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    Destroyer, Javelin-class

    3D PRINTED JAVELIN BY TENGZEXIN As if a 1:1000 Idris isn’t impressive enough, Tengzexin took his 3D printing skills to another level with this 1:500 Javelin. Gigantic!
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    Sabre Raven Emp Explosion !

    Inspired by the awesome "277 shades of Star Citizen", I made this ! Hope you like it !
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    Esperia Prowler

    Prowler cockpit is or was in whitebox.
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    I'm new here but not in star citizen

    Ciao chiap la prossima volta prova con google translate Welcome chiap
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    Tom Villder

    Esperia Prowler

    Prowler apparently has the ability to latch on/stick to hulls of capital ships: To counteract this, one could invest in better sensors/radar equipment, better security systems to make hacking harder... or just improve the formation that escort ships use to provide visual coverage of the ship i.e. escort ships have a visual of the capital ship from all sides.
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