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    I kinda like how they stayed neutral and objective, especially at the end. A US network would have either hyped it to the high heavens or burned it at the stake just for the sake of 'having a story'.
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    The BBC isn't a gaming network, the fact that they approved this report to be uploaded is good. Remember there is no such thing as bad publicity. This can only help spread the word.
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    Come on man, they had it on stuff and said it often. It was very much official. It was a 2 year kickstarter project, now we're looking at it being a 5-6 year project. It's not even on the same timescale. If we tell people something taking 2-3 times longer than initially projected and then saying it's not a delay people will keep calling SC fans cool-aid cultists. What happened is they changed the scope of the project, and with the grander scale came a longer timeline. Which means we'll get it much later than expected. But that is a delay. If I go to the amazing pizza place and the pizza guy tells me "about 15 minutes" that is a projected and unofficial release date for my pizza. It'll probably slip to 20-25 minutes a lot of the time. If I'm still sitting here an hour later though, and the pizza guy tells me my pizza is not delayed..... Sure, pizza guy, sure. I'll forgive you if the pizza is amazing, but don't tell me it's not late.
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    at 2.02 ya can see he is watchingh oure imperium streamer @Twerk17
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    @Donut At this point it's all about semantics. Expanded scope = delayed in some peoples minds. Now, CIG has said at certain points the they would be done with X feature by X date, for sure. And most of those dates were missed, but most of the criticism comes from people that are either: A-really hungry to get an awesome game (which they think SC will be) and/or B-don't know anything about game development and quite frankly don't give a damn. I always boil it down to two simple questions: Q. Will the game actually release? A. I sure as hell hope so. I am personally confident that it will Q. When will the game release? A. Not soon enough for me or many other people that are waiting! With that, I am in the crowd that is willing to wait because I am assuming they will be able to build a more complete and functional game with more time. Could I be wrong? Surely, but am I wrong?
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    Log Horizon Season 2 Dub Release Date

    Been waiting so long for this as I'm sure a lot of you have. Apparently this is the most accurate information out there. https://www.reddit.com/r/LogHorizon/comments/4220xm/log_horizon_2_dub_release_date_announced_for_may/ http://www.fandompost.com/2016/01/21/sentai-filmworks-sets-may-2016-anime-dvdbd-release-slate-with-more-when-they-cry-debuts-fruit-of-grisaia/ http://www.sentaifilmworks.com/news/official-sentai-filmworks-may-2016-release-schedule
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    Slightly higher rez screengrab
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    yeah 50% discount on the buggy is a nice deal wich ppl that noticed it will buyit, yust dunno if that nets much mony as forme i alrdy had the credits forit the last day to get the deal before the split, so ppl making there last min call the referal system itself means ppl are activly recruiting for them
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    The buggies are selling like hot cakes
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    I really didn't like how the guy just flat out said the game "is late". There was an early projected release date in the beginning and people took off and ran with it thinking that's when we would be playing this amazing game, without realizing just how long something like this would take. I'm so happy BBC didn't mention fucking HHSNBN. GG BBC, other than that fuck them.
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    Around the Verse: Episode 2.18

    I was excited to hear Erin talk about the prosedural generation and getting into the game sooner than later. AstroJak
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    Various artworks and pictures

    I think I just found my new wallpaper!
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    Genesis Starliner

    Can't begin to tell ya how much I love the Genesis Starliner and its potential, but one can guess given that I'm a Director of Intergalactic Airlines And thank you for pointing out the LTI variants qualm, which just makes me all the happier that I have an account badge to purchase LTI Starliners, unlimited quantity, but only once lol, so gotta use it wisely some day with a giant bulk order for IGAIR
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    Starliner Q&A Collection

    Part 2 added to OP! (Late due internet troubles. Better late, then never!)
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    what will you be doing

    I tend to do several, Leadership, Patrol, Pirate hunter, escort, front lines, border patrol, dogfighter and bomber, logistics. I see no reason to limit yourself. I also intend to do exploring and wealth gathering, as well as boarding actions. I made my group XXA for this reason, I don't want to be tied down to only 1 division. Pilots, crewmembers and marines are all welcome equally.
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