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    Aegis Idris Frigate

    WHAT?!?!?! You mean I won't be able to replace all of my WoW gold farming revenue with Star Citizen Cap Ship farming revenue? I am SO disappointed! But, as for Imperium, I think we'll do fine. Many of our members already own some of the various Capital Ships, and for those who don't? Well, I like to take pride in the fact that we have a level of organization that seems to put us ahead of many of our rivals, so I wouldn't be surprised if we will be able to acquire many more (over time). But whether you're right, or you're wrong... this topic honestly isn't worth everyone getting all riled up over.
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    Anvil Pisces - Snub Explorer

    Our first look of the Anvil Pisces ship has been revealed!
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    This year's Expo is nearly here. I can't wait!
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    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Agreed with @Arcanus CIG has been known to change their minds, is it worth arguing about it now or any further? We've got some capital ships in our ranks--which is awesome. Let's leave it at that and worry about tomorrow when it comes. Back to the Idris, anyone think we'll see more of this awesome ship at the 2949 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo or during CitizenCon? I remember they showed us a shell of the ship last year which was pretty neat!
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    Aegis Idris Frigate

    $15M Stretch Goal: Star Citizen will feature an additional ship class, the escort carrier. I still think what people (whales) really want is to run their own aircraft (spacecraft) carrier. The Drake one was a step in the right direction, but it wasn't military enough, and it doesn't enclose the ships. The Idris was the best of limited options... but seriously, 2 or 3 Hornet sized fighters is too few. If CIG wants to wring more money from whales, they should launch a full fledged pocket (not escort) carrier, where "pocket" is at least a dozen Hornets instead of 2 or 3. Give it limited armament (anti-fighter turrets only, nothing ship to ship), but the ability to hold significantly larger ships than the Idris can hold. Limit it to landing on planets with less than .25g gravity or less, and a price tag well north of the Javelin. They'll sell a ton of them and instantly make whatever funding goals they set. The problem with the Idris is it doesn't hold enough fighters to defend itself, let alone attack something else with just its short range craft. It goes out of action if its one Gladiator (that I assume they have on board) goes out of commission. Its CAP can only consist of one fighter at a time, because the other will be needed for alert status, or else the enemy just waits for them to be refueling before attacking. To make a real life parallel, the Idris is a destroyer with a helicopter pad, not a legit carrier, even though its flight deck is central to the design. Making a flight deck for a ship that only holds 3 ships just doesn't make sense. And so, I think CIG still has the need and opportunity to sell us something to fill that gap. Of course, whatever they decide to do has already been decided months ago at least. If CIG reads this post for some reason, do this for next year.
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    [IMP] Strydyr

    New Member

    Hi my name is Tom (Strydyr) and I've been lurking the PU for a few years, but recently pledged Dominus and am most excited about Carrack, C2, Polaris, and Idris (in what seems like the most likely order in which we'll actually receive them). If you see me on, hit me up. I love to help and love to fight bad guys (pirates, pad rammers, trolls). cheers, Strydyr Wanna Fly!!!
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    YouTube Streaming

    Hello nerds. I’m starting streaming on YouTube and attempting to put out more content there. I would appreciate if you can come check out what I have created so far and if you like it hit that sub button. Get the time hit the bell and you can come check out the stream. Much appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZazVZaqf62UJc37G7dgZew
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    Aegis Reclaimer

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    CitizenCon 2019 in November

    CitizenCon Date confirmed for the 23rd of November in the Manchester Central Convention Complex https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizencon
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    Four years ago the great Chris Roberts helped promote the Kickstarter campaign for Everspace 1 which ultimately helped in funding, but was also a beautiful moment seeing the community come together to help push out another space game. And gotta say as a result it has let me experience one of my personal favourite space rogue-likes of all time along with FTL. Now four years later and we have a direct sequel but this time with a bigger focus on adding more depth to the story and changing the gameplay from a rogue-like to an open-world. The Kickstarter is out and has reached 60% with 12 days to go. But we need the amazing community to once again come together and help support the development and make it the best it can be. Lets make Chris proud! Even if you can’t pledge, simply spreading the word is more than enough. I hope you all have a great day and may we continue to get more awesome space games!
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    Judah Warrior

