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    Carrack about 10m into vid...
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    New engine layout shown during ISC today. I think it looks good; at least the thrusters now look more proportial in size compared to the size of the ship in my opinion. The ones shown during Citizencon looked too small for some reason; like someone slapped fighter thrusters on a corvette. I think the horizontal layout is also much better than the wierd diagonal split layout of the Citizencon version where the housing around the thrusters also had a wierd shape that didn't line up with the rest of the rear. Not sure how to describe it properly but the whole thruster arrangement on the Citizencon version felt rather tacked on and messy while this new version feels much cleaner and orderly. Getting a little bit of Star Destroyer feel from this new version.
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    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    the crying ship is departing..... secure for departure
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