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  1. WOOT Thanks for the prize!! I will ABSOLUTELY be there for the next one
  2. I have recently come to a similar realization. I played my first PVP battle royale today and got my a$$ handed to me the whole match! I would love to fly around with someone who could show me the ropes. Was actually looking for an official lesson time on the forums earlier but couldn't find anything
  3. Welcome to our corner of the verse!
  4. NIce work and amazing sentiment! I cant imagine losing my Father. I think I'll call him now actually, thanks.
  5. Nice post! thanks for taking the time to put it up!!
  6. This was a great show! It was my first time hearing the leadership and I enjoyed it immensely.
  7. I've used the extreme pro before, the only problem I had with it was the lack of buttons. it forced you to use the keyboard not that I minded that though. other than that it was perfect. @Leggo15 there is a bit of a price difference there lol @nevermind the fly has 24 buttons (with the "shift" button) so I wouldn't really say its lacking in buttons . @poledancer thanks for the review.
  8. WOOT! now I can finish listening to the show! Stoopid fiancee turning 30 and messing up my listening schedule
  9. Awesome question I've been wondering the same thing! I have a Cyborg M.M.O. 7 mouse and have been in complete love with it since I got it so I'm seriously considering the F.L.Y. 5. It definitely looks awesome!
  10. y u no have GTR or Lexus lfa or RC f sport ? Is it any wonder why I bought an Avenger... lol
  11. "Mass Effect 3 games will transfer to Star Citizen, co-publishing SC with BioWare and EA" so am I the only one who is both worried and excited about this? .... or is this a joke?
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