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  2. That's for when Papa Johns is serve in the galley.
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  4. One cavet, one extra Brown Alert as well. Also some people maybe colour blind.
  5. Red / Yellow / Green Alert - in Star Citizen

    I'm missing Blue and Black alert!
  6. You do realise that does mean changing the lightbulb... (I'd be surprised if anyone gets that reference. )
  7. I'd prefer it if the alerts just changed the lighting and had a klaxon. I don't think tying system usage to an alert state is best, being that having shields on isn't a strain on the system.
  8. Found this interesting thread on Spectrum and wanted to see what you guys think of and its application in SC? - thus the Poll as well https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/power-systems-different-modes-stances RevanParker@RevanParker Power Distribution, different modes/Stances Discussion Today at 1:07 pm With the new power systems , wouldn't it be an idea to have something like Red Alert (weapons/shields actually just everything on) Yellow Alert (shields but no weapons) Green Alert (no shields / weapons, more power for engines) Of course it doesn't have to be called like that , but just used it as a reference, perhaps something less star trek-ish, => neutral, combat , guard mode or something haha Having hotkeys will also save time. I know in the muticrew ships we have people handeling all the power systems , but it would be very interesting for the solo ones.... VoA@VoA Today at 2:17 pm @RevanParker Actually a great idea - but in SC it is easy to modify your power distributions with the power triangle as oppose to different "Alerts" It is also easy to drop your power to go into stealth mode However in Start Trek - Green / Yellow / Red alert relate more to how friendly / cautious / hostile stance you are taking vs another ship (or situation) = this is where the idea has MERIT ------- but in order for this to work in Star Citizen Lore - it needs to be recognized as promoting your intentions (right now there is no recognition of this) - but perhaps there should be. I think the reason why it hasn't been developed yet to communicate intentions is that CIG is still working on the Scanning Mechanic (but obviously they are getting to the point where they can now use scanning to feed this information to a HUD) Maybe the scanning information is only visable to higher end scanners (basic scanners may not be able to tell)
  9. My first REAL gaming pc

    You can do what you want with your money, but IMO you're just playing into NVIDIA's hands. NVIDIA capitalized on the e-currency mining rush and neglected gamers for 6+ months, and now that the bubble has burst, they're not normalizing GPU prices, despite that the market is FLOODED with 1080s and 1080 Ti's. And they're acting like the GTX 1180 isn't being released soon to trick people into buying those cards. I don't have much choice regarding what graphics card to buy, because AMD's cards are nowhere as powerful, but I'm not going to buy an over-priced NVIDIA card now and regret it in a month or two. I'm going to be patient and smart, and buy the best card as soon as it's available. If I were you, I'd wait and buy an 1180 for yourself and an 1170 for your son, because the 1170 will supposedly be released around the same time as the 1180, and it'll definitely be cheaper than the 1080 Ti is now, but more powerful and efficient. You'll pay less and get more.
  10. My first REAL gaming pc

    Man! I've read so much about the 1180 and honestly most of it reads as misdirection. My previous pc died about four months ago and I need my fix LoL. Either way, I still plan on getting an 1180. I'll just hand the 1080ti over to my son. I keep him one gen behind me anyway. Can't let him get a leg up on the ol man. 😂😂
  11. F8 Lightning

    I agree and good post I am happy about getting one as part of the Wing Commander pledge level and think you should get the gold one at $15k but apparently it is $27k...
  12. Check the results now vs when I first posted it - they've changed quite a bit as more people voted
  13. My first REAL gaming pc

