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    3.4 vs. 3.3 comparison

    Greetings, citizens! 2018 came to an end. This year Star Citizen has become much more and better. There are new locations, mechanics, and optimization. The game has become even closer to what we are all waiting for. All year I showed you what changes are happening in the game. Starting from comparison 2.6.2 and 3.0, I compared the new and old patches to each other, showing changes in the game. And now the next round of comparisons has come, because a few days ago the patch 3.4 was released in live. There are not so many changes in it, but this video turned out to be rather long. As usual, I gave you all the time codes for easy navigation through the video in the first pinned comment on YouTube. Enjoy watching and Happy Holidays! P.S. In the moments with the comparison of Freelancers the ships could not be put at the same point in the hangar (in 3.3 the Freelancers were of the fourth size, in 3.4 - the third), the background in these moments does not match, for which I apologize - but otherwise the comparison cannot be shown. P.P.S. If you like it, support me in: Citizen Spotlight Spectrum Reddit
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    Imperium Pins

    I had created a batch of Imperium Pins. Thanks to generous members, the pins will be free, and you only pay for shipping. If there is a lot of demand I will consider another run of them and sell them at cost with Imperiums blessing. The Pins themselves are 6061 T6 Aluminum with 2 pins on back and rubber pin backers (not the crappy metal butterflys). The USPS shipping cost to US is $3.50 and Canada is $10. I have no idea what other countries will cost, but it will be under $20. First come first serve. PM Me your shipping address and I'll reply with my e-mail for paypal, google pay, or Star Citizen virtual goods if that's how you want to roll but I can't make change. ;-]
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    3.7 vs. 3.6 comparison

    This time I was a little late again, my apologize. Patch 3.7 brought quite a few new things, but at the same time almost didn't update the old ones, which made this comparison very simple. But future patches are full of changes, so wait for them! I hope you enjoy this video. Enjoy watching! Citizen Spotlight Spectrum Reddit
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    Trak - Aka Steve Snyder

    @Trak was actually a member in Imperium for a good while before he branched out to make an org that was specifically built around the people he knew and worked with who wanted to focus hardcore on Arena Commander. As such he went from member to foreign dignitary, and it was my pleasure for nearly half a decade to talk to him very often. He was a good friend who helped my wife and I get ourselves situated in LA when we visited there for our late Honeymoon, and even took time out of his busy schedule (multiple fires) to take us to the Stinkin Rose. He was awesome, and was one of the first people I shared my daughter's birth with. When I saw his family's post it broke me. My wife and I have been mourning him, and we have been grateful for the communications to us from his children. He was a literal giant of a man, with a great heart, and I hope his family can find solace in the number of people who have been giving support to them after their loss.
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    Dune 2020 (movie)

    https://m.imdb.com/list/ls029894587/ Director Villeneuve has his eye on an actor for Paul Atreides,
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    Hi guys, I've been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance lately and I found this in a mural on one of the churches.... He's apparently a saint or someone holy....
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    Updated In Game Ship Prices vs Pledge Cost PTU 3.3t ^^^As I mentioned many times before - you should default your Pledge to the "larger ships" that you want / can afford vs.... getting a bunch of small or common ships (which will not be as good of an investment in terms of cost to get in-game). With that being said you should have one or more small ships to start playing the game with since the larger ships will be too costly to play early on. +++ Note price will likely fluctuate as we approach beta then release..... but they will likely skew even more so to the larger / rare ships being exponentially more pricey (also per CR's mention of this specifically in his Citizencon mention of the cost of a Real Life Small Plane vs the Cost of an Aircraft Carrier (IRL) ) &&&& Its likely ship replacement times will skew as well - making you wait longer (than it is now in game) for larger ships to be replaced by insurance claims
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    All of the top 16 ship showdown ships are available now. New CCU's available! NEWS Check the RSI store page - Ship upgrades. There are lot's of CCU's available that are not usually for sale. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ship-upgrades
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    Danakar Endeel

