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  2. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    I received an email, yet no access to a PTU yet.
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  4. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    havent gotten an email either. dangit! Anyway, it's good to see 3.0 hitting the PTU. It won't be long now untill it's out for everyone. All aboard the hype-train!
  5. Anvil Hawk

    Looks like a starter ship
  6. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Yup, I'm not concierge and not a sub. But reason I got in though is probably because I used to submit quite a few bug reports back in the day as well as confirm some bug reports of others. NDA is lifted though so there are a few streamers that has been livestreaming it this morning. I watched a little bit but stopped so I can try it out myself. Downloading has been quite slow though. I think I will create a torrent though so that some of you guys can download it so long until you get access. Then do a quick incremental update to the latest version when you do. Or of someone else can do that who has it downloaded before me and link the torrent that'll be great.
  7. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    After having been invited to PTU wave 1 this morning, today will be the longest day at work ever... (actually I feel a slight cough coming on...)
  8. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Getting access denied on the https://robertsspaceindustries.com/account/copy/ptu page still. I'm am at Concierge level though, so I thought it would let me in. Edit: Nevermind, further down on the page it says: So that explains it. Edit 2: Also I downloaded the new launcher, but it locks up (with music playing) instead of doing anything.
  9. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Yup got it as well. Although I am not able to copy my profile yet. Hmm. Anyway, with game day on the 25th I might as well until Sunday before I try again.
  10. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Oh, what timing you have!
  11. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Enjoy it! I'll be away from my computer for the next ten days.
  12. 3.0 is on PTU for First Wave!!

    Yup, was just going to post this! For the record, I never got an email, but when I checked under my account I had the gold PTU option to copy my account over, and then got an email with the PTU password to login. Busy downloading the game now. About 38GB in total.
  13. Game Day, November 25th

    Ok guys, 3.0 is out on PTU and I have access to first wave!Who else does?
  14. Been thinking??

  15. Emails just went out! Get your PTU while it's hot!
  16. Anvil Hawk

    Those discs underneath the rear wing is something I haven't seen before. I think they are fans, and the ship can perform in atmosphere better than other craft. The perfect ship to defend outposts! Or, raid them.
  17. Aegis Reclaimer

    The Reclaimer is a military ship and has quite the amount of armor and weapons to support this, not only it being in the lore. 12 size 3 weapons and two size 5 weapons. Also consider the size of a single engine is a Connie, very few people will be trying to take on a Reclaimer.
  18. Ill buy this mate im from brisbane
  19. Yesterday
  20. Aegis Reclaimer

    While im sure people will do this, a Reclaimer isn't made to fight anything;) That said, i want to see some reclaimers working together and claw some poor smuck to pieces;)
  21. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    I think praying won't help. The best we can do is educate people, the same as we have for a couple of years. "Welcome to 3.0, an expansion in alpha. This is what we can do, this is how to do it, this is where it's going. Please be patient with the journey."
  22. Anime?

    I'm a linguist by trade and prefer subtitles - that way I get the emotion, tone, etc of the original language. I understand your preference, though. At least it isn't because you're lazy like so many other English speakers.
  23. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    And we can pray that people do not conflate this with an ACTUAL SC product release when it's really just the 3.0 Alpha of SC.
  24. Star Citizen Anniversary Special

    A carefully worded email is quite different from something said in the heat of the moment (as in a presentation, for example). If they were *hoping* for a PTU release, they could and should have said so. The email quite clearly states that they *expect* to have released it by the time of the next email. The connotations are quite different. Todd Papy even inferred as much in the last ATV in pushing for the Minimum Viable Product I referred to. I'm not sure what "code name" you are referring to, the name of the concept fighter is given as the Hawk in the email is it not?
  25. Selling my account with $90 balance. Has 2 Apocalypse arms mass drivers. Price: $60
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