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  1. Hey Gallitin ... my name is Darth_Grandma in game, Dave in real life - based in Perth, Australia. I received the email about becoming a content creator for, I am assuming, Star Citizen Base. As an FYI, Will Leverett knows me, so would be a good character reference! I already am a Evocati member also. Having been forced into retirement since Age 37 due to a catastrophic back injury, I am in a perfect place to be able to help out. Having always been a bit of a budding writer, and having written various articles for various magazines (not related to SC in anyway) over the years, it is something I would be interested in and certainly have the time to do. A quick bit about me, I was a Senior Executive for IBM, running the Operations across 14 countries throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and North America before retiring as mentioned. Have been a mad gamer since I was 11, I am now 49, and have been knee deep into SC for a long time. My fleet is 72 ships large including ALL of the big ones, and I currently am 1 medium ship purchase from Legatius Navium - so it's fair to say I have a thing for SC. So if that sounds good to you I would love to talk with you about what you are looking for, timelines, etc and how I can help in general.

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