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    MISC Reliant - Mini Hauler & Variants

    And this are the 2 sneak peeks for the Reliant SEN, for me is looking good more in line with the MISC aesthetic than the concept art.
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    Darius Marx

    Updated Ship Size Comparison Chart

    Crazy to see how far we’ve come. There are so many ships to choose from!
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    Updated Ship Size Comparison Chart

    Good Ship size chart with Schedule integrated in the graphic
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    I wish they had gone will their 2nd choice for it,
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    F7C-M Heartseeker Variant

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16940-Space-Is-For-Lovers Space is for Lovers HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Blazing Hearts and Burning Passion From Aberdeen to Port Olisar, love is in the air (and the vacuum of space) and we want you to share it however you see fit. Whether you create an original Valentine and send it to your loved ones or blast them out of the sky, if it comes from the heart (or Heartseeker), it’s a beautiful thing. LOVE LETTERS FROM THE VOID Share the Love Last week, we invited the community to design their own Star Citizen Valentine. Check out the charming results and share your love with that special someone, no matter how many star systems separate you. View the Spectrum post here. FROM ANVIL WITH LOVE Hearts Afire Rekindle your love affair with space combat in Anvil’s limited-edition Hornet F7C-M Heartseeker. Blast your enemies halfway across the universe with its quartet of imposing Behring laser cannons. Isn’t it romantic? For more details visit the complete Hornet F7C-M Heartseeker Ship Page If dogfights don’t get you in the mood for love, grab your significant other and tour the galaxy in comfort and style in Origin’s starship built for two, the 85X. Or maybe you’re looking for a more down-to-earth relationship. In that case, race at the speed of love in a cherry red Cyclone RC. HORNET F7C-M HEARTSEEKER WARBOND- Standalone Ship $175.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART HORNET F7C-M HEARTSEEKER- Standalone Ship $195.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART Hornet F7C-M Heartseeker in 3.5.
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    I have 2 Anvil Valkyrie Liberator Warbond ships with LTI I need to sell. Will sell at cost of $330 and I will eat the paypal costs. $330 Total for each. PM me if any interest. Thanks!
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    www.taw.net https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TAW Greetings From TAW Star Citizen Division I would like to give a brief insight into the TAW Star Citizen community! ABOUT TAW The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a gaming community with over 40 gaming titles and 1900+ members all sharing the same goal of COOPERATIVE TEAM and GAME PLAY. TAW has established a foothold in the realm of gaming by making its presence felt in the gaming world with popular titles like Digital Combat Simulator (DCS), the Battlefield series, and of course the popular and highly anticipated blockbuster STAR CITIZEN! After joining TAW you’ll have access to information, social tools, and highly experience personnel both in the gaming community and real world. We here at TAW are dedicated in providing a fun filled experience offering both organized and casual game play. BECOME PART OF OUR CIVILIZATION TAW Star Citizen, is a community made up of different cultures displaying a variety of players gaming interests; and one addiction, STAR CITIZEN! TAW Star Citizens, and its leadership have been working to build an organizational platform with hopes of attracting new citizens, interested in building a simulated society. This simulated society will consist of citizens pursuing their own simulated career, and interest; breathing life into the TAW Star Citizen community. Being a part of our simulated society, you will have the choice of playing in our Organized Structured (MILITARY) community. Or breath a bit of fresh ozone in our Casual play (Civilian) community. EXPAND OUR COMMUNITY OR SECURE IT Military- The Armed Forces of TAW’s mission is to secure our borders while projecting our military strength across the universe; and to protect the interest of free trade. Joining TAW Star Citizen’s Military, you will be part of a team keen on cooperative training events, and combat operations complete with an awards and recognition system. The Fleet Commander of TAW’s armed forces is looking for Cadets interested in becoming Pilots, Ship captains and marines in the marine expeditionary forces. Civilian- The mission of civilians will be to expand and grow our knowledge and resources in the Verse. The first intrepid pioneers will be the most important to TAW establishing businesses and exploring uncharted systems will help widen our boundaries stabilize the economy and be a beacon for immigrant citizens looking for a star system to call home. The civilian community will be the life force in TAW’s Star Citizen. Whether you are a engineer, business owner or a highly feared syndicate boss we welcome all roles and careers into TAW Star Citizen. The idea is for you to make your own mark at your own pace. SIMPLE REGS We here at TAW don’t want to limit you to just one area of play in TAW it will be your choice! TAW is a great and well-organized gaming community. Like every community or club there are some rules and best practices that we adhere to. Attend team events for a minimum two (2) hours a week. Promoting COOPERATIVE team play is number one! All events are scheduled and played based off the number of members in attendance. Can’t be a part of another gaming community. Being part of more than one team can sometimes cause a conflict of interest, time and Standard Operating Procedures. for a complete list visit our home page at www.taw.net EXTEND A HAND IN FRIENDSHIP I hope after reading this post you will come by and check us out. If by chance we aren’t the community for you at least I hope, we have made a friend. If you have any question or would like to join us for a chat please contact any one of the senior leaders below. Or if you happen to come across a TAW member during your journey in the universe pull them to the side and ask away! See you around the verse! Dperk- Fleet Commander Alley- Fleet Operations Officer Vacant- Fleet Admin and Logistics Officer Destructor- Head Recruiter (EU) Lowlevel- Head Recruiter (NA) www.taw.net https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TAW
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    Argo SRV