    Aegis Nautilus

    Sorry for the immense image-dump by the way. I'll try to clean it up and put the most relevant things in the main post as we get better quality images. The ship will apparently be made available to all backers on Monday. At that time we'll likely see what the Store Credit price will be as well.
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    Dr. Gallagher

    Intro from Dr. Gallagher

    Greetings all, I was referred here by an Imperium member who goes by 'Donut' on Discord. So I thought I'd drop my introduction into the mix. I joined the Star Citizen community back in September 2015, consider myself to be an avid role player, and have been serving as the CEO of a small corporation called Seraphim Solutions Group, Inc. (SSGInc on RSI) along side the owner since mid December last year. Outside of Star Citizen, I'm an entrepreneur with my hands in things from photography, videography, laser engraving, and web development. I'm always open to networking with people (especially role players) and am constantly striving to make corporate connections with other organizations. See you all around!
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    So uh, I was thinking

    I think you got the wrong game, bro. https://www.pcgamer.com/mass-effect-inspired-porn-game-is-now-one-of-the-biggest-gaming-kickstarter-of-all-time/
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    The end of $0 CCU

    Yeah....No. CIG allowing you to get an in-game ship as a reward for backing the game, then changing things around in-game for balance/flight/mechanics is not acting like Electronic Arts and their predatory lootbox and microtransaction practices. CIG allowing people to melt pledges for credit and use that to get other rewards/ships also is not like EA. Basically, CIG is nothing like EA, and the only people who claim that they are tend to be people who have zero idea what the words "parallel" or "comparatively" actually mean. CIG is getting rid of the $0 CCUs, most likely, because tons of grey marketers are out there with hundreds or thousands of these CCUs sitting in their accounts. This is how they've been able to sell prime ships "cheaper than CIG" and still make profits. When you add to that the fact that CIG's system for upgrades doesn't account for the money, but the retail value of the ship in-hangar, then you see how easily this system is abused by people who want to give themselves a "discount" simply by having a $0 CCU. CIG said this would be gone a long time ago. They're finally getting rid of it. Good. I have some $0 CCUs in my hangar that I may apply, or may not apply. I haven't decided yet. If I do apply them, I'll probably "get a discount", cool. If I wait too long and have to pay for a CCU later that I used to have as a $0, oh well. CIG is, by far, the most pro-consumer/backer company out there. Don't conflate them with vultures like EA. All that does is show the weaknesses of your arguments and the insanity of your snowflakedness.
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    Drake Corsair

    I also posted this since it is a great package - and deserves its own thread so people don't pass it up.... DRAKE 2949 Complete Pack << - Worth $2,915 and for sale for $2,630 Agreed - have Carrack ....... and I would also prefer the Aquila over the Corsair (especially since I like RSI ships better than Drake) - but again...... the Complete Pack may change the equation for some.)
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    Aegis Avenger Titan

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    Now this isn't a complete victory yet as there are still some bits that survived the original MtD. CryTek claiming that RSI is part of the full agreement because they signed an Autodesk license (not sure why this even matters) Alleged unauthorized use of CryEngine for Squadron 42 (although it specifically said "and its related space fighter game Squadron 42" in the GLA) Some alleged claim of super-sekrit code being shown on Bugsmashers (but CryTek has not provided any actual evidence of that yet) CryTek claiming 'conflict of interest' for Ortwin Freyermuth (even though he had a signed waiver) <= CryTek may have dropped this already CryTek claiming they never got the bugfixes and optimizations (CIG delivered them to a tender which CryTek never even bothered to collect) CryTek's claim for statutory damages (but the Judge already stated that it was unlikely that Crytek ultimately will recover statutory damages) I believe that's all they currently have left. Looks very poorly so I'm betting CryTek will move to settle the matter out of court now. I suspect that any settlement made will be more favorable to CIG than it will be to CryTek though. CryTek threw a lot of shit at the wall while demanding all the monies and tech as well as wanting to stop development entirely but they fell completely flat as most of their 'big-ticket' items didn't even survive the pleading stage.
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    The Tali's weapon racks are working :D +191 views
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    890 Jump Cinematic

