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  1. I am insufficiently qualified to analyse Derek's reasoning for such comments.
  2. It is very simple. If you have an account on the Something Awful forums you can call yourself a goon. Even Ben Lesnick says that by definition he is a goon, but that he hasn't posted there for many years.
  3. Drama. Lots of delicious drama. (And perhaps Star Citizen actually coming out and being a fun game) I think that doxing is utterly reprehensible behaviour and Derek outing the names of his detractors is in my opinion a terrible overstep, even if they shot first. Anyone getting stuck into Derek should ensure their online fingerprint is very clean and can not be doxed, otherwise you risk it happening to you too. It is far too easy to dox most people online if you know how to search. Those people I know with clean IDs have crafted them carefully to minimise the chance of it happening. I would also encourage all orgs to include a specific rule about doxing people to highlight its severity.
  4. I believe this indicates DS can't take a joke. Also shows how easy it is to troll him.
  5. As I understand it, he was provided with the ship name (Vindicator) and price ($175). If he had posted that unencrypted prior to citizencon don't you think that would have upset people? That was the reason, to share it without spoiling the event. Ask yourself, if Beer wanted to damage SC wouldn't he have not bothered with encryption? As it turns out, the name was Sabre and the price was $170. So DS's info was wrong or CIG quickly changed it prior to release. (I'm hoping the former)
  6. I have no idea what you're talking about. Encrypted files? Are you referring to the tweet beer sent which he encrypted as a way of showing the information which DS passed to him without actually posting the information? If so, the idea was so it wouldn't be shared prior to citizen con, but that he could prove that he had the information prior.
  7. Beer isn't working with DS. Interacting, yes. Having some common concerns, yes. Working with, no.
  8. I fear it is not over yet. DS has a new blog entry in the works and if what he has posted in the Something Awful SC thread is any indication, it is a doozy.
  9. Then would you please clarify specifically what you meant by saying "behaving like a goon" because your implication was quite the work of guilt by association. Expressing his attitude wasn't what got him banned though. He, like many Goonrathi, are frustrated by CIG's behaviour of late. It is nothing to do with Derek Smart. As I said earlier, I'm somewhat frustrated myself and I have been for a while. The leak a few months back was hugely encouraging, but soon lost confidence again. I was at PAX Australia for the FPS reveal and it was brilliant. However, at the event it looked polished enough that there shouldn't have been any reason not to release it shortly afterwards. Even if it were netcode as they said, they could have released it for LAN only play. 11 months later and we still have no FPS. Why? Many of us think it is only for marketing reasons, rather than any technical issue. They want to release something which is going to get best press rather than risk critical reviews in the gaming media. I hope so as well, but suspect it will be a long time before we get there. (note: I was a kickstarter backer where it was promised to be finished by November last year, so I think I have a right to be a little peeved about the delays notwithstanding the extra features longer development time will bring)
  10. Goonrathi are not siding with Derek Smart. While some members of Goonrathi think DS has a point about some things, drinking his kool-aid isn't something we're ever going to do officially as an org. He is permabanned. The Vanilla forums software on RSI doesn't have the capacity for a permaban so they have a 10 year ban instead. We believe Beer is banned for what he posted elsewhere and not on the RSI forums. (Despite CIG saying in the past they will not take action against anyone for things outside of their infrastructure) You're putting words in my mouth here as well? I thought you only did that on RSI. That is why you are the one and only person on my RSI ignore list. There are nearly 200,000 goons including Ben Lesnick and other CIG staff. The only prerequisite is to have an account on the Something Awful forums. Behaving like a goon could be absolutely anything because there are a lot of us. A few of us have bought line of defence, given it terrible reviews and then got a refund off steam. That is the extent of our support of Derek Smart. I hear that a lot from many people. It is nothing but urban legend. Also, Goonrathi are not EVE's Goonswarm. Both groups come from the Something Awful forums... kind of like how TEST Alliance in EVE and Test Squadron in SC both come from Reddit but are not the same group. Fun fact though, the Goonrathi infrastructure has been hit by two DDoS attacks over the last year. Fortunately, we have some excellent people managing our infrastructure and both had no meaningful impact on services. Seriously, Beer never expected to be banned and CIG have not told him which posts he was banned for. Also, the ban increments are meant to go warning, 48 hour probation, 7 day probation, 30 day probation, permaban (10 year). Beer had only ever been probated once and never received a warning up until the point he was permabanned. CIG's mods have skipped the 7 day and 30 day and permabanned him, going against their own policies. But why was he banned? Beer says all CIG tell him is 'multiple rule 3, 9, 11 violations' but we believe it is to do with him giving guidance to people on how to successfully get a refund from CIG if they don't want to support the project any longer. I'm not going to share that information here because I don't want to risk getting banned from the RSI forums. The official Goonrathi stance on all this is that we don't care about Derek Smart. We care about playing video games and having fun. We want Star Citizen to be awesome. Personally though, I am frustrated by CIG's lack of progress. But I don't believe what DS is selling either. Today's information has given me a bit more confidence, but not enough to believe we'll see everything we've been promised before 2018. I'm happy to answer any reasonable questions anyone has on the above.
  11. From what I know of the way most of these sites work is that the author doesn't decide on the title, they can suggest it, but it is ultimately the decision of the editor(s). The editor's job isn't just to ensure the article is written correctly, laid out, etc... but also to ensure it has the best impact for the site, that means otherwise balanced articles turn into... Man gets $90m for space game, you won't believe what happens next!
  12. This will achieve the opposite of its intent, just as has CIG forcibly refunding DS's pledge. It is called the Streisand effect.
  13. The Smart Room is the biggest :effort: troll I've ever seen. Even lowtax (who rarely ventures out of GBS) has posted. It is beautiful.
  14. Don't worry citizens, we've got it taken care of. This is how you handle Mr Smart.
  15. I hope you got my response via reddit. As far as the topic at hand goes, we have not seen the last of Derek Smart. When the limelight dims, he will set himself on fire if needed.
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