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  1. Green Meanie

    10 For the Chairman Episode 54

    Many thanks for the the link @VoA and the breakdown @GeraldEvans!
  2. Green Meanie

    Complete WTS Elite: Dangerous - Beta ( Paypal ) 30£?

    Is purchasing an account acceptable under the EULA?
  3. Green Meanie

    Around the Verse Episode 31

    Cheers for the linky and breakdown guys! Your efforts appreciated.
  4. Green Meanie

    saw this surface effect ship on Around the Verse 30

    This game is going to be soooo awesome!
  5. Green Meanie

    as requested here the pictures of my new car

    lol, was hoping you were going to say right side
  6. Green Meanie

    Star Citizen Compared to Ancient Rome

    Great vid, interesting take, ty for sharing.
  7. Green Meanie

    as requested here the pictures of my new car

    Nice car! What's with the steering wheel on the wrong side though?
  8. Awesome! TYVM for the link/info.
  9. Green Meanie

    Vanduul swarm coop

    @The Red Comet Awesome vid, great flying!
  10. Green Meanie

    Cockpit Porn: The 50K Emperor 200

    Love it! I'm pretty sure you could knock something like this up for $1.5k, all you need is a Recaro seat, some steel tube for frame, seat rails and screen mounts, a stick welder and 2 cans of paint.
  11. Green Meanie

    Need art - Geekscapes 2014

    Awesome images on that link, even a Cthulhu in there
  12. Green Meanie

    Unofficial Star Citizen Ship Progress Chart

    Great links guys, tyvm! Bring on Hull next stage