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  1. Hey Zante, you interested in joining up? I could do with a few more members to get it off the ground. *Zant sorry spell check sucks
  2. Lol, yep, so far. So if you have any friends you want to bring along please do
  3. Yep, we have all sorts of slots still free. We Run off the GMT timezone, so if that works for you let me know. We don't have any other members so far as I've been doing all the work my self but also if you are interested there is room to become a more active member of the company of wolves.
  4. Hey Guys, I've started an PCI and i'm looking for some members to join me. its very new just now so im looking for founding members to help me get it running. heres what we are all about, let me know what you think. thanks and enjoy. What Are We: Company of Wolves is a private security team hired out to provide aid. Specializing in protection, recovery, search and rescue and liberation. Their strict moral code means you can always trust them with your job. We deliver a fast* professional service giving you the safety and security you need to complete your objective. What do we do: Company of Wolves provides escorts for transports or for people in need of travel and a little extra security while enroot. We offer support for ground based operations in dangerous areas or can work as part of an overall strike team. Our services also include search and rescue, recovery of lost or stolen goods and tactical extraction for when things get a little too hot. What is our code: Company of Wolves Code Strength of the Pack – Once a wolf we consider you family, we offer you protection and you are required to protect any other wolves. "Against the verse we stand united" Loyalty to the Company – All organisations working against the pack will be blacklisted and refused our services. All Together or None at All – All wolves leave together. "No wolf left behind" Strike with Swiftness – Always be ready to be engaged in a contract. No Masters – A Company of Wolves contract is based on mutual respect if the respect is lost the contract will be terminated. What we are looking for: At present we are looking for pilots who are combat competent – those who don’t mind planeside combat are preferred. We are also looking for one info runner to join the company. Any looking for planeside or boarding work should also apply.
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