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  1. Aegis Idris Frigate

    So that rear torpedo launcher isn't there any more on the latest design?
  2. Aegis Idris Frigate

    I got the Armada Package too. I hope there are no regrets. Now to find some people to befriend to join me on my voyages.
  3. MISC Hull series sale Announced

    I am mainly curious how many have a Hull E, because if not many people have one, I might buy 1.
  4. MISC Hull series sale Announced

    Who has bought a Hull E? Will be fun to have some people in the fleet that have some to support deep mining operations.
  5. How many people here bought a Hull E and plan on using that as their main income?
  6. Orion System

    I think they probably will be able to carry the Orion cargo pods. A hull E will be perfect to run back and forth between where like 6-10 Orions are mining and the nearest starport to dump the ore.
  7. Orion System

    So anyone get a Hull E to help support our mining operation? Need someone to be running back and forth hauling our ore.
  8. Looking to start or to join a sub org/fleet

    @Rellim Yea you can close this thread. I didn't see that my recruit process wasn't done.
  9. Hello, I want to start or either join a sub org of Imperium. I am not sure exactly what I want to focus on doing for a profession in the PU. I am thinking I want to try everything. We don't know how the PU will function until it goes live, but I am thinking that mining could be a lucrative profession and would prefer to do this with a group of people. I am hoping Imperium will establish a good foot hold in lucrative asteroid belts. I would like to run with a fairly big group of people with a good range of roles. I am thinking we will need quite a few mining ships, with a couple of Hull Cs to pick up ore to haul it to nearest planet/starport, will need some starfarers to refuel miners and escort ships, will need escort ships to fight off any NPCs/PCs. Will probably need 2 good size groups of escorts, 1 group to stay with miners the whole time and another group to escort Hull Cs and the starfarers. We will have to establish a certain way of everyone getting paid fairly too. It would be cool if there was a ranking system for players like what they will have for NPCs for hire. People in the group will be paid according to their ship and their skills. Anyways there would be a ton of different ideas and options to figure that out. It would be nice if CiG could put some thought into this and give Orgs some tools to manage a system like this. This would have to be a completely different topic to discuss on another thread. If anyone is interested in doing this hit me up on this thread. If there is already a sub org/fleet doing this also hit me up and I will look into your org and see if I like.
  10. RSI Orion

    Before they released the constellation lineup I was trying to push others in the community to want to have a mining variant. Definitely need a smaller mining ship so people who do want to mine don't have to wait so long and save up so much to get an Orion. Having another hauler type ship (Taurus) and another exploration ship (Aquila) when there are a lot of those already was kind of retarded imo. I really wanted to have a mining variant of a connie. I think the smallest mining ship being the size of a connie would have been a good starting size for mining. The bottom turret of the connie could have been a size 2-3 tractor beam and top turret could have been size 3-4 cutting laser. The tractor beam could have dragged raw material into the belly of the connie. Who knows, maybe with them doing modularity now we will be able to mod the Andromeda and Aquila or Taurus(even though it doesn't have top turret hardpoint) to do that.
  11. Orion System

    I have the mining platform Orion and I am looking for a good size group of people to mine with, including escorts, starfarers to refuel us and Hull Cs ( hopefully they can pick up our ore and haul it) to haul ore. The Hull Cs and starfarers will probably need escorts too while going back and forth between mining location and nearest starport.