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    Wild Karrde

    Hello Imperium

    Hello all, Wild Karrde here, found this organization after getting the Star Citizen bug once again. I originally signed up right as Arena Commander was about to start up. Life (and computer hardware) kept me from playing again but eventually found my way back to the verse. Looking forward to seeing how Star Citizen will be like with a group of like minded people! See you around the verse!
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    Truly amazing work here.
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    3.6 EVO Leaked notes

    [Spoilers] FWIW, Here are the "known" aUEC prices of vehicles and ships, both 3.5.1 and 3.6 ETF.
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    Darius Marx

    Steam Account sale

    Hello, I've got a steam account that created in 2005. This account is so old it has a 6 character password. Never banned on anything. Has many many many games, including; PUBG, COUNTER STRIKE 1.6 - CSGO, TEAM FORTRESS 2, Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, Call of Duty, Battlefield 2 - BC/ Vietnam, The Witcher... Total value of account is unknown, but I've spent over 800$ just on games on this account. I'm walking away from gaming and I wouldn't want to account to go to waste. I'll sell it for 300$, but PM me with your offers.
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    Steam Account sale

    Depending on the age of the account, there is a market for lower digit steamIDs (pre-2005 are usually 7 digits or less) though I'll admit the consumers looking for these old accounts tend to be in the hacking community. https://steamid.io/lookup/ you can put in your steam profile link and see how many digits, if you cared to--ie. U:0:1234567 As for the games you own, Steam sales and price drops over time make even your $300 a tad bit on the high side, going off just what's view-able in your screenshot. I hope you find a buyer, but I just want you to know that a market exist for old accounts. EDIT: After seeing my account "worth" $1300+ on https://steamcalculator.com/ maybe your $300 isn't bad.
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