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  1. mr52jen

    Want to Buy Idris-m LTI

    Idris M original melt value was $1000 so can be gifted. Its the Idris P that was $1250 that's account locked.
  2. mr52jen

    Want to Buy Most Physical goodies

    bump still looking
  3. mr52jen

    Want to Sell Various LTI ships/packages for sale

    pm'd you thx
  4. pm'd for Freelancer (upgraded to Freelancer DUR) $149
  5. mr52jen

    Want to Buy AMD Mustang LTI

    Would prefer a LTI package with Sq 42 and SC game download - typically these were special upgrades from Customer Support I will consider the standalone CCU'd version. I am not interested in the 2 month standard insurance version. I already have that. Message me with what you have and your desired price. I can do cash or trade for other Star Citizens items. Thanks
  6. mr52jen

    Want to Sell LTI ships and packs Price Madnesss

    pm'd you re: Physical Rear Admiral+ Constellation Phoenix LTI- 450$ (First Concept sale)
  7. I am interested in most Physical Star Citizen items. Brochures (Especially 890 Jump or Polaris but will consider others) Hardback Jump Point Volume 1 (Don't need more vol 2) Squadron 42 Manual The Making of Star Citizen (Hardback) Engineering Manual for Modders (Hardback) Posters (Koln or Cologne) Pins Spaceship USB stick Game soundtrack Game universe map Miscellaneous Drop me a PM with what you have and how much you want for it. I am not buying Physical game packages at this time. I have more than enough for now. Feel free to let me know about any physical items that are available that I have not listed Note: I have not listed any T-shirts or any of the items currently available in store on purpose. Payment by PayPal invoice or can do ship / item trades.
  8. Weekend Warrior $195 LTI $245 Also for Sale F7A Military Hornet Upgrade more than 1 available $20 n/a $100 Empty Original Backer account(s) more than 1 available n/a n/a $175 Terms