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    Star Citizen 3.5 vs. 3.4 comparison

    “Hmm, well, this patch is not too big, the video should not be very long” - Me Greetings, citizens! Every time, when I start to do a comparison video of old and new Star Citizen patches, I look at the Roadmap - and I say this phrase to myself. And every time, when I say this phrase to myself, the comparison video is longer and more complex than the previous ones. The new video was no exception - the duration increased to 19 minutes. But I tried to make sure that you - those who will watch this - did not have time to get bored during those 19 minutes. Also, I reworked the design and methods of presenting the comparisons - now there are no more boring white words or numbers. And I tried to dilute the usual comparisons (slice from left to right) with other techniques (and in the future I will try to do it even more often). By the way, about the new flight model - I show this not entirely, but only that, which catches my eye immediately. I tried to reflect this not only with the video and sounds, but also with a demonstration of controls. The rest of the details (such as strafe, or dogfight, or any other) I left for you - check it in the game. I hope you enjoy this video, as well as the change of design and presentation. Enjoy watching! P.S If you liked this video, support me in: Citizen Spotlight Spectrum Reddit
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    Trak - Aka Steve Snyder

    @Trak was actually a member in Imperium for a good while before he branched out to make an org that was specifically built around the people he knew and worked with who wanted to focus hardcore on Arena Commander. As such he went from member to foreign dignitary, and it was my pleasure for nearly half a decade to talk to him very often. He was a good friend who helped my wife and I get ourselves situated in LA when we visited there for our late Honeymoon, and even took time out of his busy schedule (multiple fires) to take us to the Stinkin Rose. He was awesome, and was one of the first people I shared my daughter's birth with. When I saw his family's post it broke me. My wife and I have been mourning him, and we have been grateful for the communications to us from his children. He was a literal giant of a man, with a great heart, and I hope his family can find solace in the number of people who have been giving support to them after their loss.
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    Drake Corsair

    Carrack needs some S5 turret and even 1x S6 (yeah i went there), and a missile launcher. For it's size 125m and being ex/current military (exploration/support) it seems woefully armed. sure it might put a fight up against a couple fighters but that's about it. You wouldn't dream of tangling with anything much bigger with its current load out. Sure you might win if your aggressive enough but at what cost. Must have bigger guns to handle mid sized ships at least defensively while retreating. These additions would not be unbalanced. A Corsair with 4x size 5 guns + 2x size 4 guns (all the forward facing) or a connie with it's missiles compliment will destroy a Carrack atm in less time than it takes to say "shields up" and that shouldn't be the case.
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    Some Hull related juiciness from various sources. Some pics are stills I took from youtube vids and are the never been seen before still images, all credit to vid owners. (Mr grey) I enjoy seeing the size comparisons to put these ships into context.
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    Approximate Quantum Travel Times [3.5.0]

    Seems about right. There are additional time elements with the final QT to a moon landing (like A18), since it pops you out about 50km out and you have to slowboat in. Lot of grumbling and (as usual) two sides to it. One says fanboys may put up with the immersion, but new players sitting there for 15+ minutes just to get somewhere will not work in CIG's favor. And this is just One System. Imagine trying to cross 2 or 3 at a time. Adding extra Interdiction, to not make it seem like you are just sitting there, only adds to the time and will not fool anyone. So shorter QT times are the favor here. Other side says most of your daily activities are going to be in a specific area and QT times will be small. Sounds good on the surface, but even now in our current build the missions take you all over the map and those minutes Getting There start to add up. I suspect there will be an adjustment made to QT times, especially when there is more than one system to muck around in. - DRUM out
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    MISC - Prospector (Mining Ship)

    Got to hunt for a good rock and know what pays out. But once found, it makes that half hour, hour, worth doing in 3.5 LIVE.
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    I'm with you, Fizzle. Kennedy and Abrams trashed the franchise with these films. no New Jedi Order... no New Republic... somehow after defeating the Emporer 30 years earlier they're just recycling plots and circumstances... and plots with 50,000 plot holes. I could go on for pages, but first off and on it's face beyond what I already said was trashed ... WTF matters Master Jedi status, Padawans, Knights, etc... when Rey can just go right to Force Level 40 without any experience, pull things out of her ass in proficiency, and then go up against seasoned Force users like Kylo and not be immediately sliced in two. It's all a freaking joke now. If I ever saw Abrams on the street... and this the douche that blew up Vulcan in his first act of rebooting Star Trek previously. What an utter douche.
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    Game of Thrones

    I doubt anyone with the Internet does not know what is going on, but I will give the benefit of the doubt here and mark this as spoiler. I could not resist making THIS.
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    Babylon 6 Project

