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  2. Core problem with 6dof, what do you think?

    I suggest you both grab an old PC and play Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos. This game had the best newtonian flight model I ever saw in a game. It did make space battles completely different from most other space games but this difference made it quite enjoyable. I would not mind having full newtonian physics but I can imagine most people would find it boring since it is typically setting up a run and then a few (milli) seconds of action after which you manouver for another attack run (or run away). For players that don’t like dogfihting and want to avoid pvp newtonian physics are great: it is really hard to catch ships in space that don’t want to be caught because plotting an intercept at very high speeds is really difficult and under/overshooting means your chance of a kill is gone. The only chance to catch a ship is if you happen to fly on a similar heading (so a tail chase) and then this only works if you have more acceleration. For people in trade and industry this model would be great: pick up enough speed in safe space and you will be relatively safe until you start your braking near your target system.
  3. Drake Vulture

    Yeah, although it is ofcourse the entry-level ship for the salvaging mechanic and not some behemoth like the Reclaimer. The Vulture was supposed to have 24SCU right? I guess it all depends on the value of those scrap cubes then. I'm also betting that we'll get another salvage ship that will be around the size of the Constellation. That way CIG will have entry-level, mid-range and top-tier covered. Then they will likely do the same for mining. From what I've seen the Prospector has 32SCU at the moment but no mention if the 'saddlebags' are still removable or not. Personally I'm guessing CIG scrapped that idea and just gave it a flat 32SCU. As the Prospector can only store ore I guess that's fine for it to have more SCU compared to the Vulture which can use its cargospace for other things besides scrap.
  4. Well sadly you won't get to see Stonehenge on that route. and Dorset and Devon are beautiful counties on the south west coastline. Bristol and Cardiff are also nice plesent cities to visit also. (Shakespeare's) stratford upon avon is a must. Snowdonia or the Brecon Beacons are also a fantasic place to go and see.
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  6. Drake Vulture

    Ummm this is Drake Vulture Anyway, still think the cargo is very small for salvaging tbh
  7. Drake Vulture

    Alright everyone I'm not a moderator here but please knock it off. We all said what we had to say about this whole Venture non-issue and this is getting a little ridiculous with you guys fighting eachother over nothing. EvE devs already said they were perfectly fine with it so why not leave it at that? Some goons over on /EvE are probably laughing their asses off right now for having succeeded yet again in stirring up drama among the Star Citizen backers. This thread is about the Drake Vulture, not some generic block with prongs that doesn't even have an interior over on Grief Online. Even I, the ultimate 'Go Aegis or Go Home' guy, bought a DUR>Vulture CCU and I hate Drake! How is that for controversy?
  8. Drake Vulture

    Ummm 2 new paragraphs and your name isn't mentions in those. You might want to rethink life.
  9. Drake Vulture

    Sure? So , I repeat: do not call me troll again, else you will be reported.
  10. The Best Gaming Monitor?

    If anyone here planning to buy a good monitor for games, then you will love exploring this suggestion for the best gaming monitor.
  11. Drake Vulture

    I didn't call you anything.
  12. Hey everyone, thought I'd post it here as we are so international and many UK peoples. Have a little trip planned from Frankfurt, Germany by car to Aberdeen north of Edinburgh in Scotland. Inspiration was my work contract says I can only drive my company car inside EU borders so I thought why not drive around UK. This is my currently planned route: google maps route Frankfurt, Germany Aachen, Germany Antwerp, Belgium Bruges, Belgium Dunkirk, France Calais, France Dover, UK (by ferry) Canterbury, UK Cambridge, UK York, UK Whitby, UK Durham, UK Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Alnwick, UK Edinburgh, UK Aberdeen, UK Have 14-17 days available first two weeks of August and will have lots of camping and hiking equipment with me. Will try to use mostly cheap lodging so I can spend the money on other stuff will not book stuff in advance so I am flexible where I can go each day. When in Scotland I want to do lots of half day hiking in different places. As theres many UK peoples here and I will also travel through parts of Belgium and a little bit of France I thought I'd ask if anyone has any MUST see places they know along the way or other important advice. Have already used other sites more suitable for planning this so the route is not that random but has many nice places along the way and I also know most of the basics that said go for it if you can think of anything.
  13. Drake Vulture

    @Devil Khan I ask you to stop calling me troll just because I express a different opinion than yours. Next time I will report you. Ok?
  14. Drake Vulture

    "You may be a professional in this field who does this for a living, but I read something on the internet!!!1!" This whole thread is a goldmine. I wonder when the mods will shut it down for going off-topic. To reply to you further, again, the USS Enterprise example. If I mount the nacelles at a different angle, it's still a ripoff. If I make the saucer slightly eliptical, it's still a ripoff. If I paint it a different tinge of gray, it's still a ripoff. The reason why most farm equipment looks the same is because - in the real world - it needs that shape for a function. While one could argue that the same is true for fictional ships, that still doesn't make it less of a ripoff. Things that fly in the real world don't necessarily hold up legally for fictional spaceships.
  15. Drake Vulture

