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    Origin 890 JUMP

    Just gonna leave this here....
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    Banu Defender

    Wow, oh, wow! That video and the clip at the credits are beautiful! What a cool looking ship.
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    Updated Concierge forum badges .... but they are missing the "Completionist" badge for $15k (or at least come up with a new name for that level).... .... but interesting they are actually recognizing Legatus (which I think is $27k correct?)
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    Legatus has had a badge since the new concierge program launched over a year ago. Been wearing it proudly since Also Completionist still exists, but just hasn't been updated. My guess is they might consider replacing it at some point, as 15k was a completionist but now even Legatus isn't a true completionist.
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    JapanIku ebook/booklet(?)

    I didn't know this book, I think I'll order it and I'll read it cause it seems quite interesting
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    Legatus Navium $25K
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    Origin 890 JUMP

    I'll hold the door open for you.
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    Origin 890 JUMP

    People in the 890 Jump Club Discord were saying that the 890 has been available from Concierge for $990 (with 6 months insurance) for the last year if you asked them if you could buy one.
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    JapanIku ebook/booklet(?)

    That first video is pretty nicely done. Very artistic for sure. That sketchbook looks neat. Tokyo is pretty cool, I've been there myself last year for a couple of weeks. I'd love to go back there some time. I was with friends during the winter and never made time to do some sketching, which in hindsight I'm kind of regretting. Maybe something to do if i ever go back there.
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    Characters (FPS) - 3.x

    Female - Laughing Emote
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    Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I like the price points you've outlined, @Reavern and the reasoning too (great points!), but I think realistically they will be at least $50 greater than those if not the other higher price points you mentioned in your post. It seems CIG doesn't follow any really great guidelines on pricing other than if it's bigger or people want it more than give it a bigger price. I was predicting the C2 version would be around $250-$300, the M2 version at $300-$350, and the A2 version at $350-$400.
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    Wow, it truly is a space truck in every sense. These ships are amazing. I am surprised that none of these include a hangar, which is odd because I believe every concept sale so far has had a hangar within the package. it sort of feels we're getting less for the same value as some other ships that were previously on sale. that said... I'm really tempted to get either the B or the C.
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    So, only a Hull D or E will be able to fully unload the Orion right?
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    "NOTICE of Posting of Cashier's Check in Lieu of Surety Bond filed by Plaintiff Crytek GmbH. Deposit of funds, check no. 660001972, in the amount of $500,000 with the Clerk" https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/23222744/Crytek_GmbH_v_Cloud_Imperium_Games_Corp_et_al Seems that for whatever obscure reason CryTek is still unwilling to let the case end and apparently has managed to scrounge together the $500K bond monies demanded by the Judge. I guess maybe Cevat Yerli believes that he might still get CIG to pay him a substantial sum as settlement or that a fishing expedition through Discovery might still strike gold as there's currently nothing for CryTek to gain with their remaining minor claims.
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