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    Saturday had a concerted effort to gather data and mining resources on Daymar. In TAW we like to do lots of activities in Star Citizen, every day lots of members are out in the verse playing and finding out new skill and techniques. Be sure to feel free to ask any of us for information, and maybe join our groups in game. We'd also love to see you join us, if you feel your up for it. Regards, Alley
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    J. Coren

    Ghost Busters 3 "teaser"

    Let's take a look at the production and distribution companies... All the companies that made the 2016 film are involved in this project as well. On top of that, the film is going to begin production in summer of 2019 for a release in summer of 2020, giving the film less than a year for principal photography and post production before an edit can be sent out for marketing months ahead of release. I'm already out. Short of Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman giving this film a positive review in earnest, I'm not going to bother with it.
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