    CitizenCon 2019 in November

    can't wait for this year's reveal i think we are all ready to see another system and jump!
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    Got an email update again today. They're delaying the first kickstarter one week, everything else is the same about it. But more importantly they revealed their price intent for the second kickstarter, which won't have delivery for an extra nine months: "the later units will cost between $350-$500 depending on final production costs". Which is right in the area of how much I was willing to pay. Looking good.
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    EVERSPACE 2 needs your support!

    They lost me at "single player".
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    I took some time yesterday and with my SuperHornet loaded with 5x CF-227 Badgers, I beat (and topped the score board) the PirateSwarm mode. So now the option to buy the Pirate Gladius is available, unfortunately it doesn't appear that you can upgrade to it from another ship.
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    Aegis Reclaimer

    Eating an Arrow 🤪
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    CitizenCon 2019 in November

    Agreed. According to the lore. Nick Croshaw was the first offical explorer to succesfully navigate a jumppoint.. so.. if it's any indication of what we'll see during CitizenCon, it's either exploration mechanics or jumppoint tech.. or even both.
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    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17360-IAE-2949-Free-Fly-Jaxs-Picks And one very special thing to note on that calendar is the Pisces (the image shown is likely the standalone C8X and not the standard C8 that comes stock with the Carrack):
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    I read the thread started on the Star Citizen forums... Unless the C8X is incredibly higher priced, I imagine the difference between the C8 and C8X is like the 315 (more versatility) vs the 325 (more guns). Of course I could be wrong too.
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    Zero Null Cero

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Reavern, I totally agree. He is arguing just to hear himself ramble on about nothing. There is nothing to see here, move along. ZNC
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    Aegis Idris Frigate

    You know nothing.
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    The Mandalorian - Star Wars

    Thrustmaster T.16000M HOSAS via reddit
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    I am glad they got picked up. The series of books is a very good read. Biggest issue I have is the selecting of Steven Strait as Holden. That sad puppy expression is his entire forte. I expect, in his youth, some girlfriend told him it was cute. - DRUM out
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    Aegis Idris Frigate

    @Gustav.HenrikAgain still wrong.. did you not read my last post. If you melt and buy back a ship with new funds it will have both the new purchase date and also allow it to be gifted.
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    The Drake Cutlass Black

    As i get better at making videos im doing more ship overviews. They are designed to bee quick, easy, and for those who may be new to the game. So here is my second video on the Drake Cutlass Black.
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    Aegis Idris Frigate

    Are you meaning me if so My name and creds here speak for themselves, my Idris-M is not a fake and I am the original buyer I can also provide something fakes cant ... the real proof One Last Time for the Fake Sayers and the Doubters ... Now the mind boggles here but never mind the first video posting date the bottom one click you-tube at the bottom and check date month year of the post, no one keeps a fake up for 5+ years
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    Account Sale

    Yes im from the uk mate
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    The Mandalorian - Star Wars

    This could be to bounty hunting in Star Citizen like Legolas was to rangers in Everquest. The Mandalorian Episode 1 was awesome! But the whole time I was watching it, I kept thinking of the eerily similar characterization in the Star Citizen machinima, which I'm sure was greatly influenced by Boba/Jango Fett and the same sources that originally creatively influenced Boba Fett (Clint Eastwood). If the Mandalorian authors saw the machinima, we have a circular path of influence lol.
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    Anvil Terrapin

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    ships overview

    Everything Fizzlefuse said. Plus, the Origin 325a is a pretty nice ship too! I have one myself and use it as a courier ship transporting boxes from one location to the next. It's not the fastest in quantum jump, but it'll get you from point A to B, and has some nice firepower if you need to turn around and shoot down a few pirates. If you were to upgrade to something else, the Drake Cutlass Black isn't a bad choice, but as Fizzlefuse mentioned wait for this year's CitizenCon!
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    ships overview

