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  1. Message me with what you have and the sale price. I also need you country location and best guess of items weight so I can calculate my postage costs Especially interested in Jump Point Hardback Volume 1 Thanks
  2. ⍟ CCU'd items and Upgrades ⍟ Insurance Price (USD) Qty Polaris (CCU'd Standalone ship) LTI 750 2 Hammerhead (CCU'd Standalone ship) LTI 700 2 Drake Pirate Caterpillar (CCU'd) LTI 330 3 Andromeda to Banu Merchantman Upgrade 95 4 ⍟ Original Concept ships ⍟ Insurance Price (USD) Qty Origin 890 Jump LTI SOLD 1 Caterpillar & Dragonfly Pack (Original ship combo) LTI 340 2 Aegis Vulcan (Standalone ship) LTI 210 2 Origin 600i Exploration LTI 465 2 Origin 600i Luxury LTI 420 2 Banu Defender LTI 200 2 Anvil Hurricane LTI 185 2 Esperia Prowler LTI 450 2 RSI Polaris LTI 800 2 Argo Combo Pack (Cargo + Personnel) LTI 75 SOLD OUT Anvil Terrapin LTI 210 3 Drake Dragonfly black or Yellowjacket LTI 45 Lots Drake Buccaneer LTI 120 Lots Exploration MEGA-Pack (Original Concept package)] LTI 995 1 UEE Exploration Pack (Original Concept package)] LTI 595 1 Advanced Hunter (Package with Squadron 42 and Sc game download) LTI 120 1 Entrepreneur Pack LTI 650 3 Aurora MR Starter Pack (Package with Squadron 42 and Sc game download) 3 Months 50 Lots Aurora LN (Package with Squadron 42 and Sc game download 3 Months 55 Lots * First put message in this sale post expressing interest in a item and then you can PM me. * I will need your PayPal email address * All prices are in USD. * Ship will be gifted to same email address used to pay (PayPal email) No exceptions! * Note: Its possible to forward the email your yourself or claim a gift from an email address not linked to your RSI account. * My time zone is AEST * I reserve the right not to complete a transaction if there is a typo /error in my listed prices.
  3. Idris M original melt value was $1000 so can be gifted. Its the Idris P that was $1250 that's account locked.
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