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16971-The-ARGO-SRV @Weehamster made an album https://imgur.com/a/l1o8rMO Focus: Tugship Designed as a dedicated tugship, the SRV features a custom MaxTraction tractor plate and integrated ArmAssist system. This innovative configuration, coupled with the rugged reliability of Argo engineering, makes the SRV one of the most effective traction vehicles available on the civilian market. Length: 00.0m | Width: 00.0m | Height: 0.0m | Mass: 00,000kg | Min/Max Crew: 1/1 I wonder what this means for the planned Crucible Tug. On one hand its feasible, but the other hand its less needed unless you want to tug something big...
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    New guy incoming

    HI all, been watching some game play lately, trying to build up my knowledge before I get this game. Thought I'd do a bit of research online and found a lot of negativity directed towards SC and it's creators. Is the game as good as it's supposed to be? Or is the negativity warranted?
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    Last night was fun playing with you guyz
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    Really awesome to group up with yall and play. Looking forward to continue doing so!
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    Sky Captain

    New guy incoming

    Is it as good as it is supposed to be? Not … yet. The game remains in an early alpha state. But give it time. CIG is building a 'holy grail' game: Massive universe, fully-realized planets, rendered cities, multi-crewed capital ships, many viable career tracks, and more. The beauty for the moment comes in experiencing game play systems coming on line. Its like watching a master piece being painted. But for those that don't like watching the paint dry, its probably best checking back in a year or more still.
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    Sacrilege. Blasphemer!
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    Greetings Citizens

    Greetings all. Amit here (WH40k Ref). Look forward to getting more involved in SC. Only have a 315P for now but looking forward to adding to the Imperium's Fleet. See ya in the verse..
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    Greetings Citizens

    Hello! Welcome to the Fleet.
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    New guy incoming

    The negativity has come from its long development time. While the game still promises a lot and looks like it will continue to build to something great. It has taken its time getting to where it is now. As whether the game will be as good as it's supposed to be is all dependent on time. While you can play the game now and have fun with it, it's nowhere near to how good it is supposed to be. That all due to the fact the game is still in heavy development due to Chris Roberts Epic scope for the game. I still believe the game will be as good as it's supposed to be but it will just take its time to get there.
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    Leasing out Luxury ships!

    Good luck with that, i strongly expect the competition will be fierce!
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    Heads up to potential buyers. I contacted this seller previously, who stopped responding after I sent a PM asking for proof of the package. He confirmed the trade with a new forum user with no prior post history half a month later. Since this is a new member combined with my interaction with this particular user, I would advise caution. As usual, please make sure to review the PSA announcement and protect yourself during trades. Fly safe cmdrs, and see you in the verse :)
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    Greetings Citizens

    Wilkommen! The 300-series are getting a welcome rework. Hide your wallet.
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    Sky Captain

    Greetings Citizens

    Welcome, Amit!
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    Greetings Citizens

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    RSI - Polaris - Corvette

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    J. Coren

    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    And made a group of people that was otherwise indifferent to them hostile, causing problems for them and anything they try to do in the future.