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  1. what do you do for a living?
  2. I'm starting to see sources saying that Trump is going to convert a whole lotta public land into oil country. Better get out and enjoy the wilderness while you still can. 

    1. BryGen


      Hope not, the BLM is a pain to the oil industry, leave it to the States.

  3. EPA censorship scares me. Hopefully NASA isn't next.

    1. GeraldEvans


      He's already said he wants NASA to stop looking at Earth but instead out towards space. Just so happens that NASA is where we get a lot of our climate data.

  4. Happy Birthday :3 

  5. Good related video (not necessarily to the game, but on killing in general).
  6. Starbound has hit 1.0! Anyone wanting to try the game out again would be wise to give it another chance now that it has reached it's fuller form.


    Insurgency is $2.00 on steam at this moment. You are welcome.

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    2. Juntau


      Yeah, my kids are loving it for 2 dollars. Get this game, find them and shoot them in the face!

    3. Switch


      Posted 12 hours ago and I missed the sale?! NOOO! 

    4. Rellim


      it's another counter-strike, although it could even be useful for us to do fps training

  8. I just played the game a second time, and I'm about to play the DLC. Went full-on stealth again with non-lethal ways of dealing with the targets. Now that I'm playing as Daud though, I'll probably kill. Not rampage, but actually be an assassin instead of a re-locator lol.
  9. Project Reality is such a fun game :D


  10. What a good day to still be alive.

    1. Juntau


      If you woke up...it's a good day

    2. Dragon-Knight
  11. For anyone that played Starbound before, the have a huge update coming up that will launch the game out of beta and into the full release. They've really gone full-circle to bring the idea to its potential, and if you're interested you can read about the new content here. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HoodedRobin


      @FoxChard Yes!!! It's finally getting a huge update with tons of awesome content that makes the game worth playing!!!

    3. Rinsuke


      Sorry I know old post but I was searching to see if there are any SC players having a closed community server that returned to starbound. Have you jumped on it recently, if so are you on a server online somewhere or local network...

    4. HoodedRobin


      @Techabyte  haven't played recently :( I'm personally waiting for the release of 1.0 until I get back into the game. When that happens, though, I'll be glad to get a multiplayer game going with you, depending on how the multiplayer works after 1.0.


  12. Wow. I just realized that I hit one year as an Imperium member only two days ago. Happy late enlightenment day to me...?


    All hail Imperium :stormtrooper:  :gr_patriot:

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    2. GeraldEvans


      You hear that @Silveryn? Get in here!

    3. HoodedRobin


      *ahem* my bad

      Personal Leadership Figure to the rescue!

    4. Silveryn



  13. Ten minutes into sailing the stars and chill and she whips out her laser rifle
  14. Stardew Valley: farming has never been so addicting. 

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