    Greetings, citizens! About a year ago, I came up with the idea of this video, and finally I was able to bring it to life. And I hope you will like it! Enjoy watching! P.S. you can support me here: Citizen spotlight Spectrum Reddit
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    Aegis Nautilus

    I'm kind of the camp that I'd rather see CIG build out the game rather than make new mechanics that cause more delay in releasing the game because it's one more thing to think about implementing. Cool ship; let's build a game first.
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    Aegis Nautilus

    ^ that On one hand, CIG has stated that it is their desire to limit griefing and associated undesirable behavior. On the other hand, CIG introduces mechanics like EMP weapons, hacking of ship security systems, and now mines which facilitate such behavior. The game would be better off without these unnecessary mechanics.
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    Aegis Nautilus

    This is all really cool but to be honest I'm personally getting a little tired of seeing CIG come up with new mechanics while we're still lacking a sh*t tonne of already announced mechanics. This new mine layer mechanic is sure to become another headache for CIG to balance because everyone knows this will be exploited to hell and back, with trolls putting their mines where they're not supposed to go just to be a d*ck. I can see how laying mines could be a good way to protect certain assets but come on, you know some people will mine the most basic of areas just to piss people off and be a ass. I'm not going to get one as I've stopped spending after I hit concierge, I feel I need to see more mechanics and development. Also, tbh I'm not interrested in owning a minelayer. I do think it looks cool tho. I do wonder why newer AEGIS ships like the Hammerhead and now the Nautilus have a crew of 8 (Edit: whoops, looks like the Hammerhead has a crew of 9) while the Reclaimer has a crew of only 5. Ive always thought the Reclaimer's crew size is too small, as it has multiple stations that can't all be manned at the same time with 5 people, it seems CIG seems to share the idea that a crew of 8 might be more versatile. Also, as a side note... while I love CIG for having cool events for their community and their engagement with us is commendable... do we need more layers of exclusive early access? I know it's only a day and I'm not especially interrested in this ship or whatever but first there's subscribers, then there's congierge level and now there's special congierge level events. What's next, special congierge level events VIP afterparties? A secret password? Chris Roberts' secret handshake? Did you wear the correct colored shirt for a special early early early early access? I might come across as a bit of a negative nancy here but I feel they're milking us more and more because it's getting harder and harder to find new backers and investors. Outside of our community bubble, I think the project's reputation isn't the best because of missed deadlines and still no release date after 7 or 8 years.
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    Truly amazing work here.
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    C2 Hercules for Hire

    I'm sure there will be a market for this, there will be plenty of people in the verse who will require transport of goods and/or vehicles or ships. That said, I think most people will hire services within their own org. We have too little actual game and no functioning Hercules to say anythig about this, really.
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    3.6 EVO Leaked notes

    [Spoilers] FWIW, Here are the "known" aUEC prices of vehicles and ships, both 3.5.1 and 3.6 ETF.
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    CitizenCon 2019 in November

    Interesting quote. I really want to know more!
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    Building New PC

    I was just waiting to see the AMD bros show up with their zealotry. I wasn't disappointed.
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    So uh, I was thinking

    I've been to Tokyo. I have seen things... I don't want bodypillows in my space game. 😛
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    No problem! Hope you'll have a great time checking out ArcCorp. Be advised that your Quantum Drive may overheat and kick you out of quantum at some point during the trip as CIG is fiddling around with the overheating mechanic. Should this happen to you just wait a bit for it to cool down and resume your flight.
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    First Image of a Black Hole!

