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    New Imperium member

    Hey there, New Imperium member here. Been a Star Citizen follower since 2013, and a backer since early 2015. Hit wing commander a couple months ago. Super Passionate about the project and the community. Looking forward to whats to come. Current Location is Alberta Canada. Mountain standard time.
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    Hey all, New applicant to Imperium here, backer since 2013-ish. Bounty Hunter, Trader, Transport. Running in 325A currently and the loaner freelancer everyone has. Not exactly sure about the specialty to choose yet, but currently learning some combat maneuvers, flying a HOSAS + Rudders. See ya all in the verse, Dohn_Dhat
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    Hi everybody, I would like to share with you a crewed interstellar spacecraft which I have designed and called Solar One. It employs a combination of 3 propulsion methods: nuclear fusion, beam-powered propulsion , and photon propulsion. Basically, several compact fusion reactors power a laser system that propels a huge light sail. Physicist Robert Forward already proposed in 1983 to use a 26-TW laser system to propel a 100-km light sail, a fresnel lens to focus the beam of the laser, and decelerate the spacecraft with a secondary light sail. I propose something a bit different, which is to use to use for example a 60 TW-laser to propel a 5-km light sail that would deploy from the spacecraft after the acceleration stage, use parabolic mirrors that gradually change their orientation in order to focus the laser beam, and finally use a photon rocket to decelerate the spacecraft. In theory, it could be possible to achieve 25% the speed of light, reaching the closest potentially habitable exoplanet in less than 20 years. There are of course many challenges, like building high-energy continuous-wave lasers, reducing the weight of the nuclear fusion reactors (and of course achieving effective nuclear fusion first), and minimizing the effects of zero gravity during such a long trip. What do you guys suggest to overcome these challenges? This is my paper and a short video that summarizes all.
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    New member

    Hey all! New/returning member here. I’ve been a backer since 2013/14-ish and was a member of Imperium about then as well. I left because I thought you might be a bit too hardcore for me at the time. Now I’ve gotten the SCbug full on and spent too much money on this wonderful thing not to be hardcore about it. I mostly do trading, done quite a bit of mining and some pewpew now and then. I also really like big coordinated ops with logistics, escorts, ground troops and so on. I’m mostly looking forward to exploration and “fringe” trading as well as the whole industry thing. Drakes are Shitty-prrrretty!
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    Arckon, Reporting In

    Greetings, Now that I finally enjoying being in the cockpit with 3.9, I want to develop my skills with professionals. Few who fit the bill are as highly regarded as Imperium. I hope to specialize in Xenotech trading in the full PU, and I believe building good trade practices and relationships now will be invaluable when that time comes. My fleet is well rounded, though my primary exploration vessel (Drake Corsair) and Flagship (Banu Merchantman) are currently under commission beyond the Stanton system. A manifest of currently available ships will follow: Origin 325a (LTI) MISC Freelancer MIS (LTI) Banu Defender (Loaner) Drake Caterpillar (Loaner) MISC Prospector (3.9 in-game-purchase) Aegis Retaliator (3.9 in-game-purchase) I look forward to working with you all.
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    LOLs thread

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