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  1. Needing to be more active again with Imperium can someone point me in the right direction of where to start again and where i can help out best.

    1. SpectreSC


      Sure! Hop into our Discord if you haven't already. We're mostly active there now.


  2. Condolences to his family may he light the way as a star in the verse R.I.P brother
  3. Lycanthorpe


    It would seem the Vulcan is a good support craft for mainstream fleet and can be a jack of all trades
  4. Lycanthorpe


    Im wondering if the Vulcan would be a viable asset for the ship slot on the Javelin, given its supporting role and what it could offer in various scenarios, any thoughts as to the viability of the ship in this role are appreciated.
  5. You alive :unsure:

    1. Lycanthorpe


      I think so only just :P


  6. I got a Hull E does Imperium have any artwork for the side of it or videos as it looks like that will be a possibility ,obviously as time grows nearer will need to liaise with our head of trade and industry as to where it will go. Are we parking it at Asteroid mining sites i read it is also a refueller as part of a description and if you are then able to refuel the escorts etc on long haul i am a bit out on a limb as i am not sure where i am needed as i can cover most roles i have 2 Orions also for mining and a compilation of ships just want to be able to help you guys as best as i am able.
  7. Yeah i have held of from the 890 will wait and see what else comes onto the market
  8. Looks like i need a uk squad then:)
  9. Uk mate sorry for the long delay in getting back to you
  10. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=when+will+the+star+citizen+retaliator+be+hangar+ready&FORM=HDRSC3#view=detail&mid=20BA0B6B3C1859255B2820BA0B6B3C1859255B28 For those who would like a look inside this bad boy or girl :)enjoy!!!!!!!
  11. i got 2 for us so there is 12 spots for us lemme know if anyone wants a spot.
  12. Ok so i posted this topic in the RSi forums pls contribute to it and give feedback, https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/233909/subscription-after-game-release This is my post on the RSI site for those not wanting to go there. Ok so lets throw it out there the elephant in the room pros and cons for subscription on release and not the subscription currently in place. (Which may i add is great for the community). But a long standing game subscription lets look at what there is so far a massive online P.U Arena commander Fps and thats just putting titles to massive endeavours. Yes this is currently breaking all records for a kickstarter project but that money will only go so far,the concept is that the game will evolve and that characters will evolve within the game, but what of the end game true when the game releases there will be a huge amount of content and how much of that will we of seen and tested to its limits. Everyone involved in this project wants it to succeed, from the dedicated and very talented staff to this community that has very rarely been seen before or will likely to be seen again this is special everyone knows it so lets look at those pros and cons. The subscription model as such holds that once you pay a subscription, the entire game is open to you. There are no special VIP areas that you need to purchase or some class or other feature that you have to pay money up front for. When you put down the usual fifteen bucks a month, you know exactly what you're getting. If you're not getting the entire game when paying a subscription, you're being ripped off. That money then goes into further development and growth dont forget the humble beginnings of this journey the realism is that real money pays for all that is coming and you pay for what you get, you want quality you pay for it this game is ground breaking and with the R&D that has gone on it is just the tip of the iceberg for what could come, and yes backers have currently fuelled this journey as the community grows this cost could be picked up on as a whole not a select few who have the funds to purchase ships, Chris Roberts himself has said all ships will be available in the final content, so take out the pay to win i myself am a backer so before the comments come that i am running backers down because i have not contributed holds little weight. Make it a level playing field on release yes people have ships pre release but this Journey had to be started there had to be concessions and lets look at it realistically it had to be funded. And that funding was done by selling ships. Examples of long enduring subscription mmos that have been successful are WoW and Eve online they are still going strong with a sound development team and a solid fan base the foundations are already laid in this game and they are as solid and as strong as any of those other 2 communities. Ok so to the Free 2 Play Module the scurge i jest of the subscriber mmo While some f2p games can be cheaper to play if you stick to the basics, you can end up paying far more than you expected to, paying far more than you normally would if you had a subscription if you're not careful. Another item in the pro column for mmo subscriptions is that you can play as much as you want. There are no limits normally associated with subscription games. This does make a difference when you figure out how much you're paying per hour. Going to the movie costs around £5, but if you play an mmo regularly, you could be paying on a daily basis next to nothing. Free to Play means that all players can play the game for free, without paying a regular subscription fee. But F2P MMOs are not absolutely free. You must understand that at the end of the day a game is made in order to make the developers a profit. It is a business and if the game exists it must generate revenue. That’s why high level F2P games aren't absolutely free. For example players will have to buy updates with new content. Many F2P games tend to rewards those with the biggest wallets rather than the most skill. Now you know that the so-called “Free to Play” model is not absolutely free. FTP and Subscription-based games both require money. They just use different ways of getting it. Ok so its out there, i personally would like subscription based gaming with Chris at the Helm i think regular updates would be part of the norm and the game would thrive as a result. Ok so lets look at the buy to play format so many have brought up, you buy the initial game as a box it incorporates all the points i mentioned all the different modules. What then where does the money come from for further development after the initial sales of the boxed game because many of the boxed games are already purchased through backers and there ships, so it has to be looked at if people listen to Chris he wants a legacy for this game to evolve and with that comes growth and growth costs either through in game purchases, and they have to be purchases people want and they have to have a purpose or why would people by them so some sort of in game edge or aid and advantage of sorts and how many units of these products to fund future development d you think it would take to say make a sequel for another B2P whats this one running at so far 78 million, Chris and the players will want regular updated content expansions but they have to be paid for, im not advocating one or the other i am stating a point and a fact which each one of us is entitled to its a topical discussion and the topics are F2P with in game purchases B2P with in game purchases or long term subscription for further growth and development unless anyone else knows of how the game will continue to grow.
  13. Ok guys have a predicament which one 890 or Phoenix and why, i have the Phoenix already and a Andromeda but i have the opportunity to get a 890 Jump but the Phoenix would go so any thoughts and what's and whys would be most gratefully received .
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