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  1. There will be cash for it. Nothing are free. glade I took the hid my wallet advised
  2. T-rex

    Drake Corsair

    Anyone know the crew count for it?
  3. T-rex

    Returning on 3.5

    Thanks for the warning.. However it too late. I am already $400 in..
  4. I been here off and on and was a bit more active on 3.0. Even build a new PC for 3.0, but then life get in the way and 3.0 was not really playable for me. I was planning on comming back last week. Then they have the HS on sale. So needless to say I trade up for it. I guess I am better off waiting for 3.5 since the new control update.
  5. Have you find the fix for your ssd problem?
  6. Warning about updating your pc. YOU STILL GET LAGS AND CRASH. I am running SC on an mve2.0 ssd. 8700K cpu and an 1080ti and 32gb ram. I am still running into crashs and lags. Welcome to the waiting game....
  7. Selling cutlass bluee upgrade for melt price $50. Sale must be completed by this Monday. I am only sell it to star citizen base member that had been a member for at least 1 month. Since I am not making any money off this sale so I am going to want you to send me the store credits first before I gift it to your account
  8. Thanks. I pickup another x52 pro at micro center. Pay for the extended warranty ($39) 3 years. I know it going to break down sooner then the warranty. So it like a $39 rental till a good hotas come out. It was just seem add that no locals store carry the x56, so I could (rent) it
  9. Anyone know what's going on with those 2 hotas? My x52 broke and was looking for a replacement/step up. None of my local store have it in stock and Best buy Fry have it listed D clearance, but both was out of stock also....
  10. T-rex

    Control command

    Found it. Here if someone want to look at it also https://starcitizen.tools/Guide:Controls
  11. T-rex

    Control command

    Bump. 3 days and none reply
  12. I wish you the best of luck getting 1.. I didn't know it double in price
  13. T-rex

    Control command

    It took some time to get my x52 pro working and relearning how to program it. As I was looking into star citizen there are a few command that I do not understand what it does or how/when to use it . STAR CITIZEN Tech Support - players helping players MadWolfie@MadWolfie Discussion Control command and what does it do? 1) IFCS safeties. 2) Gforce safeties 3) command level stability 4) ESP 5) Reticle Focus 6) Reticle mode 7) i heard people talking about decup. How does that work? What do those command do for your ship and best way/time to use them? Pm me if you can answer some of these command, bit do not want to reply here. Thanks
  14. I am able to overclock mine to 4.6 with air cooler. With your AIO cooler you can go higher. (First time I ever overclock anything) Micro Center are my go to store. They will match online store price (newegg and amazon) + you also get any rebait if any. The bad part is that you do have to pay tax
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