    The Babylon 6 project Table of Contents Structure Ambassadors from 32 organizations from 4 time zones come together and set up a council. This council created for a sector of space in Star Citizen Charter a uniform sector specific, which will have the goal to protect the players and to support the actions of players within this sector. As a basis for this project, a space station will serve about a year after release, which can be supplied through joint naval maneuvers and attended by all the players in Star Citizen. The operation of this space station will consist of members of 32 organizations, their allies and freelancers. Construction The station will have at least the different scientific, economic, military, technical and medical departments. These are of support - support permanently ships, so as to broaden the scope of action of the station. This starts with small Snubfighten to control the outer shell, through various fighters, bombers and transporters to large research and battle ships. Events To make the station more attractive for visitors should there be distributed to the Regular freie-falken.de/index.php/Thread/190-Babylon-6-tournamentstournament over the year to all players in various category bets. To bring together to celebrate the winner and to the individual players who participate on Babylon 6 project will be taken after each tournament win a voluntary Real Life. Overall, we will offer 4 different types of tournaments. Sataball Battle Squadron / Racing Capture the Core Team Sleep match (normally Team Deathmatch, just with stun gun) These battles are with EMP or stun guns instead to prevent damage to ships and the player. However, they are not held Simulates but directly in the persistent universe of Star Citizen. Economics The station will Economically be heavily dependent on the inflow of players buy goods at the station. However, we will also independently exporting goods and importing more to support the economy running. Activities Furthermore, we are active on Deep Space Research go with the fleet maneuvers more new items to win for the sale on the station. Here enige Striking examples of possible constellations fleet. Mfg. Antarius-Angel Freie Falken Babylon 6 Project.
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    I'm done with being hyped for Star Wars. I was hyped when the prequels were coming... and they were very dissapointing. I was excited when The Force Awakens was coming... and it left me wanting. And don't even get me started on The Last Jedi. Yeah.. I'm not getting hyped anymore for this. I'll probably go see it but my expectations are very low. At this point it's like getting excited for a new EA game. I'll believe it when i see it.
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    Hi there all, Just joined your org, been a supporter since 2014, started with a S Hornet pledge and have since added in a Conni and a Arrow. Will be getting more next month! Have had a org for most of those years but its real small, so set it up for affiliation with this one! Best Regards, Akai
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    Hi! I am John Daemons, founder of 92.9 Orbital FM. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNyHnlTAUl2n-WI1_KBltMw1G3BGyEra4 Check it out and if you like the project and would like to participate, let’s get in touch! o7 see ya ‘round the verse !
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    Whos Quiting every other game??

    The promise of SC is my dream MMO, but the reality can become something entirely different. There will always be other great games that come out, but I don't have room for more than one MMO at a time.
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    Whos Quiting every other game??

    For years I told myself and others that, once Star Citizen is a fully fleshed out released game, I'd leave all other games behind. Over the years however I realized that, even when we finally get a feature complete star citizen that's mostly if not completely bug free (which is likely still quite a few years away), i will still play other games on occasion. Even if your favourite food is pizza, you might want to eat something else on occasion;) That said, I don't think I will sink a lot of time into other online MMO's or the like. World of Warcraft is dying as it is, my guild is pretty non-existent so if CIG would just hurry up.. I NEED MY FIX DANGIT!
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    Trak - Aka Steve Snyder

    It's been a pleasure to know Trak, he was an intelligent, witty and strong-minded lad. We're all better for having known him and I wish only the best to the people he's left behind.
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    Freelancer MAX

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    Freelancer MAX

    MAX now has Omniskys with the latest patch in PTU. MIS has Mantis gatling guns and DUR has Attrition laser repeaters.
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    I own 3 Hull E and 2 Hammerhead... lets team up and get some convoys going;D I even got 4 banu defenders for escort-fighters all we needs is 60 to 80 willing ppl to crew it all p.s. the way to make money in a Hull E is misson cargo runs, no need to buy the goods yourself, less risk and should be good reward considering you haul ~100000 scu
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    Have to agree. What he did these past years was so despicable that I can't muster the least bit of sympathy for the guy anymore. So yeah, from my perspective he deserves everything that's coming to him and more. Even now with the foreclosure and eviction he's still warlording away on Twitter with his hate campaign against CIG about how Ortwin is a dick who is going to cost the company millions for making the GLA public and Derek now claims the GLA was a confidential document under NDA and then posting federal rules on privacy that (while skimming through it) don't appear to have any relevance to it at all. He just doesn't like the fact that with the GLA now available it would appear that there is hardly any case at all anymore. He was even raging on Twitter (63 tweets or so?) right after getting shut down by Leonard French (an actual copyright attorney on YouTube) in the end of his livestream and suddenly Derek was back on Twitter pretending to know more about copyright law than an actual copyright attorney because "he signed contracts in the past too and that made him an expert in the field" or something along those twisted tales he loves to spin to make himself sound more important than he really is. To me it seems like Derek was hoping that this Crytek case would completely destroy CIG and was probably already celebrating 'his glorious victory' after the initial filing. Yet with the GLA now out in the open that hope was shattered and he can't cope with the fact that it's looking more favorable than ever for CIG now as all of the claims seem easily refutable which may cause the entire case to get dismissed with prejudice. Personally I can't wait to see Crytek's response after this.
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    MISC Reliant - Mini Hauler & Variants

    3.5.0 is live and this bug affects all reliant's. 'Delivery boxes can fall through the flooring of some ships' A redditor stated the boxs sometimes fall through immediately, and sometimes when you switch to flight mode. Another stated placing the box on your bed seems to be a good workaround, so its worth trying.
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    Trak - Aka Steve Snyder

    Hello All, I regret to inform you that our dear friend, known here as Trak, passed away last Saturday morning April 6th. His sudden and unexplained death has come as a shock to all who knew him, as a healthy and vibrant individual. He dedicated his life to civil service having just retired from the Orange Country Fire and Rescue after 25+ yrs. and moving to Texas with his wife to start a new life. It would be an understatement to say; he was one of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure to met and count myself blessed to say he was my friend. picture - left to right Dion - Mark - Steve (Trak)
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