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  1. This guy was looking for a 325A LTI if you have one. D̸̂̈ͯE̟̫ͦ̑ͩV̧̫̖̟̾ͨͤ1͐̾̀AT̘͊͐̂̑͟E#3188

  2. What a great ship. Glad I got it so that I can bomb people with it.
  3. Price was no problem. Bombs make nice gifts.
  4. Thanks, for all the PMs and responses this order is filled.
  5. As per the title. Looking for a Gladiator, if anyone has one that they are trying to sell please PM. Very interested, thanks!
  6. @Cincinnatus thanks for the mention. I am available at any time.
  7. ---I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBING--- I appreciate the feeling that everyone has about the "ORG 2.0" presentation. It's my personal belief that this will get better as it is implemented over several updates. So, far Chris has listened to the fans and updated or headed in a direction that everyone has liked so far. I think he will be able to pull it off even if ORG 2.0 in its initial version is wonky at first. In all the MMOs that I have ever played the in-game organizational tools have always been lacking. That is the reason that the free market has provided us TS, Ventrilo, and Disqus among many other platforms. Every organization that I have been in over the years has made different decisions of which platform to use based on their own "preference". Even if Chris gets this perfect these and other various products will continue to exist and or adapt to become better than their in-game alternatives. If there is any doubt about this look at the various major organizations in EVE. Almost every one of them had a large out of game technology or software platform to assist in doing some kind of activity in game that the internal game mechanic did not allow... Mining Buddy etc. We as an organization need to come to the hard realization that no gaming company ever gets this right, and create/acquire a social system or tool that helps us to organize in a way that makes us more productive and happy with the outcome. That is the best we can hope for because history is against any gaming company solving the social organization management and in game communication equation. "I'm Altering The Deal. Pray I Don't Alter It Any Further."
  8. Thanks, again guys for all the feedback. This topic isn't Imperium specific. I think that the recent interview with Chris sited in the below video gives us a strong indication of cost structures throughout the game. Ultimately, if this prediction and his comments turn out to be true.. I see it as validation for those who have put in the currency to pre-purchase ships before the games final release, but it also means that the resources required to operate said ships will be congruent.
  9. I was referring to mostly to cost structures. Thanks guys for your feedback.
  10. Great discussion with Captain Shack and the planet side Gamescom presentation.
  11. Recently, I viewed the video below discussing Capital Ship cost structures. After viewing it.. I had several take aways. The main feeling I had is that with the size and resources required to run Capital Ships it makes sense to me that everyone on board and the vertically integrated resource channels should be militarized primarily to save cost. In real life this is no more evident than PMC vs Traditional Army. Here is a article to illustrate the point: http://work.chron.com/private-military-company-pay-vs-army-pay-24574.html These are just my thoughts. Let me know what you think.
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