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    Dr. Gallagher

    Intro from Dr. Gallagher

    Greetings all, I was referred here by an Imperium member who goes by 'Donut' on Discord. So I thought I'd drop my introduction into the mix. I joined the Star Citizen community back in September 2015, consider myself to be an avid role player, and have been serving as the CEO of a small corporation called Seraphim Solutions Group, Inc. (SSGInc on RSI) along side the owner since mid December last year. Outside of Star Citizen, I'm an entrepreneur with my hands in things from photography, videography, laser engraving, and web development. I'm always open to networking with people (especially role players) and am constantly striving to make corporate connections with other organizations. See you all around!
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    Anvil Arrow

    As seen on reddit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKiArG1dCeA
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    Game of Thrones

    Long, interesting story and many interacting arcs. It stays solid until they get into the producers discretion parts (beyond the written books), so I would say yeah, worth the trip. Here is the point -> it had to END somehow. No matter how that occurred, people would be displeased. - DRUM out
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    The "Origin 300i" thread

    Q&A request thread is up! Get those questions in, upvote your favorites, and link to your questions if you want me to shamelessly upvote them. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/origin-300-series-customization-q-a/2160618
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    Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar revealed

    If you are referring to the image of the detached Caterpillar command module, i think it was just photoshopped as seen in the spectrum thread .
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    Aegis Reclaimer

    Great shot. Ive been to those debris fields with my reclaimer and man... it does spark the imagination. I can't wait till the Reclaimer is fully operational. 😮
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    Rocket Man

    CitizenCon 2019 in November

    I really hope to see a jumppoint announcement. It is that time to see one with the progression of the Stanton System being nearly complete. It is technically next as we will soon see progress on the neighboring star systems to Stanton as well. Exciting times....
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    Danakar Endeel

    Tumbril Ranger

    Got me a Ranger CV warbond as it could be ideal to store in smaller ships like the Avenger Titan. Would be nice to have a small ship for quick local missions and then race out on the bike for the final miles to collect mission boxes while your ship is parked away from the objective so I'm not exposing my ship to AA guns or random gankers with ships parked at mission sites.
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    Tumbril Ranger

    The CV was a pretty no brainer purchase for me. It's the smallest cargo capable land vehicle we've seen, really it's the smallest land vehicle aside from perhaps the PTV which will be useless on most terrain. The potential to fit it inside my Starrunner or Hammerhead while not sacrificing too much space is one hell of a boon. It's attractiveness is just an added bonus.
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    Origin 890 JUMP

    Really looking forward to recreating a scene from Passengers when the gravity shuts off!
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    Characters (FPS) - 3.x

    The Gunner Armor
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    Destroyer, Javelin-class

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    Destroyer, Javelin-class

    3D PRINTED JAVELIN BY TENGZEXIN As if a 1:1000 Idris isn’t impressive enough, Tengzexin took his 3D printing skills to another level with this 1:500 Javelin. Gigantic!
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    CitizenCon 2019 in November

    Sandi mentioned a big Xmas 2019 SQ42 related event at last year's Citcon, with this year's Citcon now being closer to Xmas, will it mean a big SQ42 reveal (possible 2020 release date maybe?) is likely in Manchester? I can feel the anticipation building...
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    J. Coren

    CitizenCon 2019 in November

    Wish I could go. I'd been socking away money since last CitizenCon in the hopes of attending this year, but medical expenses in this country are highway robbery. Guess I'll have to kick plans to visit the UK several more years down the road.
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    CitizenCon 2019 in November

    Agreed. According to the lore. Nick Croshaw was the first offical explorer to succesfully navigate a jumppoint.. so.. if it's any indication of what we'll see during CitizenCon, it's either exploration mechanics or jumppoint tech.. or even both.
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    Game of Thrones

    Winter is Coming.... even in Star Citizen 😈
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