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  2. Want to Buy

    i can get 100 made on rush ,,,,, if people wanted them badly............. still off shore------- let me know boss.....
  3. @Gallitin, I'm well versed in IPB, if you need somebody to throw problems at, I'm always available. Val
  4. Want to Buy

    just looking at the prices 140:00 average to get made 9 thread color 3.5 patch
  5. Want to Buy

  6. So far we know of six alien races in the verse. I'm kind of concerned though, that we're the only levo-amino species...

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  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Want to Buy

    Grizz check the patch link. I liked from stefmarster post in may 14,2014, Badges and patches
  10. Patch link grizz.........
  11. If you hit yer 50s and your only problem is sore mussels, your doing great Mild Tendinitis or arthritis just a reminder yer not young.
  12. Definition of a (terrestrial) boat/ship: a hole in the water into which one throws money. That's why I got cataract surgery done - get the TorQ implants - no more astigmatism! W00T! This needs to be a wallpaper engine image
  13. Want to Buy

    That is super cool
  14. 2625 meters of pipe hanging ,to seabed sample time. Maybe I'll be home 27th. Rdy to hit austin next month. Vacation aproved. Hotel paid...
  15. Old guys rule. .... Yup...tendinitis. arthritis creaping in . Squint eye......
  16. No I've tried twice and had to rollback in my dev area, IP.Board has open tickets with me so will try again when they resolve my issue.
  17. I too was quite unhappy with the Q&A and how it diverged from the brochure. I was/am particularly incensed by them stating that it would be 'less' maneuverable than a Constellation, despite several references in the brochure that implied the exact opposite. A 'less' maneuverable ship with fixed guns is completely ridiculous. Them stating that the guns can be gimbaled also makes absolutely no sense. They are nested deep inside the hull. The only way to gimbal them would for them to either clip through the hull, or be mounted external to the hull. Saying those guns can be gimbaled is literally the same thing as saying the four fixed nose guns on the Vanguard can be gimbaled. They cannot. That said, I do not think they are imagining this ship as one that will dogfight with attacking fighters, but rather a ship that is designed to excel at running away. Even the fallacious Q&A said it would be fast. A heavy forward fixed armament in theory could give it the ability to blow through a ship that is in front of it so as to prevent it from engaging it's quantum drive. Such a ship actually 'trying' to stay in front so as to keep the 600i from running would effectively be 'trying' to stay in the 600i's fixed gun sights. My guess is that I could live with that, if it truly is an effective escape artist. Equipment wise, with the explorer package, the 600i is roughly on a par with the (much cheaper) Aquila. That makes it a bad value if only looking at it's known functionality. However it does have one thing that no other similar ship has, something that is of ENORMOUS value to me personally. It has a clear cockpit largely unobstructed by superfluous occlusions like struts and badly placed controls. Short of a ship having some ability to pay for itself, and some means of not dying, there is nothing more important to me than having a nice cockpit. I waited on the Q&A before making a decision. I was very disappointed in the Q&A. In the end though, on the last day, I traded away my Aquila for a 600i. I expect I will mostly be a tourist in the game, and I want that cockpit. I was willing to effectively pay $160. to add that cockpit to the functionality of an Aquila. Any other 'prestige' effects that go with it will be icing. It is too early to know whether flying around with four NPCs for crew will be financially viable in the 600i. But the ship has been touted as being highly automated/automatable, including the remote turrets. It's nice to have the option for effective soloability. That said, I very much do want to have a crew of around four NPCs, both for RP purposes and security when exploring. (For instance, I am hoping I'll be able to add different Voice Attack packages to each of them.) I have enough in store credit for some other ~$400. ship whose primary function will be UEC grinding. I have no idea what that will be. I regret not picking up a Banu Merchantman as that would well fit the sort of gameplay I would be most comfortable with. A Hull D in comparison just seems so utterly prosaic for my tastes, though I expect it would be among the most profitable for safe space grinding. I have available for the moment a Starfarer Gemini, but while I am sure that too would be a good cash grinder, I loathe pretty much everything about it; it's cockpit, the style of gameplay 'work' in the grind, the FPS level of it's interior, everything. So I still don't know what I'll do for money in the game. I am an older gamer (pushing 60) with both arthritis 'and' bursitis, so it's not going to be any twitch combat, that's for sure.
  18. Want to Buy

    Where did you find that pic? Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  19. I don't need a whole new theme, the current dark one is great. Just a black background in the background picker, or vote to replace one of the lesser used ones with black if adding an additional choice is not easy.
  20. Pm‘d. I bought the jump. Such a nice and smooth transaction with a very fair and friendly seller. Thank you! :-)
  21. I do believe the slider idea has been tossed out the window(or should I say, out the airlock?) and the chance of pvp encounters will just be; wherever you can find pirates there's a chance you'll get attacked... which is pretty much anywhere, anytime.
  22. Last week
  23. I thought CIG already clarified that there is no Opt-out option, only a slider that reduces or increases your chances. I believe they also mentioned something about low security sectors always being PVP, didn't matter if you slide your bar all the way down or not. Can't remember where i read this, it wasn't too long ago, maybe a week or 2 ago. The only fully single player part of the game from i understand is Squadron 42 campaign, and u enter that before entering the PU, unless you opt out of it. Aside from that, i agree the solo player portion of the community is not insignificant, then again, neither is the multiplayer community either. There will be feelsbads on spectrum come 3.0 when they dont get their "singleplayer experience", but that happens in every space game i ever knew.
  24. tnx
  25. There's some decent deals on monitors in this Newegg sale, some curved 24" for $160 w/promo code
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