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  2. No more inaccurate rumor mills. The real info is out and its simply not as good as some of you thought. https://www.anandtech.com/show/14407/amd-ryzen-3000-announced-five-cpus-12-cores-for-499-up-to-46-ghz-pcie-40-coming-77 The Ryzen 9 (3900X) has 12 cores at 4.6GHz instead of 16 cores at 4.7GHz and costs $499 instead of $449 There is no 16 core version, nothing goes to even 4.7GHz, let alone 5.0 or 5.1 GHz. Maybe there's a 16 core version at a later date though. The Ryzen 7 (3800X) has 8 cores at 4.5GHz instead of 12 cores at 5.0GHz, and costs $399 instead of $329 The Ryzen 5 (3600X) has 6 cores at 4.4GHz instead of 8 cores at 4.8GHz, and costs $249 instead of $229 The IPC is purportedly significantly better, but they still only beat the equivalent Intel chip by 1% in single thread in one benchmark cherry-picked by AMD under unknown circumstances. A beat is still a beat, but will it still beat Intel in all or even the majority of benchmarks, let alone gaming, when AMD doesn't get to cherry-pick? History suggests, not a chance. Still, competition is good, and some of you are going to pre-order these because you're AMD fanbois. If this applies to you, I suggest you get either: The Ryzen 7 3800X @ $399. It has eight cores at a higher base clock than the 3900X and its boost clock is only off that one's by .1GHz. The Ryzen 5 3600X @ $249. It has six cores at the same base clock as the 3900X and its boost clock is only off that one's by .2Ghz Avoid the Ryzen 9 3900X, at least until it shown there is no penalty for its chiplet design. I suspect there will be a penalty though, or else all these chips would have chiplets. Avoid the Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 5 3600, these two are down-clocked versions that will be significantly worse for gaming than either the 3600X or 3800X. Above all, I urge you all to avoid the hype and wait for reviews and gaming benchmarks before ordering. Pre-ordering is bad. The release date is July 7th, that's barely more than a month away, You can wait. If these are legit, I'll be getting one myself. But I have significant doubts.
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  4. Spoilers should be stuck on those last two
  5. Endlich ist der Release Termin von Conqueror's Blade bekannt. Ab nächste Woche wird in Mittalterlicher manier auf die Glocke gehauen. Wenn die Altenzeiten nichts für dich sind kannst du bei uns auch Star Citizen spielen. Weiter infos unter ThelynEnnor.eu
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  7. Wow, impressive fleet! I love the idea of the Pioneer, I think it and the Endeavor will provide amazing gameplay if they're implemented correctly. I'm also really into the Mercury, I approve!
  8. Q&A request thread is up! Get those questions in, upvote your favorites, and link to your questions if you want me to shamelessly upvote them. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/origin-300-series-customization-q-a/2160618
  9. Hello, I want to sell my SC account which INCLUDES an RSI-POLARIS with LTI**, AURORA with 3 months of insurance and also includes SQUADRON 42 download! $800 Message/pm me if interested!!!
  10. Got to say: loving the all info, no fluff format of ISC. Lots of good news to ponder over. Love the customization options and the sub component system planned. It is exactly what I hoped for since playin Objects in Space recently. And I couldn't help being surprised at the plantlife being designed for New Babbage. Anyone else think that she was talking about pot plants until she added a human for scale?
  11. GRIZZ

    Tumbril Ranger

    Q&A is online! The Tumbril CV's 1.2 SCU is incorrect and... capable of only carrying 0.375 SCU (3× 0.125 mission boxes) The Ranger’s weapons are mounted on a limited gimbal. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/17088-Q-A-Tumbril-Ranger
  12. and now there watch has ended.
  13. Hey all! I have developed a habit of taking ships that I know I will want to use and CCUing them in packages, so I've decided to offload some of my Warbond ships that are now doubles in my hangar. All ships have LTI, and I'm also including a sweet little package. Prices are in USD and DO NOT include the paypal fees which generally amount to around 4.5% increase from list price. Verified paypal only. Prices may be negotiable, but I am pricing them at what I want to get from them, not what people see from mass grey marketers that deal in assets bought from multiple accounts or sources. That said, if you want to buy more than one, we may be able to do a bundle price. 1: Ursa Fortuna Warbond LTI - Melt Value: $50 - Selling Price: $60 + paypal fee 2: Aopoa San'tok'yai LTI Warbond - Melt Value: $195 - Selling Price - $225 + paypal fee 3: Anvil Aerospace Arrow Warbond LTI - Melt Value $65 - Selling Price $80 + paypal fee 4: RSI Apollo Medivac Warbond LTI - Melt Value $250 - Selling price $285 + paypal fee 5: Anvil Hawk Warbond LTI - Melt Value $80 - Selling Price $100 + paypal fee 6: Aegis Gladius VALIANT Warbond LTI - Melt Value $100 - Selling Price $125 + paypal fee 7: BUK Sentinel for Vanguard LTI - Melt Value $25 - Selling Price $85 + paypal fee 8: BUK Harbinger for Vanguard LTI - Melt Value $45 - Selling Price $105 + paypal fee 9: Arc Light II Pistol (Rare Weapon) - Melt Value $5 - Selling Price $45 + paypal fee 10: UEE Environment Coat (Rare Coat) - Melt Value $5 - Selling Price $45 + paypal fee 11: Advocacy Tools (Rare Restraints) - Melt Value $5 - Selling Price $35 + paypal fee 12: Valkyrie Liberator (limited skin) Warbond LTI - Melt Value $330 - Selling Price $400 + paypal fee 13: Digital Pirate LTI (Rare Package) with a Cutlass, SQ42 AND Star Citizen included in package with skin, and other items - Melt Value $110 - Selling Price $200 + paypal fee 14: Aegis Reclaimer ORIGINAL CONCEPT LTI - Melt Value $350 - Selling Price $450 + paypal fee 15: MISC Prospector ORIGINAL CONCEPT LTI - Melt Value $140 - Selling Price $220 + paypal fee 16: Finally, the capstone: Digital Freelancer Package UPGRADED to the Freelancer MIS LTI. This is an ORIGINAL BACKER pledge with all of the perks from the old packages included. Melt Value - $165 - Selling Price - $250 + paypal fee Remember to follow our rules and guidelines posted. Cheers all!
  14. If you'd like a customized anodized aluminum card made for your organization, I've started taking orders for them. Posted below are just a few examples of what I've put together using my own org as a template. All artwork must be original and may not contain copyrighted material without the express permission of the original owner. No SC trademarked material may be used. * Current colors: Silver, Black, Gold; * Standard business card size (3.5" x 2"); * All art must be at least 504 x 288 pixels @ 72 DPI -- The larger the better; * QR codes can be added and are functional with scanners; *Shipping within the U.S. is the standard postage rate of $0.55. Shipping outside the U.S. is between $1.15 - $2 depending on where it's going. All postage is subject to change based on the rate schedule set by the U.S. Postal Service. Current cost for the first 50 orders I receive is $10/ea. Standard price is $15/ea. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here or send me a private message.
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