    Finally found an image in focus...
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    CIG - April Fools - 2019

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    XIIIth Expeditionary Corps

    The XIIIth Expeditionary Corps is a Private Military Company active on the STAR CITIZEN game. We propose daily activities to our members and recruits: Training and instructions, scripted and free roaming missions, irl activities, tournaments, pvp, pve, leaderboards. Our team of instructors offer regular training so that recruits quickly reach the required level in the XIIIth and to maintain the overall level of our members. Please visit XIIIth Corps WEBSITE for a full review of the XIIIth Corps. Our values: Efficiency - Flexibility - Esprit de Corps - Real life first ----------------------------------------------- What can the XIIIth offer you? A strong structure: If you have not done it yet, simply visit our website to find out. Teamplay - We try to create an Esprit de corps between our members by different means, to be more efficients in combat and have a more enjoyable experience in the multiplayer part of the game. Daily activities - which range from Instructions to training through scripted missions on the PU. Instructions - We will train you to quickly reach the XIII standards. Trainings - We practice what the instructions teach us. Efficiency - We are looking to reach maximum efficiency, our job requires it. Ships - We have all the ships we need already. Social interactions Rank system Presence System (participation points) to promote attendance Skilled members in Marines branch and Fleet able to share their knowledge Good mentality - No drama We got a new fresh Facebook page, where you can find screens or vids of our missions: XIIIth Corps FACEBOOK And as always, you got a question? we'll be glad to answer on our Discord server
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    Stromglade incoming detected

    I see a consumer with taste. A endeavor Pray tell. . .I see a convert
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    Argo SRV

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    Origin 890 JUMP

    890 Jump Cargo
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    @Pharesm The kick starter never mentions FPS by name. It does show it. It was proposed as a FPS all the time space sim, for immersion. His goal was never to break your perspective. You start FPS, you get in a ship ...still FPS, get out of the chair in FPS....powered by the best FPS engine at the time by Crytek. The first module was FPS. I struggle to imagine an original backer thinking you would not have personal weapons. While it was a space sim...it was definitely described as FPS. Wow, going back to 2012.
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    MISC Frelancer MIS

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    J. Coren

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    Fuck that, think bigger! Get the license from Disney and remake SW:G as in the vein of Star Citizen.
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    Aegis Idris Frigate

    72 months = 6 Years. It's LTI. Let's just be honest here. 😂
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    Vanguards: And Then There Were Three

    They said tweaks, not reworks actually. All Vanguard models' exterior will be standardized, they're all gonna have Hoplite ramp. Interiors will be redone and standardized except Hoplite. BUKs gonna transform into upgrade kits(like Idris-K upgrade kit). They're gonna include paint job and related components in these kits and you're gonna be able to transform your Warden into a Sentinel or Harbinger by changing components and paint on it pretty much. BUKs gonna include stuff like torpedoes, Ewar suite, rocket pods for turret etc. Vanguard modularity pretty much confirmed with RTV. They'll also make it so you'll be able to access ship components from the inside and tweak their sub-components physically. They've also added a huge cabinet for cloth/armor/weapon storage and made the toilet smaller. Engineering station is more or less the same but they're gonna work on turret and maybe external animations later on to make it look more like the original concept.
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    Darius Marx

    Aegis Idris Frigate

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    Dune 2020 (movie)

    I love Dune, I am glad out of all the garbage they are digging up to regurgitate old movies someone is actually going to re-make something decent.
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    Devil Khan

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Finally, got it too... 4am but hope it's worth it . the 4x PDS should do a good job, but 2 weapons is better than 1. I can guess that they will say we needed the extra place for it's mini-radar.
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    Aegis Idris Frigate

    FYI for any Idris-P owners that upgrade to the Idris-K variant. The Idris-K was added to the Portal earlier today, in preparation for tomorrow's sale. Be sure to update your hangar entries so the correct variant is listed. Thanks! 😎
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    Lorville Timelapse [4K, 60 FPS]

