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  1. looks really good! added to watch list also 🙂
  2. Aethio

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    Also, looks like there's the 'Warbond 2018 pack' which is an LTI package
  3. Aethio

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    FSS34_Anvil_Arrow_Carousel_2_1.mp4 Man, that intro video is badass.. Looks like the non-warbond edition is only 72 months insurance, not LTI -- edit: Devil posted the video already
  4. Didn't see a topic on the subject so just thought I'd throw it out there -- 3.3's coming with a really awesome new feature called Object Container Streaming. In a nutshell, this is the godsend that those of us with limited stocks of RAM have been asking for. Basically, it helps out a lot with one of the biggest issues plaguing SC in terms of performance, and that is the presence of too many objects. This issue is (one) of the reasons that a lot of people (me) experience a lot better framerate in Arena Commander than in the PU... the client in <3.2 needs to load pretty much all objects in the immediate container simultaneously. A container could be as large as a solar system for reference (it is the object that holds all other objects, such as ships, stations, planets, ships on planets, people in stations, etc. inside of it, that the client needs to track... you can see why it's a drain on RAM) OCS migitates this issue by offloading objects on the client's RAM to the server, as much as possible. So, if you jump from one planet to another, all objects tracked in the previous planet would then be offloaded from your computer back onto the server, while the server then will send you the new entities present at the next planet... RAM doesn't have to track both objects simultaneously. Something else noted in the OCS RTV -- something called distance offloading -- an object will offload (roughly) at x distance times y size. Meaning, objects will be offloaded in a similar fashion described above if they are beyond your perceptual radius. For instance, if travelling away from a planet in SCM, with a small ship (i.e. an Aurora) and a large ship (i.e. Constellation) right at your departure point, the Aurora will be offloaded first (as it vanishes beyond the radius of your view), the Constellation second, and then the planet eventually (though it would take a ridiculously long time) TL;DR it is a huge performance upgrade that should really help out with the game's voracious RAM appetite 😊 (edit: What to expect from OCS/ABS in 3.3 (FAQ/Guide) here's a nice and pretty forums thread about it by RSI @UrsaPolaris)
  5. A new AMA just popped up from the Dual Universe developers regarding questions asked during the Gamescon presentation, bunch of helpful info there https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/09/06/gamescom-2018-ask-me-anything-event-q-a/
  6. Aethio


    *gets email* *falls down the stairs as fast as possible* *boots up computer while glaring at it, hoping to make it faster* *glares at router as download commences* *glances at Terrapin wallpaper... mutters "Today is the day!* *enters universe, game crashes* *10 times later* [addendum] *files complaint to CIG about lack of dreadlocks*
  7. Alright, I know I say this about most ships that I see in this entire game, but anyone considering this as a good exploration vessel? Yes, everything can be exploration if you really really really really want it to, but this one features external fuel tanks, repair drones if the ship gets damaged in deepspace, cargo capacity for any finds on the ground (and exploration vehicles) and the ability to rearm weapons... Plus it actually has decent living quarters! (cough cough looking at you Terrapin my love)
  8. Aethio

    Anvil Terrapin

    CIG is indeed almost finished with the Terrapin... she seriously does look downright menacing!
  9. Hello, Imperium! This is a short thread about short stories from a short sudden obsession just short of total mania. It was initially branched off /r/shortstories, and I've found a couple interesting ones since then, such as Jokester by Asimov and All You Zombies by Heinlein (yes, prominent scifi theme), but, the purpose of this thread, anyone know of some other good ones? p.s. would someone please delete the duplicate post of this?
  10. Welcome, my friend! I definitely was not waiting in earnest for this to happen! Enjoy your stay!
  11. Wunderbar! It's going to be a *Pioneer-ing event! Maybe we should *Consolidate our *Outland-ish forces and create a *Cutlass theoretical-last-game-day-of-2.0 as CIG moves like a *Caterpillar towards 3.0! I know. I'm a *Freelancer when it comes to puns. In liu of this special event I shall emerge from my shell like a *Terrapin and be social! I'll be a *Redeemer for all those times I missed...
  12. Aethio


    For me, it was the magical land of Arma II Free Edition... hah. Logged into a domination server armed with nothing but 100 hours of Halo and a gung-ho attitude and got downright WHALLOPED. Respect your elders, or, at least those with bigger guns!! SC is going to be unique to be sure... it's popular enough by now to attract those who aren't exactly acquainted with the PC environment, yet still enthralled by the possibilities! 1.4 million UEE members and growing fast! Yet it's still at that stage where the game kind of throws you off the high dive into the deep end of the pool -- learn or die, at least for a little while, until the curve lessens with future tutorials... (arma never got over that curve!) I seriously do hope SC is capable of the story generation that Arma and WoW seemed to create so fantastically... it's the unintended experiences that are almost always the best.
  13. Beautiful. As a designer of several abject failures of website development, I can officially claim that this website is amazing and deserves yet another gifmeme.
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