    First of all, you might want to follow CIG's Getting Started videos. I don't know how much these have been updated to the latest patches, but they give you a pretty good idea of how things work so you can take off and fly around without worries. Second, don't worry about losing your ship... because you wont. If your ship gets destroyed you can just respawn it in the game via the console. Again, you will NOT lose the ships you paid real money for, don't be afraid. Third; right now the game has a (limited) amount of ships you can rent or purchase for ingame alpha currency, which you can earn doing missions. You can find a ship rental service console at Teasa Spaceport in Lorville, on the planet Hurston, and ship purchasing kiosks at Lorville and ArcCorp. I strongly suggest you just poke around in the game a bit, do some missions and don't be afraid of goofing off. Also, feel free to ask people if you can try out flying another ship. You'll find most people are happy to show off their ships:D This way you can get a bit more comfortable and also figure out what you want out of a ship. The RSI website does have all the ships in their store where you can see the stats, but comparing them is a bit tricky, especially since not all the ships are available for purchase. I'm not aware of any 3rd party site where this is easier, but I'm sure there's one out there. One last thing, if I were you I'd wait with getting any new ships untill CitizenCon on the 23rd of November. The event will likely have some ships on sale, perhaps some discounts.. with some new ships to boot. What they're doing exactly is still a mystery but we'll see relatively soon.
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    Mining With A Beautiful Night's Skyline
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    Star Citizen - The Anvil Terrapin

    I have not made a Youtube video in awhile and i want to do more, so being the Terrapin is the Subscriber ship of the month i made one. Tell me what you think.
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    Star Citizen - The Anvil Terrapin

    I believe two people would be preferred as the scanner works as a directional turret. You have the pilot moving the ship while a buddy scans. If you were alone you may have to stop or if you find something in space quickly get out of the scanner seat and run back to the pilot seat. The terrapin now does not have the greatest weapons and it’s very slow moving. The shields have a lot of hit points but very slow to recharge. It does not maneuver well. So with all that I do not believe it will be a tactical scanner. I can’t really answer the third question cause I don’t know much about the other two ships. I don’t know what the multirole will be unless they add maybe a repair option in space since it’s tough it can take hits, repair a ship and get out.
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    Limited release Kickstarter video: Kickstarter for the limited release is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sublightdynamics/sublight-dynamics-6dof-joystick-early-access For those of us unwilling to whale this, our 9 month wait begins.
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    Banu Defender

    Sounds like annoying busy work. Another tier zero "don't-bother-to-try-to-get-it-right-the-first-time" ITERATIVE DEVELOPMENT feature that should have remained in QA for some time to come 😛
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    I complained because I saw the danger with unlimited Idris offered through a credit usable purchase of 2500. And time proved I was right. It was a disaster for the rarity and value of the Idris capital ship, proved by the advent of Warbond where credit batches of capital ships is onle 10-20% of the allotment of Warbond ships. Youll effectively get a mass melt of everyone melting everything to buy into the capital ship which is just diluting the value of the capitals with 0 income for CIG.
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    Danakar Endeel


    Cutlass RED interior (sneakpeek image from this week's newsletter)
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    Squadron 42 (S42) - 1.0

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    Star Citizen: Alpha 3.7 Playable Now

    NOW Live - from CIG vid below...
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    New Arrival

    Thank you! Was a fun night.
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    Banu Defender

    Carrack combat variant is the drone mother ship 😉
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    Origin 890 JUMP

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    Board Updates -> IPS 4.4.6