    Greetings, citizens! To my surprise, many people really liked my last video. And people in comments was asked me to make the night version. But I didn't do this, because I believe that the original work has already been completed, and I can't to redo it or make a copy of it. However, I found a much more interesting solution - I made a timelapse video with the surroundings of the Lorville! I tried to find interesting perspectives and solutions, and I hope that it will be interesting for you to watch this video. Like my other timelapses, this video is available in 4K and 60 FPS. Enjoy watching! P.S. you can support me here: Citizen Spotlight Spectrum Reddit
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    Cannons are the way to go with Hammerhead pretty much, be it ballistic or energy depending on power/cooling potential. A mix of both can still be okay. Omniskys are the best weapons to run atm in PTU 3.3. You want max. engagement range so you need the weapons with highest velocity and highest range and those are likely to end up being cannons. Gatlings do good damage but have low velocity and range pretty much atm. They look cool but that's just about it.
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    OK that is awesome. SC is gonna be great for game videos and RP stuff
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    The most important panel to date on The PU
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    Following many different questions on TS and posts related to LTI and melting, I have decided to make this PSA and Guide in order to help members of SCB understand the process, how it works, and the pitfalls people can fall into when doing melts. So first, here's the main PSA. I caution EVERYONE to BE CAREFUL when melting their ships. Remember that the upgrade to LTI via the Archimedes or any other stand-alone is NOT a package, and in order for you to be able to continue with the game, you need to have a package. As of right now, there are NO PACKAGES available on RSI with LTI that are less $1000, and MANY of those packages DO NOT INCLUDE SQ42 + PU Access. If you have a SQ42 and/or PU Access package with a ship and you choose to melt your PACKAGE, when you upgrade to whatever ship you choose, you WILL NOT have your package and package perks anymore. So, with that out of the way, here's the Guide/FAQ for Melts/Unmelts. If there are any insights that I might have missed that others wish to have in this thread, please mention me in a comment below using the "@mention" function. Q: How do I melt a ship? A: Each ship or item you have on RSI that is "meltable" has a button on their profile that's shown in the image below. Once you click that button, a warning page will appear that requires you to confirm the melt request, add in your password, and it then melts the ship. Once that happens, you will receive an email stating that you have reclaimed a pledge. Figure 1: Q: If I melt a ship, can I get it back? A: Yes you can. There's a section on your hangar page called "Buyback Pledges". You can purchase back with cash/credit cards unlimited times, but you're restricted in how often you can use Store Credit. Q: Can unmelted ships be gifted? A: Only if purchased with cash/credit card, NOT with Store Credit. Q: When I melt a package to upgrade the ship to a LTI ship, do I keep the package perks? A: As stated in the PSA above, no. When you melt a package, it and all the perks are also melted. Depending on when you purchased the package, you will probably see you have some leftover money from the transaction once you upgraded from a LTI Stand-alone to the ship you want to have as a LTI ship. Q: Is there any way to turn a package that isn't LTI into a package with LTI? A: No. The only way to melt packages and get an LTI package is to melt over $1000 worth of ships and packages and purchase one of the +$1000 packages on the RSI pledge site. So in this way, if you want to turn a 6-month insurance Freelancer package into an LTI Freelancer package, this is not possible. Q: I have decided I want to melt my ship and purchase upgrades to a ship to get LTI. How do I do this? A: This is a multi-step process. Assuming you have melted a ship using the button pointed out above, you must follow these steps. Step 1: Click on the upgrades section of the RSI pledge store page as indicated by the top arrow in the graphic below. Step 2: Select your ship you wish to be the BASE ship with which to be upgraded FROM in the section indicated by the left-middle arrow in the graphic below. (Note: