2 atrocities. We have many Jews, some Germans, and a couple of Polish. I challenge you to find a single example of Goonrathi members making light of those atrocities. Just on Godwin, we actually take that quite seriously. To us in our culture, if you Godwin a discussion you have jumped the shark. You have reached the lowest point in a discussion that you had to refer to Hitler or the Nazis. In my opinion, if you Godwin a discussion, you automatically lose any argument and all your credibility. You refering to Nazis has caused this conversation to jump the shark. Nobody should be using anything like that to make a point about a computer game, it is disrespectful.
  23. Ahh, so you are just misunderstanding our definition of serious business. What we mean by that is things like overly complicated command structures, militaristic rulesets, compulsory activities, forced roleplay, etc. It is nothing to do with honouring business agreements. I've stated before we're perfectly happy to do business with other entities. Time will tell, but I see no obstacle in the future to doing business with Goonrathi.
  24. Your original question seemed to be related to if it would ever be possible to have a business contract with a goon. I have already answered that, the fact we reject serious business doens't make what we agree to less trustworthy. You seem to be reading a lot more into what we meant by "serious business" than is intended. We're likely going to be a PvP focussed organisaion just like a lot of other groups in SC. Why is that disturbing?
  25. The Something Awful forums is a place filled with wonder and just about any topic you could think of from comics to guns, cooking to pets and heath to games. If I'm becoming a disruption, please don't hesitate to tell me. I'm not here to cause issues. I openly admit that we're terrible. Goons tend to be a low-skill group in whatever game they play. Our major advantages are numbers, coordination and that the really smart people usually rise to the top. I hope you also realise that the emote you used originated on the Something Awful forums. I hate to say it, but you will find most goons are not polite, nor well mannered. We are generally an irreverant group whose sense of humor can often be on the side of bad taste. We reject serious business like we'd reject sauerkraut on an icecream sundae. If we had a mission statement it would include the words mischief, schadenfreud along with numerous expletives. What we are, is fun. Maybe not some people's definition of fun, but fun nevertheless. My role here is to ensure that fun is facilitated. Here is today's cat tax:
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