    Key Changes Version 4.4.6 is a maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.5. Additional Information Security Fixed an issue where a malicious user may be able to identify the full path to a file uploaded to a custom field. Core Added support for MySQL 8. Improved security headers on error pages. Changed the "Who follows this" page to instruct bots not to index the page for SEO purposes. Moved the Club Members Box to the sidebar when the club information are shown in the sidebar. Fixed an error visiting the full notifications screen when the user has no notifications. Fixed an issue where old messenger links may not redirect correctly. Fixed an issue where new comment notifications can show an incorrect read status. Fixed club sorting preference being lost when navigating to another page of clubs. Fixed an issue where the "Bypass word and link filters" setting was not honored for links. Fixed attachments not being properly claimed when added to a Staff Directory member entry. Fixed an issue where reordering social profiles may not show the reordered list after saving without reloading the page. Fixed a potential error when an invalid sort parameter is passed in to certain pages. Fixed an issue where certain tables of data may show an incorrect number of pages when filtering the table. Fixed the Leaderboard popular content inconsistency when using ElasticSearch. Fixed an issue where Pages blocks wouldn't show in the configuration form when using the block manager. Fixed an issue where creating a club feature could result in a DB exception. Fixed broken ACP tables on Internet Explorer 11. Fixed an issue where Status Posts couldn't be deleted. Fixed an issue where 0B may be displayed in place of the real Redis maximum memory amount on the support overview page. Fixed an issue where using REDIS as session storage would return the wrong members for the online list. Fixed an issue with lazy-loading where images with a custom aspect ratio set did not honor the ratio after loading. REST & OAuth Fixed OAuth Logins being broken because of a missing DB column. Blogs Fixed blog entries from clubs showing on the Blog applications Grid View when the "Show Club Content Areas" setting is set to "Only Within Clubs". Fixed an error that can occur with some configurations when attempting to add or move a blog entry. Pages Fixed an issue where the wrong user may be notified of Pages database records being embedded in other content areas. Fixed an issue where attachments in newly submitted database records would not be used when embedding records in other areas of the software. Fixed an issue with Schema.org structured data tags in Pages when the site has a logo image applied to the theme. Fixed an error searching databases in the AdminCP using the quicksearch input on the database listing page. Fixed an issue in the Pageurl Output Extension which was catching a not existing exception. Gallery Fixed media sound continuing to play after closing the lightbox. Fixed an error that can occur when attempting to view disk space statistics when there are none. Calendar Fixed an issue where all day ranged events reflect the wrong event end date in iCalendar exports. Adjusted ical import process to ignore WKST values of 'MO' (which is the default) to reduce false-positive error reports. Converters Fixed some issues converting MyBB content including profile fields, avatars & attachments. Commerce Added ability for administrator to choose what to do after a dispute is won (previously would automatically re-approve the transaction). Fixed an issue where the tax name in invoice emails could be missing. Fixed potential uncaught exception if trying to view a product in the AdminCP that doesn't exist. Fixed an issue where the description of new payment gateways wasn't saved successfully. Third-Party / Developer / Designer Mode Fixed an issue using the node form helper when not using $titleLangPrefix in the node model, and using apostrophies in a node's title. Fixed an issue where the wrong member's AdminCP notification dismissals were referenced in \IPS\core\AdminNotification::notificationIdsForMember(). Fixed an issue where Nodes that do not implement permissions may still try to check them, resulting in an error in some situations. Changes affecting third-party developers and designers Added an ID to the mobile navigation sign in link elSigninButton_mobile. All columns named member must now be escaped with backticks when querying the database in order to support MySQL 8.
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    Rocket Man

    CitizenCon 2019 in November

    I really hope to see a jumppoint announcement. It is that time to see one with the progression of the Stanton System being nearly complete. It is technically next as we will soon see progress on the neighboring star systems to Stanton as well. Exciting times....
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    CitizenCon 2019 in November

    Sandi mentioned a big Xmas 2019 SQ42 related event at last year's Citcon, with this year's Citcon now being closer to Xmas, will it mean a big SQ42 reveal (possible 2020 release date maybe?) is likely in Manchester? I can feel the anticipation building...
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    CitizenCon 2019 in November

    Interesting quote. I really want to know more!
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    I'm done with being hyped for Star Wars. I was hyped when the prequels were coming... and they were very dissapointing. I was excited when The Force Awakens was coming... and it left me wanting. And don't even get me started on The Last Jedi. Yeah.. I'm not getting hyped anymore for this. I'll probably go see it but my expectations are very low. At this point it's like getting excited for a new EA game. I'll believe it when i see it.
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