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  1. Lol he's gonna get banned, LMAO...Copyright infringement....
  2. Have a GREAT show, I'm at work so I can't listen.
  3. Yes you did!!! woot woot
  4. Me and you @‌GeraldEvans, mono e mono, grey cat races! you have no chance!!!
  5. Good for those two, a free Sabre as a reward. And a great reward for everyone else. 1 Mil.+ backers, that's so AWESOME!!!
  6. December 20, 2015. The day that will forever live in Radio Infamy!!!! The day "The Search" with IonScout gave away a Conny, and broke the servers again. Are you Citizen enough to be present to win? I don't think YOU are. I dare YOU, to be there and try to win!!!!
  7. Banned for judging me improperly, and It's Mr. Evil to you...lol
  8. Ostia is banned for messing up my shows name in an interview. And banned for an extra week for accepting to be on the same show he got banned for messing up the name to. AHAHAHAHAHAHa
  9. wow that shit was funny, I think I'll watch it again...and again...and again...and again..., wait...this shit is a real game? WTF?!!!! DS is a POGUE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. Where is the Poll that was discussed ? About the meeting times?
  11. SDevoti

    Freelancer - 2.0

    I think the update to the Freelancer, if it holds true, is Awesome.
  12. I think, IMO, this was designed and accomplished what it set out to do. It woke a bunch of people up and got them ready for this weekend. Great lore addition and an even better marketing tool. Kudos CIG.
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