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  2. SW Battlefront 2 P2W Fiasco, Lessons for SC?

    Well there a few things we've been told over the years: A) Upgrades buyable with RL money in Star Citizen will not be the best gear. In WoW terms, they'll be white and green quality, not epics. You can't buy "military grade" weapons with RL money, you have to earn it one way or another in-game. B] They will still sell ships for RL money even after the game is launched, but it'll be restricted to the starter packages or possibly a bit better (up to a normal Hornet or thereabouts). C) You can't buy character upgrades, you can probably buy better gear to a point, but similar to ship components, you won't be able to buy the best stuff for RL money. There will be artificial limbs and whatnot in the game too, but its unclear if they'll actually be enhanced over normal flesh and blood. Basically the MMO-trope naked character improvement isn't a thing, Star Citizen relies on player skill and gear alone. D) I've never heard anyone indicate that there will be anything you can "unlock" with RL money. The things you will be able to buy with RL money will be unlocked from the start for in-game currency purchase too. E) You can buy in-game coin with RL money. There will be a daily (or weekly, some time period) limit, as this is intended to even out people who don't have the play time but want to get ahead. What you can actually buy with in-game coin obtained this way is unclear, I personally hope that you'll have to "unlock" or find obscure sellers in dangerous areas to be able to buy the good stuff. Of course there will be the in-game player economy to consider here too, so you probably will be able to buy good gear from another player who salvaged it via normal gameplay. This is the slipperiest slope IMO and I would favor it going away. F) There won't be any gamble boxes to buy with RL money. I haven't heard this from CIG directly, but I think I have a good idea that this won't be a thing. CR is about immersion, not loot materializing out of nowhere. G) The stuff you can get now with RL money that will take a long time to earn in-game later is a thank-you gift for funding the game's development above and beyond the normal game price. Once the game is done being funded and/or developed, the rules are supposed to change. They won't give out these thank-you gifts any more, and instead the game will shift to the regular funding model, whatever they decide that will be. So far the indication is that it'll be buy to play, subscription optional (Elder Scrolls Online style). The game will perpetuate by selling cosmetic changes and in-game coin for RL money, and via starter packages, and from selling Squadron 42 single player chapters.
  3. new arrival Hi, I'm new

  4. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    I have more ships than we will get officially assigned the max limit of npcs . Plenty of roles, but very specific the ships
  5. Want to Sell WTS Ships and RSI Credits

    I bought credits. It was easy, fast and a good price.
  6. Got to find a 1080TI BF/CM deal for a friend. Hopefully another one comes up.
  7. Newegg's Black Friday sales start today at 1300 PST!! <-- sales ends Saturday at Midnight PST LOTS of stuff to waste your money on! Cases!! Monitors! (Microcenter has 27" 1080p IPS 75Hz monitors for $130!!) SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 250GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-75E250B/AM for $90!!!! Get your SC drive, eh!
  8. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    I know how you're thinking about this. I have the Carrack, the 600i explorer, and the Terrapin in addition to the Endeavour (w/etc). You're just thinking the Cargo end of the jobs.
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  10. Aegis Reclaimer

    I can't wait to watch the first Reclaimer vs Reclaimer fight. I know it's impractical but... that'll be fun to watch.
  11. Aegis Idris Frigate

    Side question, what's everyone naming their Idris? I'm calling mine the "Kenny Loggins" getting hats made up and everything.
  12. Sabre Raven

    Wow... I love the particle effects... *Still sitting and waiting for 3.0*
  13. Here's hoping for buildable AA Defense, lol.
  14. Starfarer

    Blows my mind that I can get lost in a Starfarer. Can't wait for larger ships, lol.
  15. Hey do you still have one
  16. Space engineers update

    I hope they fix that and the multiplayer servers.
  17. Star Citizen Publicity

    One would hope, maybe this crap with EA actually finds a hold so that the industry can get shaken up.
  18. Star Citizen Publicity

    Yet another reason the industry paradigm needs a diaper change.
  19. new arrival Hi, I'm new

    Welcome Skipper-99, may the verse be kind to you.
  20. @Pixel Fuzz thanks for creating our Bar Citizen patch!


  21. Ongoing Discussion Computer Rig accessories

    Don't want to spend money on a sound card? Here's an option from Roccat - the Juke under $20 Roccat gaming mice The Kone or you can just go ahead and get a soundblaster AE-5 about $150 with headphone amps
  22. Star Citizen Publicity

    I'd like to add that IGN and such get plenty of kickbacks from companies like EA and Activision, so yeah they don't talk about stuff that they don't get paid for it seems.
  23. Game Day, November 25th

    Fixed it. Blame CIG, if they'd just release 3.0 already I wouldn't need to copypasta these.
  24. Chris Roberts Interview re: Community & Release Dates

    I trust CR to build an excellent game. It's so far so good. I know it's taking a while, but good things take time to build.
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