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  1. Nice to see you guys on here.
    Hope you're all having fun and thriving :)

  2. Gathering some community resources - clearly not the only site out there and not claiming its the best (yet), but maybe some of you find it useful http://star-hangar.com/community-resources/ All links were posted with corresponding author approval. If you want your own content linked, let me know.
  3. We have several ones on listing, including a Physical and Signed by CR with and Andromeda. check here http://star-hangar.com/?s=rear+admiral if you have any question join our Discord. https://discord.gg/AsGXxxH Lexa Stanton.
  4. NEW! NEW! NEW! Star-Hangar Ship videos: check out our new video channel: www.star-hangar.com/videos So far available is our Retaliator Walkthrough and our 85x Walkthrough, but expect more to come soon Star-Hangar High Res Ship guides videos: check out our high resolution buyer guides: http://star-hangar.com/community-resources/ Fancy screenshots from your favorite ships, giving a great insight on what each ship is capable off. Thanks also @Damnshames for their fun stories, check it out!
  5. http://star-hangar.com/?s=polaris We do have one on Sale on our Website. for 698$ Send us a PM. we will answer to you shortly.
  6. oops - fixed our broken store post! Note that our service is up and running healthy as ever - with now more than 10.000 trades completed, we'll also gladly help you PM us, visit our webpage, visit our discord live chat or just check out our community resources with its high-res ship brochures - we're always glad to be of service! Also valid until end of this month, feel welcome to use the discount voucher code INON2 on checkout for an extra 2% special discount on our webpage kind regards, Loneshade
  7. FYI: Store credits have been restocked and are once again available below RSI Cost!! for details check this store post or our webpage http://star-hangar.com/store-credit/
  8. Important Note: RSI has an ongoing sale... while not listed in our store, please note that we can get you any ship currently on sale at 10% below RSI's USD price!!! Simply PM us with what ship you want and your verified paypal and we'll get you that ship accordingly (edited) Note: not recommended / only applicable with restrictions for Ships and packages >$1000
  9. FYI - expect that we'll once again be able to sell ships below RSI USD price during the upcoming RSI anniversary sale. If interested, check out our discord chat server for the latest pricing news and announcements: https://discord.gg/PBk5eht Also in time for the sale, price for store credits has been decreased - $250 RSI are now available at $214, offer valid while stock lasts. http://star-hangar.com/?s=store+credit
  10. Did you know, that you do not need a paypal account for your purchases on our webpage www.Star-Hangar.com? After proceeding to checkout, simply click here: the trade can then be processed, without you creating a paypal account!
  11. hi pls pm me i am interessted in 2 of your ships.

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