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  1. Hi gents and ladies, Getting engaged soon and decided to sell my little nest egg of ships. Got a verified PP and have a history of deals here on SCB. Buying? PM me with your RSI handle and PayPal email. Buyer pays fees. STANDALONE SHIP - AEGIS SABRE - LTI $175 SHIP UPGRADES - SABRE TO BANU DEFENDER UPGRADE $50 STANDALONE SHIP - KRUGER P-72 ARCHIMEDES - LTI CCU'D to Mustang Beta $55 STANDALONE SHIP - KRUGER P-72 ARCHIMEDES - LTI CCU'D to F7C-M Super Hornet $180 STANDALONE SHIP - RELIANT MINI HAULER - LTI CCU'D to Freelancer MIS $165 Tips not required but greatly appreciated for ring fund Regards: Hefty
  2. HI, Like the title says, Delta with LTI + KRUGER P-72 ARCHIMEDES - LTI or just 2x KRUGER P-72 ARCHIMEDES - LTI. PM me your prices. Verified PP and bought many ships here before. I know there is a problem with PP currently. Cheers Got both ships I needed cheers to JudasM & CheeseNorris o7
  3. Hi I'll take that avenger. My buddy is skeptical about SC so that could be a nice gift for him.
  4. Hi Like this post suggests I would like to buy two of any of these ships in LTI. Aurora LX , Aurora MR, AURORA LN, AURORA CL, MUSTANG BETA, MUSTANG ALPHA. Let me know if you have any of these for sale. PM me with prices. Regards: Hefty
  5. Hi Like title suggests I am looking for 2x LTI Avengers. Surprise for my buddy who is skeptical about SC. Best Prices win. PM me. Regards: H3fty
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