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  1. McNevien

    Complete WTS Anvil Carrack LTI $475

    @TRON thank you for a quick and easy transaction. I give him 5 Stars and will consider using him in the future.
  2. McNevien

    RSI Orion

    Hey thanks @VoA for putting these up I was looking for a new background
  3. Star Hanger is trust worthy and they were easy and quick to respond, I will do business with them in the future. I got a Caterpillar from them.
  4. McNevien

    RSI Orion

    I am looking forward to blasting open some rocks with my beast of a ship. I am interested to see how well this ship with work flying with NPCs I have a feeling that the even the best NPC's are going to be far as efficient as a human. It is going to be fun to have several of these cleaning out a belt.
  5. McNevien

    Flying Fortress The Aegis Retaliator

    I am really tempted to buy one of these and turn it into a armed to the teeth cargo hauler. I am interested to see how they are going to do the modular mechanics of the game. As is there going to be a delay if you switched the bomb bay for a cargo bay and vise versa, and if you can keep these modules in your space garage (like eve) or more like elite where you buy switch them out and don't have a space garage.