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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. AEVUM


      Thank you for the birthday wishes. Hope you enjoyed your own.

  2. I made a cassette tape of the songs and would play it in my pick up truck back in the 90s.
  3. It has previously been stated that a Package is a character slot. CIG has also stated there will be a public transit system. The first thing I would hope for: Civilian Starter Package: no weapon, no armor, no enlistment, but you get a Prepaid public transit system card (PTSC). Preloaded with enough creds for exploring your starter planet and travel to two other planets. Oh yeah and a set of clothes. This should be a very very cheap package. UEEN Muster Out Package: A standard issue pistol, an environmental suit (starter space suit in mini PU), a mop. Clothes and tier 2 PTSC. For exemplary service in the UEEN as a deck swabby you have been granted some gear that you are qualified to use. UEEN SP Muster Out Package: A standard issue pistol, a Devastator-12 energy shotgun, light armor, set of gaiters. Clothes and a tier 3 PTSC. For exemplary service in the UEEN for full tour on Shore Patrol you have been granted some gear you are qualified to use. UEEM Muster Out Package: A laser pistol, a laser rifle, medium armor. Clothes and a tier 4 PTSC For exemplary service in the UEEM infantry you have been granted some gear you are qualified to use. UEEM Raider Muster Out Package: A pistol , a laser sniper rifle, an energy shotgun, heavy armor. Clothes and a tier 5 PTSC. For exemplary service in the UEEM Raiders you have been granted some gear you are qualified to use. To avoid balance issues, each person starts in a different safe zone with a note suggesting where they go. Civilian to a job agency, swabby to a port job agency, shore patrol to a security job agency, Marine infantry to mercenary job agency. Raider, your a Raider, improvise.
  4. AEVUM

    315p vs 350r

    I always go with save your money. On the other hand I do own the 350R. I think adding the exploration sensor gear to the 350R if it can be done will be cheaper than trying to make the 315P go the same speed as the 350R.
  5. AEVUM


    Welcome to Imperium and hope you get a discount package. Maybe they will have some this Saturday, if not they had a very limited amount of them during Christmas last year so maybe again this year.
  6. Does your SH have LTI? if not you can melt it and buy some other lower value ship with LTI then CCU back to a SH.
  7. BMM Rent the Xi'an scout and fly in some races and Vanduul swarm. I own one and do not like it in racing or combat.
  8. Another giveaway, my apologizes if I missed a previous post listing. Good luck to any who enter! Directions in the very short 95 second video.
  9. AEVUM

    Before Mars

    Sadly I do not get the NatGeo channel. Here is a youtube sneak peak.
  10. Let's see if tomorrow brings more states into the recreational use group.
  11. incredible CIG has now made $130,000,000 That is $5,000,000 in just under a month thanks to the Polaris and the Militia Mobilization Initiative.
  12. I like this level of immersion. I think a choice between those who are not interested and those that are is easy enough to accommodate both considering the amount of Idris in Imperium. Nice work.
  13. AEVUM

    Before Mars

    I used to have the Space Shuttle Manual Operators Manual and the Mars One Crew Manual. I passed them on as a gift, I guess you would say a baby shower gift, not sure. He is 6 now and his parents, good friends of mine treat those books as respectively as I did all the years I had them. I hope my gift might be the spark that drives one of the Prime generation of space settlers. Strangely I gave those books as my end act of my space dream. Yes now that we have Star Citizen I choose to play to fulfill my dreams of being one of the people who got to be amongst the stars, Even if it is just an imaginary future, a digital dream. Dreams are wings for the soul, let your dreams soar.
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