    I'll simply say to @Zarian that now isn't the time to buy a new gaming PC because the price of graphics cards are still inflated because of the e-currency mining rush and NVIDIA is expected to release the new GTX 1180 at the end of July. I know that NVIDIA is pretending like the GTX 1180's release is "a long way off" and there's currently a surplus of over-priced GTX 1000 series CPUs on the market, but leaks from the manufacturing side of the GPU industry are the best indicators, and those indicate that Asus, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, etc. are preparing to retool their manufacturing lines for the new GTX 1180. That's the point of no return. NVIDIA can't tell them to prepare, then reneg just because there's a ton of GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti's still on the market. Don't fall for NVIDIA's head games, they just want to sell off as many GTX 1000 series GPUs as they can because they made too many for e-currency mining. The giveaway is that they're being extremely vague. They're not lying, technically, they're using ambiguous language to give the impression that the GTX 1180 won't be released in 2018, but they're not explicitly saying it will be released Q1 2019 either. Even IF the GTX 1180 is delayed a few more months, it makes more sense to wait than buy a GTX 1080 Ti now, because the 1180 is supposedly 30-50% more powerful for the same price, or cheaper. It'll also draw less power and run cooler and quieter than the 1080 Ti. That's why I strongly recommend sitting tight until the GTX 1180 is released. That's what I'm doing. I burned out my 780 Ti a few weeks ago and I've been using my CPU's onboard graphics ever since. I've been tempted to buy a GTX 1060 as an interim solution, but I've resisted so far. I'm waiting on the GTX 1180.
  14. Anvil - Hurricane

    I'm looking forward to flying the Hurricane. If it suits my flying style, I might Buy Back the Hurricane. It depends on if the turret will be pilot-controlled. It's my understanding that it's NOT. The pilot can't even gimbal-lock the turret and fire it. This is a huge problem for Arena Commander... which has been grossly neglected for nearly a year now. CIG needs to update AC to enable proper matchmaking for multi-crew ships, so you find a gunner for your Super Hornet, Cutlass Black, Vanguard, or Constellation. In the meantime, I'll have to buddy up and test fly the Hurricane in the PU. I agree with BuzZzKiller that it's strange the Hurricane has fixed ballistics for the pilot and laser repeaters for the gun turret because I thought the Hurricane was supposed to be glass cannon: using its quad turret to punch through an enemy ship's shields and inflict crippling damage. Laser repeaters are blocked by shields, which have to be sapped until they can get through to the hull, then they inflict heavy damage. Perhaps quad repeaters will take down shields fast enough that they're actually better than ballistics. You can count on Noobifier to test various Hurricane loadouts and make a video about the best configuration. I'm planning to test the Hurricane with 2 x Mantis ballistic gatlings on gimbals for the pilot and quad Omnisky IX's for the turret. Based on the deadliness of the Sabre's quad fixed Omnisky IX loadout, mounting them on the Hurricane's manned turret should be devastating. They should breach a fighter's shields in a couple of shots and inflict massive damage. Another interesting loadout would be quad Suckerpunches on the turret and any S4 gun on the nose. The distortion guns should quickly sap the enemy's shields and leave it exposed for a killshot by the pilot.
  15. My first REAL gaming pc

    Heh, I'm not really an expert on that and I think my system isn't set up optimally for airflow either. Especially because I am pulling my air in through my Corsair Hydro H115i radiator that may not have been meant for use in this case due to its bulk. I have 2 140 fans in the front as intake while I use only 1 120 fan as an exhaust in the back. So the main issue I may encounter is that my intake pulls cold air throught the radiator first and warmed up air gets in the case forcing my single 120 fan to work overtime in getting the hot air out. Might have been better to use the back fan as an intake and use the front as exhaust or extra 120 fans in the top or something but I figured that as long as my temperatures stay within normal operating ranges it should be fine with my current setup. That and the back doesn't have a dust filter while my front panel has one running along the whole length. And I don't like dust in my system. Personally I'm guessing that the best approach would be to have 3 120 fans in the front as an intake while your radiator sits in the top and with 2x 140 fans as exhaust with another 120 in the back as a regular casefan. But I think it also depends on the type of case you're using and the amount of air displacement of the fans used. As such I'd suggest checking up on your particular case for optimal airflow setups or maybe someone over in the Hardware section of these forums can help out. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/forum/214-hardware/ Then again you normally use a fan controller so the system monitors itself and regulates airflow automatically. I actually made the mistake of hooking up my case fan to a watercooler header by accident and was almost driven insane by the noise until I found out that particular header would always be set to max rpm.
  16. F8 Lightning

