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    Cool Setup

    Cool setup I saw on a Facebook ad, minus the light/mic.
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    Sky Captain

    Drake Corsair

    Glad to see another Drake. Glad to see another mid-sized ship. But not a huge fan of the Corsair's asymmetry. Its hard to describe why: Whereas the BT-7 from SWToR feels like it has asymmetry as ship function, the Corsair seems to have been given a hint of asymmetry just for a little asymmetry's sake. Which makes one ask the question why bother with that. I like the looks of the Corsair with the wings folder vertically more though. And I'm intrigued by the side turrets which to me is the design choice that makes this ship stand out as something different. It makes the ship a 'broadsides' brawler! Not sure that is practical, but its a bit different.
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    Sabre Raven

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    Drake Corsair

    However..... like the Constellations - the Cosair won't fit through Small Jump Points + the DUR is likely to have the longest range of any ship (even longer than the Carrack) - from what CIG has mentioned before. The Cosair however has the Rover and probably a better scanning suite. Agreed - I generally prefer RSI over Drake so the Aquila will be more reliable and higher end components (Drake ships have the risk of parts breaking or wearing out on you - and that's not good in a long duration missions - but they are easier to repair and cheaper to operate) Agreed - the Carrack is the Penultimate Mapping ship (not necessarily Penultimate Explorer ship --- like the Endeavor with Telescope Module - they are two different things)....... and all player ships can only be "Penultimate" ships......... with "Ultimate" ships being ONLY reserved for NPC corporations (like Shubin) or the UEEN.
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