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    F7C-M Heartseeker Variant

    So, thought I'd try out the configuration of the Heartseeker on my current F7C-M.. I'll admit it took a bit of flying other jobs to get enough money to buy 3 M5's (pulled an M6 off my Connie and I still have a Flash mount in my hangar). That in itself is almost worth the variant so I don't have to gather the credits to buy the guns. However, I put it altogether, went and ran some bounty hunter jobs--find and destroy. The weapon combo of 3x M5's and 1x M6 does great, kills fast, and a lot of damage, but holy smokes does it fire SLOW!!! In the end, I still think I'm going to stay to my stock F7C-M. The stock configuration comes with not only the ball turret but the canard turret too all loaded with faster firing weapons. I'd lose those if I applied a Heartseeker variant CCU. I also really liked the faster-firing weapons for my preferred play-style. If I ever want the 4 slow firing lasers loadout again, I can always acquire them in-game.
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    Argo SRV

    Im a real fan of this ship. As Reaven knows i've been waiting for a tug concept for years now. The only question is how many should i get... I need 1 to work with my Orion to move rocks, 1 to help position ships for my Reclaimer, 1 to help my Hull D with storage containers, 1 to help with my kraken... man i should get the 4 pack!!! 😁 Aj Also can we pick up massive boulders, in atmo and drop them on enemies habs/out posts? just a thought...