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  1. LOLs thread

    LOLs thread, you say? Well it just so happens i have a collection of lol vids for you all! Wafflez's Dank Vid Collection Vol 1 (Dropbox) I update it every time I make a new one or a new vid appears EDIT: Some vids may cut out before the punchline when you watch them normally, so i'd recommend middle-clicking each video separately and watching it that way
  2. Saying hello

    Welcome to the base!
  3. New Member: Ishimura

    Welcome to the Base, Ishimura!
  4. ChiefAmir Reporting In

    Welcome aboard, ChiefAmir!
  5. Just got my GCSE exam results!

    Great news! :D

  6. Rocket League?

    That explains the cannon fodder of PlayStation players i'm pitted against ^^
  7. The Banned Thread

    Banned for making it even MORE active! @LightMonk is also banned for calling me a sponge. I-I'm not the best drawer, OK? But i'm working on it.
  8. The Unbanned Thread

    Unbanned for allowing people to be unbanned.
  9. Anime?

    Thanks @Wyvyrias and @Osclin, that cleared it up ^^ My friends are as dumb as bricks and could not explain to me what they made me watch, despite half of them watching it alongside me, in fact, they couldn't even remember the characters names. D:
  10. Anime?

    I accidentally watched all 26 episodes plus the OVA of 'Future Diary' in one day, can someone put it in a nutshell for my poor mind?
  11. Build help Know your download/upload speeds?

    http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4533323274 Although it's annoying having about half the English population in a five mile radius of you, the Great British connection speed ain't bad. You can really see the difference between a sunny day and a rainy day though, it tends to be a lot better on sunny days... If there were any. English speeds on EU servers have always been great, usually a single-digit ping on most games, on US servers it does increase considerably. But Americans are always the most fun to play with ^^
  12. Rocket League?

    It is so much fun, best £15 i've ever spent. No silly gameplay affecting things, just pure looks and pure skill