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    Changing the main characters would destroy the show, I don't see that happening at all. The Expanse needs to be picked up and continued as if there was no change other than what channel its on. There's a limited window of opportunity before it goes the way of Firefly, hopefully they don't miss it.
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    Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I think I have come to the conclusion that I am more excited for the gameplay the the Starlifter implies, rather than the prospect of owning and piloting one. This is one I will working towards in game or help crewing an org mate's. Like, if IMP ever was in a ground-war or something, I know I would rather be in one of the vehicles rather than just dropping them off and leaving. EDIT: I think the C2 might be the best choice though.
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    Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    I agree with Noobifier's conclusion in the Ship Fight: C2 Herc vs. Drake Catt. Caterpillar is definitely the more versatile of the two and the extra 48 SCU of cargo isn't worth the extra $65 for a CCU. I bought my Caterpillar when it was first available and nabbed it for $225, so that's a difference of $135. No thanks. (I could almost buy a Freelancer MAX for that price difference.) The only reason I could justify owning a C2 is to carry and deploy Tonks, but only to safe LZs. The C2 is a supply ship, not an assault ship. I suppose if you only care about cargo hauling and want a cool looking ship, you might find the C2 more appealing than a Caterpillar. To each their own. I'm surprised that Youngblood concluded that the C2 Hercules was the best value of the Hercules line. I suppose, technically, it is because it's the cheapest and carries the most cargo. But there's a stronger case for the Caterpillar. The M2 is over-priced, but if I was going to buy a Hercules, I'd buy the M2 because it's designed to deploy 2 Tonks to a hot LZ. No other ship can do that. If the M2 was $50 cheaper, I think most would agree it's the better value. Not even going to talk about the A2.
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    God, It is a shame that they aren't renewing the show. I know that it hadn't the best viewership, but still the show had a great storyline, not as much as the GoT in space. Still there is some hope in the are shopping around for different networks and stream networks, but even though many of a great shows, but streaming services didn't do so well EG X-files, arrested development etc etc. I hope do they at least give it a try.
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