    Oh I completely agree with you Reavern. CR mentioned that he didn't want to sell the F8 in 10 for the Chairman way back when. I was just giving myself hope. Kinda like that Ferrari I will never own
  17. F8 Lightning

    I doubt CIG will sell the F8 -- at least not any time soon. In the lore, the F7A Hornet was a military-only starfighter for decades, until Anvil developed the F7C version and it was highly successful. I predict that the F8 Lightning will follow a similar life cycle but on a more compressed time scale. According to the lore, the F8 is being field tested and certain squadrons are having their older fighters retired and replaced with Lightnings. Supposedly we can fly the F8 in the Squadron 42 campaign -- although it's unclear if it will be in Episode 1, or if they're saving it for 2 or 3. (The Gladius seems to be the primary fighter of SQ42 E1 because CIG said the vertical slice shown in December was approx. midway through Episode 1's campaign.) Regardless, the F8 will gradually spread throughout the UEE military, presumably as the Vanduul threat ramps up. By the time all 3 episodes of SQ42 have been released, the F8 will have been established in-universe and it won't seem like an unbeatable uber-fighter. At that time, CIG will probably make the F8C purchasable, but I expect by then the Pledge Store will be permanently closed and ships can only be purchased with UECs. I expect that players will also need to complete the SQ42 campaign, maintain a high UEE faction rating, and probably complete a long and challenging UEE quest line to unlock the privilege to buy the F8C. As for the F8A Lightning, like the F7A Hornet, I predict that it will only become available to purchase if Star Citizen has persisted long enough (5-10 years) that it makes sense for the UEE military to retire the F7A and/or F8A and sell them as military surplus, because that's what the UEE did with the Retaliator. Years from now, after SQ42 and Star Citizen have been released and hopefully have been commercially successful, CIG will presumably develop a sequel to Squadron 42, which will feature countless new military starfighters, and that's when the retired F7A and F8A will become available in the PU. In conclusion, I don't believe that CIG is going to sell the F8 for a premium price and/or limited numbers, like the Constellation Phoenix or Esperia Glaive. They've kept their promise about not selling the F7A -- despite backers desperately wanting it -- so I think CIG will keep their promise not to sell the F8 Lightning as a pledge ship.
  18. My first REAL gaming pc

    Question, how many fans do you use for intake vs. those you use for (expel)? I've generally hard that a 2:1 ratio is optimal. I would like to have a 1:1 ratio but don't want to much negative airflow.
  19. This doesn't have Star Citizen ships in it but you could use the meter lengths for each of the Battlestar Galactica ships for reference and it's just cool to see and compare for nostalgic sake
  20. F8 Lightning

    There will likely be a caveat to purchasing it in game just like there will be a caveat for getting the Idris-M ....and you are going to need to complete S42 at a bare minimum and a high reputation with the UEE. Ben lesnick also said that you're going to need to complete a mission to get the Idris-M upgrade ...Beyond completing Squadron 42..... so I wouldn't be surprised if that is required also for getting the f8 lightning.
  21. MISC - Prospector (Mining Ship)

    Want to see the damaged or the mining laser vs another ship
  22. My first REAL gaming pc

    No worries, most of it is basically plug-n-play these days so putting it together shouldn't be too much trouble. Just refer to the manual of the mainboard when needed and watch out for static discharges when assembling the components. I got a pretty big shock when unboxing my case due to all the styrofoam and friction. So unless you already bought it with assembly included a little static armband will take care of it while assembling the pieces yourself. In case you're wondering, this was my build
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