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  1. Likewise thais are active on fb. I think the easiest way is me working with u chim.
  2. Just a quicky. I ve been an Imperium member for hmm i dont know how long lets say quite a while. Recently i was called to taking a leading role in my native org (thai). Most of the members are not fluent at english so its not practical for them to move. Alternatively its easier for me to move but still i enjoy being an Imperium. Is there anything we can setup? I think a SEA timezone org would be valuable to Imperium covering night shift (thai sc now roughly 500 ppl). Anyway im going to gamescom 2016 and will be going to friday event as well. Can discuss in person there i
  3. Back to the base after so long. And going to this party
  4. has 3rd lot jav gone? edited: ok i have got it. ;-)
  5. Wow dan what have you bought to get that? Im at 3k i dunno what else to buy. Dont think i have enough play time for each ship i have as is.
  6. If most interested in trade with both Banu and Xian what would be best strategically (given what we know)?
  7. Good analysis. As for me, I just hope someone find large JP into Helios soon .
  8. Any chance new release is a Gundam?
  9. Im not interested. im not interested. not gonna buy. not interested. not interested. arghhhhh!!!
  10. Good read. Imho the first parts of first chapter has room for improvement (like others said). Keep it up.
  11. Welcome Irongun. What you should do from here is whatever it is that you enjoy. Be it getting to know ppl on ts, chatting on forums, game with some of us or anything at all. Re small ant in huge colony. dont worry about that. For me i feel Imperium and the base is a great place. nice friendly ppl and good setup. also i feel no sense of hierarchy here. everyone pretty helpful. in time you will find if here is a good fit for you. other than that just chill.
  12. Enjoy. whoever is attending. Have a great time. oh show us some pics too.
  13. Siberz4

    MISC Endeavor

    imo they are being overly cautious with the sale of this one. Some of the answers were already detailed prior to Q&A but seem they rly want to make sure there is no misunderstanding/confusion over what can fit and what cannot. Id rather they focus on the depth of gameplay aspects bei it farming or zero gravity experiment or biology study or whatever. Hopefully in the next Q&As.
  14. Siberz4

    MISC Endeavor

    not a very exciting Q&A imho.
  15. Siberz4

    MISC Endeavor

    how do we make money when everyone of us own one?
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