    Ok the main axiseseseseses are different by 90 deg to add. Vulture has arms, Eves doesn't. SC engines are mounted on axis, eve doesn't. Again size isn't an issue. Jeeze it's like a bunch of crybabies and trolls. This is like a common ship style as cars (motorized vehicles) EG SUV, Jeep(not the maker, but the 4x4 style), Estate or compact. @Metternich70 you maybe a IP lawyer, but if you think you'd have a leg to stand on think again. Anyway, there is nothing inside their ships, it's a third person only (while in space) Eve WAS NOT the first to use this in their game. Now stop this trolling gawd damit.
  16. Drake Vulture

    In the USA we have a problem of the side that is essentially "wrong" drag out the case so it forces a settlement from the side that is in the "right".... sorry but that is why we need TORT REFORM !!!! in the USA. In this case - coming back to topic. I think CIG could easily win their case to prove that the Vulture is an Organic design with no plagiarism or even inspiration from EVE
  17. Drake Vulture

    Maybe the point is that - according to European law - independent creation may exclude plagiarism but not all the possible violations of IP rights on the shape of a good. European copyright is not in fact technically a protection against the "copy" of a creative work (as it is in the USA), rather consists in the granting of an exclusive right to the first person that has reached a certain creative result and has fixed it on an objective support. In other words, according to what I learned from some american lawyers I worked with on some cross border cases, copyright in USA it's much more similar to a passing off or protecetion against slavish imitation, while in Europe we have an "author's right" that mimics a patent protection.
  18. Drake Vulture

    My field of expertise is identifying architectural or aircraft (being both an architect and aerospace engineer) - plagiarism / inspiration / organic design. In these two fields it is easy to evaluate the process and how the end product was derived (this may not be the case for all IP's in general - from what you are used to). I was just on a review where it was easy for one side to make a sustained argument for how the design was organic and the other side tried to refute it but had to concede for process reasons. CIG provided us the process of design (Vulture) and in their own words their derivative inspirations (Dragonfly) = these can be tracked with a time stamp on saved files. An opposition side trying to challenge what was presented in RTV would have to invalidate that process and it really wouldn't be logically possible among the perception of a random majority of design professionals. If they could mount a logical challenge then a survey of non-participatory design experts can achieve a consensus. That has been my experience.
  19. Drake Vulture

    actually it works that way ... at least before all the IP courts I work with every day: one part takes his expert to witness, the other part takes his expert to witness (and you can be SURE they will tell exactly the opposite thing, followed by "in my opinion") and then the judge decides (and if he's not sure he appoints his own expert). And you are the judge and jury, of course.
  20. Core problem with 6dof, what do you think?

    Where to start... 3). Side boost parallel to your opponent and hit them in the side 4). Side boost around them in a circle, as they will likely be doing with you There are 3 major points about 6dof combat once it's once a furball has started. 1- Always be aiming at your enemy 2 - Always be moving 3- Vary up your direction of travel, because travelling in a predictable path is just as bad as standing still. The jury has been in on this with games going all the way back to games like Descent. Star Trek animates it that way because how ships move in a fight is not as important to each episode as the conflict presented to the characters aboard the ships getting thrown around in chairs with sparking instrument panels. Star Wars is like that because George Lucas wanted to make a WWII movie that paid homage to Flash Gordon, and filming models moving in 6dof would have been too difficult in the mid 1970s. In both universes, the physics of space combat does not matter because there is the intention to tell a story with action rather than have the action color how the story is told. There are universes which incorporate realistic physics in combat such as The Expanse, but the difference there is they they establish up front that the manipulation of energy is primary to space combat rather than being just a storytelling device. This is an arbitrary limitation designed to keep players from breaking the game. Almost every space game has this with a few notable physics-based titles like Kerbal Space Program. Someone could potentially move too quickly for the server to handle and cause a bunch of problems, especially in multicrew ships. As people have confirmed and demonstrated, yes. You would need to power down your thrusters to see your ship get pulled around by gravity. There is even a gif floating around on this site of that exactly. They are comparable. They just don't have the same acceleration rate the main engines have. Thrusters have to move the entire ship in any direction, and given time they will move the ship in any direction at its full speed. To justify a completely different flight model from what was advertised by explaining that there is suddenly enough mass within the vacuum of SPACE to make an atmospheric flight model viable means they'd have to tack something on that would sound utterly and completely nonsensical. Space is space is goddamn SPACE! It is vast, empty, and characterized by the lack of matter which objects can move through, thus why our species has come to call this vast expanse of nothing "space". It's just easier to convince people that thrusters have become so powerful nearly a millennium from now that gravity from even the largest of planets is counteracted, allowing for 6dof movement. More importantly though, Chris Roberts wants this to be a 6dof game, so that means it will be. It's his game, and that's how he likes it, and that's how it will be. If he wanted a model more like Wing Commander or the Elite games he would have made it that way, but he didn't. And if that irks you, I suggest you reconcile with your predicament, because CR and the majority of players do not see any of this as a "core problem".
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