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    Drake - Dragonfly

    7:44 Next concept sale is the Dragonfly. Tune into RTV tomorrow for pricing
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    What happens to hangars after live?

    I don't think anythings is set in stone, but it sounds like your first hanger, aka the one you pick available from your pledge, you will get for free with no upkeep. that being said it's in (insert random system name here) and say your spending a lot of time really far away, well you might have to buy another hanger that one will cost you upkeep and initial cost to buy it, and if you want to nice on you will have to pay the premium aka were the $50 price tag for the upgrade comes from.
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    I always thought there would be a monthly fee as the "Free Hangar Fees on starting Planet" reward from 2013 wouldn't make much sense otherwise, but CC-Corp is absolutely right, at this point we don't really know anything.
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    That's good news for Caterpillar owners, like myself. I anticipated that CIG would give us a break, by including the cargo modules. However, CIG hasn't decided yet if the "Concept Caterpillar" will come with cargo modules, or empty hull modules, like the Retaliator base model. And supposedly the price will be raised to $245 for the concept sale. That means that the early bird Caterpillars have even greater value. Knowing that my Cat comes with cargo modules is a relief -- I was worried I would have to spend upwards of $50 more just to make the ship functional. Now I'll be more inclined to buy the more exotic modules, like Marine Transport, Marine Deployment, and Salvage/Repair (Chop Shop). I wonder if there will be a special module for carrying and deploying power armour/mech suits. I imagine mech suits could be carried in a cargo module and deployed by opening the side door. But it would be cooler if they had a special module that dropped them from a trap door (like in Edge of Tomorrow) -- it would be even cooler to see the mechs do "the superhero landing" on an Idris' hull.
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    Board Software Update Incoming

    Good call, will only make visible in marketplace.
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    Characters (FPS) - 3.x

    From Fiendish Feather...
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    New weapons inbound!

    Omar Aweidah Character Artist at Cloud Imperium Games
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