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  1. Irres


    I would wait till a season is done then sign up for 1 month and binge watch.
  2. Irres


    Thought I would mention Arcane for anyone looking for something to watch. It is Fantastic. on Netflix. https://www.netflix.com/title/81435684?wpcid=14729337972&wpsnetn=g&wpkwn=arcane&wpkmatch=p&wpcrid=558822383717&wpscid=129507618379&wpkwid=kwd-141093412&an=Google AdWords&dclid=COz3vrKaifQCFQtYDQoduksIcQ You do not need to know anything about the game to watch this.
  3. Sorry i must have been tired I didn't realize someone necro'd it.
  4. Everyone has reacted to their delays in their own way, there is no blaming anyone for their position on this, as it is very personal. I happen to be in your very position myself. I have not put in any new money since 2016, minus a few warbond CCU's here and there for no more than $30. I don't care about hitting Wing Commander, and I will not add more money in good faith. I have given enough.
  5. Where did the 500 employees number come from? I thought it was closer to 700. The number I often see posted in Spectrum regarding burn rate is $70M annually, but that is unofficial from other posters..
  6. If you are trying to sell the ship you will not be able to gift it, currently as it can only be gifted once. You would need to melt it for credit. Buy a small ship with cash so it is giftable, and then CCU back to this ship or another ship. But you will lose LTI. You can do this at IAE and still get 10 year insurance. Or just rebuy this ship keep LTI, but here you are adding another $220 in more RL cash. And you will still be stuck with the cash amount your friend paid as CREDIT in your account. Not worth the trouble. As for how much you will get for it? Hard to tell it is all supply and demand. While anyone can do the same thing during IAE you will not get even the value of the ship. After that you might...hard to tell. My advice would be to keep it unless you really need the money and are willing to take a loss. The 400I is not a bad ship even if you have a more expensive ship. Some other advice I would give you is: Look at the market place here and the reddit starcitizen trades, and see what people are selling ships at to gauge what demand is like. Look for ships that are going up in price due to announcement, or flight ready status. (The CAT comes to mind here as it will be going up in price) then buy a CCU from your 400i to that ship and wait for it to go up in price, then later you can probably get what your friend paid...maybe more based on price change. But do not add new money to buy this CCU. Use credit if you can as there are no guarantees someone will buy it. Buying an LTI base for gifting purposes will cost you double. Say you find someone who has a 100 p-72 LTI bases and will sell you one at $35. It will cost you $35 more to make that giftable. So $70 total, which is better than $220. Once to get it. Then to melt it and buy it with cash to be giftable again. And in the end you will put in more money than you wanted to and the ship may not even sell. So make a Sale before going through all the trouble to get a giftable ship.
  7. I must admit I am a little excited with the new JPEGs. 😊
  8. Good luck with whatever comes next.
  9. 3,15 specific...I will probably pick randomly.
  10. I have Voice Attack installed without VR. It is not a requirement, I used it in one of the previous patches. Currently it is not setup. Most joysticks are fine depending on how realistic you want it, your KB has enough buttons to help support. I have a Warthog and Throttle I don't use anymore, I use my SpaceMouse pro with my actual mouse.. Most usage buttons are covered. I do jump on KB for non ship movement though. also Welcome.
  11. His feedback should tell you all you need to know.
  12. There is no difference between a 600 hull and something CCU'd to a 600 hull. In fact CCU'ing can get you a better deal, and lti, if you have an LTI base already. Wait till the anniversary event in November and the ship or CCU will be very readily available. I have a 600ie, I do like it a lot even though some of the space is not used very well. It is a great ship in that you can run 90% of it by yourself, so solo play or small group exploration is great with it. I opted for it over the Carrack I had, for a few reasons, but mostly because I can use it on my own if no one else is around. I did not really look at the touring edition as I have an 890J for that role. My advice to you is wait for the concept sales that will happen up to anniversary even and if there is low priced lti concept, pick that up, unless you already have a lti ship you can CCU. Then at Anniversary event CCU up to it. Unless you find a great deal on it on GM this is your best bet. If you do go GM deal with people who have trade histories and good feedback.
  13. I have seen people using this one on youtube, pretty good reviews too.
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