This will have a list of all of your PLEDGE SHIPS including those within packages. The BASE SHIP INSURANCE will STAY with that ship.) Step 3: Select the ship you wish to upgrade the FROM ship TO as indicated in right-side arrow on the graphic below. (Note: This will have a list of STAND ALONE ships available within the store. It WILL NOT include ALL RSI-available ships unless a sale happens to be going on at the time. THE BASE INSURANCE OF THE "TO" (The Vanguard) SHIP DOES NOT OVER-RIDE THE "FROM" (The P72) SHIP.) Step 4: You will see the total cost of the upgrade below the "From" and "To" Sections and you can purchase that upgrade using the "Buy Now" button as indicated in the bottom arrow in the graphic below. Figure 2: Q: Once I buy the upgrade, does it automatically apply the upgrade to the ship I chose? A: No, it does not. Instead it puts an upgrade inside of your hangar that you will then need to apply to the ship in your hangar. Q: If I buy an upgrade like the P72-Vanguard Warden shown above, can I use it with a different ship, like an Aurora? A: No, you cannot. If you do not use the P72, or if you give away your P72, you will be unable to use the upgrade until you get a P72 into your hangar again. Q: How do I apply the upgrade? A: You select the upgrade in your hangar and click on the "Apply Upgrade" button as shown in the graphic below. Once you have done that, an upgrade screen will show in which you select the ship you wish to upgrade. Once you have selected the ship you then apply the upgrade. (Note: If you have multiple ships in the hangar of the same type, you will see MULTIPLE ships available to upgrade from, INCLUDING ships inside of packages, so be very careful that you're upgrading the CORRECT ship.) Figure 3: Q: Okay, I have applied the upgrade, but I don't see it in my hangar! What's wrong? A: Keep calm and look at the ship you upgraded from. You will see that it shows a default icon, but under the title it has the term "UPGRADED" and has a funky looking computer chip icon next to the name. When you expand the actual ship or package itself, it will show the correct ship, as indicated in the image below. Figure 4: Q: So I have applied the upgrade and I see that I have the proper ship or package and it has LTI. If I melt that ship, will it give me the full amount of my pledge? A: Yes. Even though you'll see the default image, when you melt the pledge, the FULL AMOUNT PAID to CIG will be refunded. (Note: If you purchased from the Grey Market, you will only receive the CIG-set price that was paid for the ship or package.) However, if you wish to unmelt the ship or package, the BASE SHIP ONLY will be available for unmelt, not the ship + the upgrade. So to use the example above, if you melted the Vanguard that came out of the P72, you could only get the P72 back. Q: I bought/got/won an AMD "Never Settle" Edition, and upgraded it, but when I go to melt the package it only shows me the upgrade price, why is that? A: Despite the actual "code" having a value of "$60" on the RSI codes page, the total value of that ship in the RSI store is $0. Q: If I want to melt and buy a ship, then upgrade to another ship, am I actually losing money? A: No. If you refer to Steps 2, 3, and 4 in Figure 2 you will notice that there are MSRP amounts in the "From" and "To" images. The final cost of the upgrade is the DIFFERENCE in price from what you would have paid CIG. Once again, this will be the CIG-listed price, not the price you may have paid if you purchased something or were gifted something that wasn't paid full price for. Q: I was gifted a ship that has a MSRP of $350, but when I try to melt it, it's showing that I will only get $280. Why is that? A: Most likely the ship you were gifted was purchased with a Discount Coupon. Remember, the FULL AMOUNT PAID to CIG is what the system will read, and that is all. Q: Is there any way to "game the system"? A: As of right now, it appears that the only way to "game the system" is in relation to the Armada Pack and some of the Original/Veteran Backer ships and packages. Because the upgrade system has a set MSRP for the ships based on the hull, the OB/VB ships and packages will show as worth their CURRENT MSRP, not their "price at purchase". As such, with my $250 VB Retaliator, I can CCU that and it gives me $275 toward something like, say, a Caterpillar. I hope this has been helpful, and if you have any further questions you wish to add to this guide, follow what I stated at the beginning and post them below.
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