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    Medical Sciences xD
    This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKUuA4B7qQw
  1. Definitely Support in terms of Search and Rescue mainly but would also like to fly escort, then again S-R are needed in a lot of things anyways. Would like to do some scouting though once I get other ships also. Hell, I wanna do everything at least once! Don't want to miss out on any of the fun after all!
  2. Not sure if I'm going to name my smaller ships, I'd prefer my Handle to be used since they're just small single-seaters. My future Cutlass Red - ISS Irwyn Other future ship names: Cliff Pinnacle Apogee Vertex Zenith (an obvious theme )
  3. Yayy ^.^ Ughh I hate biochem so much, I like the area of neurology the most, hoping to go into neuropath Good luck at med school I hear it's quite tough I can't wait to see how the mechanics for the whole autodoc feature will work (I don't really keep up with all the in-depth details if I'm honest).
  4. Thanks guys! It's great to be here!
  5. Thanks! If I had the money for a Cutless Red I'd be on it faster than you'd imagine haha It's gonna be fun here I can tell Well if you're offering to give me one I wouldn't say no
  6. Hey! The name's NuclearCupcake, I'm relatively new to participating in forums, I've just lurked for many years across the web I'm currently studying Biomedical Science and German but still have lots of free time so I'm online quite a lot. I'm really looking forward to getting into Star Citizen and being a member of the Imperium, I'm used to playing in combat support roles across a lot of games (medic/healer) and I like to work in teams, typically the one who will try crazy things to keep others going ^.^ This especially means I can't wait for the FPS module to be released Aiming to get an Avenger pretty soon but currently have an Aurora LN and Mustang Omega
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